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  1. Dear Mr. Rohini Ranjan, I want to marry a girl who is born with jyestha - pada - 4. One astrologer told my dad that because of jyestha nakshatra their is a risk to my elder brother's life. I read a book "MUHURTA" by "Dr.B.V.RAMAN" in which it is stated that only jyestha - Pada - 1 has destructive ill effects and other padas doesn't has any ill effect. Now my parents are confused and are afraid to accept for the marriage. I request you to clear this confusion. Here r the details of the boy and the girl: Boy: D.O.B: 19.06.1986 , Time: 1.02pm, Place: Chennai Girl: 26.07.1988, Time 7.55am, Place: Chennai Eagerly waiting for your reply Thank you Regards knb
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