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  1. Nakshatra: Revati Rasi: Meena Lagna: Dhanur Dasa: Surya till 03/2019 Marriage possible only after May 2016. With best wishes
  2. Nakshatra: Uttarabhadra Rasi: Meena Lagna: Tula Dasa: Ketu till 04/2016 Since lagna contains badak/neecha surya along with sani indicates marriage may be inordinately delayed/denied with best wishes
  3. The astrologers point is correct. Marriage possible for you after May 2015 with best wishes
  4. Nakshatra: Sravana Rasi: Makara Lagna: Dhanur Dasa: Guru till 03/2027 7th lord, budha, is with neecha surya and aspected by malefic rahu. Guru (karaka for marriage) is placed in Makara Rasi which is neecha position. These indicate that the marriage may be denied or inordinately delayed with best wishes
  5. Nakshatra: Swaati Rasi: Tula Lagna: Vrichika Dasa: Sani till 09/2022 Since 7th lord is placed in 6th house and aspected by malefic rahu, the chances of divorce is very high. Also current position of Guru and Sani do not help the cause with best wishes
  6. Nakshatra: Swati Rasi: Tula Lagna: Dhanur Dasa: Budha till 03/2028 No official divorce is indicated. Since Guru is in 7/8th house; also currently undergoing 71/2 years of sani (sade sati); 2nd house occupied by rahu indicate that you wait for some time before reconciliation. In the meantime, control over speech is a must With best wishes
  7. Nakshatra: Ashwini Rasi: Mesha Lagna: Simha Dasa: Surya till 01/2015 Marriage possible after May 2015. Post marriage issues (family relationship) seen as guru is neecha and rasi is aspected by malefic mangal/rahu. Do proper remedies for Guru (jupiter) with best wishes
  8. Nakshatra: Swati Rasi: Vrichika Lagna: Mesha Dasa: Sukhra till 01/2030 12th house from rasi aspected by rahu and 9th house lord in tula indicates settling abroad after marriage with respect to career. 4 planets in 7th house (with 5th/9th lord) with respect to your chart indicates possible love marriage. Rahu in 7th house with sukhra indicates that differences with your wife due to ego and over domination. It may lead to separation with best wishes
  9. Nakshatra: Sravana Rasi: Makara Lagna: Khumba Dasa: Sani till 06/208 No official breakdown indicated. Possible for reunion only after Dec 2014. Most of problem is probably due financial which can be solved by human. Have faith in god. No issues with respect to children. They will bring name/fame to you with best wishes
  10. Nakshatra: Moola Rasi: Dhanur Lagna: Simha Dasa: Chandra till 04/2017 The chances of second marriage is very slim as 9th house/lord from both rasi and lagna is not very well placed with best wishes
  11. Nakshatra: Poorvabhadra Rasi: Khumba Lagna: Simha Dasa: Budha till 09/2019 No issues seen except delay in marriage due to presence of sani in lagna/7th house from rasi. Will get married by May 2015. with best wishes
  12. 9th house represents second marriage provided first marriage fails. In your horoscope, 9th lord, surya, is placed in excellent position. Also 2nd/3rd lord, sani, is placed in 9th house with best wishes
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