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  1. Dear Experts, I am at a crucial stage of life and uncertainty is making me restless.... My Birth Details are : Date : 9th August 1984 (Female) Time : 12.46pm Place : Pune(India)(18:32N and 73:52E) Experts, please help me to find out when will I get married? Will it be a love marriage? and an inter caste marriage? Few observations from charts are very confusing. Lagna chart is indicating both,strong jupiter aspect on 7th house indicates traditional marriage, 7th lord which is darakarak also affliction is indicating intercaste marriage. 5th lord exalted in lagna and its aspect on 7th house indicates love marriage. Rahu dasa is on and it is a desirous planet in a exalted state in 8th house of secrecy. also dasha lord is exalted and 5th lord is also exalted. But Navamsha is contrdicting it. here taurus 8th house of lagna chart is rising this again indicates secrecy in marriage. 7th lord is mars again and it is with Jupiter in third house but Jup is again 8th lord( secret). So what will happen?? also since the person i want to get married to is of a different caste...in that case it would be a love marriage. Infact I am thinking of being unmarried if that love marriage is not possible due to any reason... So is that a possibility that i may remain unmarried?? Please let me know if the chart tells anything about love or arranged marriage...or any characteristics related to spouse..Life is just getting more complicated..... Your explanations based on the birth chart will be extremely helpful to make important decisions. Thank you
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