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  1. Hello, I'm a first time rudraksha wearer and feel I should go for a siddha mala as a solutions to my problems. I have been looking around for genuine rudrakshas, unsure of whom to buy 1-mukhi Indonesian and higher mukhi beads from; so, I decided to seek help on this forum. I have a couple of questions: #1. Do rudrakshas really work as advertised? meaning, do they solve personal problems like getting a job, finding the right marriage partner etc? I've read posts on forums like this where people have said that they didn't really experience anything different or obtained any material benefits from wearing them. Hence, the confusion. #2. Could you please let me know if the 1-mukhi Indonesian rudraksha that rudra-ratna or rudraksha-shakti (K.L.Seetha ji's website; in fact, he guarantees the authenticity of this bead) sell is genuine or not? #3. Also, rudralife claims to test all beads in a ISO 9001 certified lab and provides the same guarantee on all beads purchased there. Do you know if rudralife sells genuine rudrakshas or not? #4. If all these places sell fakes, then who do you recommend buying these rudrakshas from? It'll help buyers like me to know any info about genuine rudraksha sellers versus fake ones. Thank you. Namaste
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