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  1. sorry Bradford. I saw a Jyotish in Vrindavana he said I got no problems with Shani-dev. He said I should do some business because I will make a lot of money.
  2. Been looking at shops, found one in Leicester at £700 per month with space for living accomodation <wink>, this country not allowed but whos gonna know as the shop owner told me. Apprehensive about Mobiles as yet. Maybe I will make a book shop/snack shop.
  3. contacted foundation.. they help with charities mostly.. told them my idea about fundin for net cafe they said no.. My DOB IS 7 FEBRUARY 1977 BORN AT 7:30am.
  4. Yeah food is must, maybe a mini restaurent. I like 'form a queue' for a name very catchy. Suchandra whats the British Foundation? more info please google brings up all kinds of info. Shani is okay in my chart.
  5. we all almost mayavadis so make sense to hear name from pure devotee.
  6. I'm going to open a Mobile Phone Shop & Internet Cafe. Any suggestions for names for the business? So far I thought of "Gauranga Mobile & Internet". Any suggestions would be HELPFUL!
  7. http://www.ncomputing.com No answers? Found this site, says can connect upto 7 Monitors, keyboards, mice to just 1 Pc tower ! saving money on purchasing towers and electricity!
  8. Hare Krishna, I am finally moving into Flat in Leicester 1 Bed, within 2 weeks. Have the tenancy agreement etc. I want to start an Internet Business having seen them across India, also I'd like to sell mobile phones. Can't seem to find cheap Pc's to buy in
  9. Bhaktijan, maybe yr right, im sure your teaching the 'ignorant' hindus to read Prabhupada books. Although I dont think its a good selling technique!
  10. Yeah Amlesh, Same for Muslims, Christians etc, we all need a name. TILL we realize spirituality. Or oneness that everybody is servant of God.
  11. Yeh but we ARE IN THIS WORLD. Until we out we must use designations. Unless yr pure. You said its preliminery knowledge, for what? I know for entrance into Goloka.
  12. Free from designations? Theist. So Vaishnava is also a designation?
  13. I have 1 mukhi, 6 & 7 mukhi, from shop 24 channel in India for rs2750 with postage. I THINK depends more on your faith. I myself put the rudraksha on the Shivalinga in Gokula, yashada worshipped. And Sada-shiva in Vrindavana and Gopisvara. Also have Narasimha kavacha tha I put in Jaganatha temple place where hirankasipu was killed.
  14. Yes we are all Vaishnavas, not hindus, muslims, christians. Total sectarianism. ? Bhaktisiddhanta never thought Himself that, whom was He reffering to?
  15. Kc is not a branch of hinduism!, haha. HINDUS ALWAYS, believe Krishna. Stop twisting Prabhpadas words..
  16. Bhaktivinoda said the same, well that means we are not hare krishnas either. Bhaktisiddhanta said we all vaishnavas. I think they sayin we nothing, only Guru is devotee.
  17. Goto india and tell an indian his not, really a hindu. Prabhupada also said no such thing as muslims, christians, we all servants of god,
  18. Was he beatin vraja children ? Wonder if he beats his own kids
  19. I miss Vrindavan even though only stayed their for 2 weeks.
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