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  1. Dear Guruji, I have been trying to understand my vedic chart based on the info/tips that I could collect from various forums/astro articles available on the net. Here are my chart details: Body Longitude Nakshatra Pada Rasi Navamsa Lagna 11 Li 55' 15.87" Swat 2 Li Cp Sun 9 Cn 11' 09.70" Push 2 Cn Vi Moon 13 Aq 36' 35.72" Sata 3 Aq Aq Mars 23 Ar 52' 24.38" Bhar 4 Ar Sc Mercury 2 Cn 12' 53.47" Puna 4 Cn Cn Jupiter 0 Ar 33' 53.52" Aswi 1 Ar Ar Venus 16 Le 04' 50.17" PPha 1 Le Le Saturn 0 Cn 22' 23.27" Puna 4 Cn Cn Rahu 4 Sc 09' 06.36" Anu 1 Sc Le Ketu 4 Ta 09' 06.36" Krit 3 Ta Aq Maandi 19 Cn 52' 18.71" Asre 1 Cn Sg Here are some of the key things that I have observed in my chart with regard to marriage aspects: 1. 7th Lord in Rashi chart is Mars and is in his own sign (Aries) 2. Jupiter who is the lord of 3rd and 6th is in 7th house 3. Saturn has its 10th aspect on 7th house. 4. Saturn is in Cancer (sign of detriment for Saturn) - though he owns 4th and 5th houses in rashi chart (yogakarak) 5. Karka of marriage, Venus is in Leo - sign ruled by Sun and is inimical to Venus 6. Venus in opposition to Moon 7. Rahu + Ketu occupies 2nd and 8th houses Do these combinations mean delay or denial of marriage? -Regards Restless
  2. Dear Guruji, My birth details are 26th July 1975, 12:45 noon, Longitude: 74E29, Latitude: 14N17. I am told that the placement of Mars in 7th house is the reason for delay in my marriage. Is marriage completely denied in my chart? Are there any chances of me getting married ever in my lifetime? If so, what would be the possible timeframe? Thanking you...... Restless
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