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  1. Free Spiritual Downloadpages. PLEASE bookmark! http://guru.faith.io http://hear.faith.io http://gita.faith.io http://vedabase.faith.io http://nityananda.faith.io Krishna Software.
  2. Got http://nityananda.faith.io astonishing url for free!
  3. Maharaja is not critisizing, although seems like that. Just pointing out that God give food, but it bhakti what God want. I meam it would be hypocritcle for hare krishna to offer food otherwise. GOD is providing food to Christians, Maharaja sees them as Vaishnava (Christians).
  4. Taipan, i was thinking that soul weighs nothing though matter seems to weigh something so spirit must weigh something. I FEEL the reason matter weighs anything is because of spirit, so we just weighing spirit?
  5. Thats funniest thing I read in a long time, I'm surprized they left Muslims out. Hitman Blood Money, which I played had this type of thing as well, Must admit i was a bit apprehensive about shooting down hare krishnas, in the end my desire to complete the game took over my initial dismay'!
  6. Applied for a 6 month Visa, comes in 2-3 weeks at £60! Going to India in around May 25th 2008.
  7. I will be travelling to Mumbai Shivapati Airport, from their to a small Village in Gujarat called Sarai thats very close to Navasari. I will be staying with my uncle's family (mothers brother). It's a tiny village with a local shop! And a Temple. Although with everything that technology has to offer is available there. I shall be going in a few months, and will post pre-flight pictures etc, and pictures when I land. Hopefully;)
  8. I am going to be posting here, my amazing travels to India. On 18 April 2008, I will be getting a Visa as I am a British Born Citizon, my mother being born in India and my father in the Uk. I live in a City called Bradford that is in West Yorkshire, with my parents, I am 31 Male, Single and a disciple of Bhakti Vaibhava Puri Maharaja. Hare Krishna.
  9. Tabhyon rays? STAR TREK. Amazing I never even thought about mass. Oh i get it, the mass of the spirit soul and supersoul. Anyone know how much the spirit soul weighs?
  10. Shivadutta who wrote that post? You or your mind.
  11. I wish somebody would run you over Begger;), then we see whos big.
  12. In Bhagavad-gita Krishna says He is the smallest of the small (paramatma) and largest of the large (material creation).. And Krishna says He is time, and the creator. So according to Gita Krishna can create space and time.
  13. Try this-helped me: http://www.archive.org/details/Sanskrit-Pronunciations
  14. I once emailed Bishnu Maharaja who is a disciple of Bhakti Vaibhava Puri Maharaja. I asked - What is beyond the Spiritual World?, Can Lord Krishna Create and make it larger? The answer I recieved was, If Krishna wants He can make it bigger..
  15. There is a pastime wherein Lord Krishna has a kind of a Court House that's small from the outside but big on the inside! How is that possible...?
  16. A devotee lent me nitai c, amazing pastimes, i like when Nitai and Namaacharya(i forget name!) r running from jagai and madai and they both joke with each other, funny. Also i like the book cover
  17. Indu, karma-yoga is bhakti if u do it for krishna na?
  18. Sandra almost everybody like bhishma part, mahabharata has subs if u watci it yu become addicted, in india when it came on it said the streets were deserted!
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