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  1. that picture is bac of house in sarai, gujarat.
  2. He said explain in simple term, originally. Mayavadis dont belive God has form. . because they believe 'everything is one spiritually'. It's basic understanding. Even in simple terms it's hard to explain. Bhaja Gopala.
  3. "Mayavada bhasya sunyo haya sarva nasha"- Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. Then only shelter you have is Mahaprabhu Like my avatar says.
  4. i know they both the same. Going as sastric Prabhupada mentions in Gita clearly what it is, without going into Advaita-vada for a reason.
  5. if you both see what i wrote i said exactly the same. you just wasted 2 posts
  6. I actually offered mine at Jagannatha temple where Narasimhadeva app to kill Hiranyakashipu!
  7. Silver is not as expensive as you might think.
  8. Advatins .. I want to become one with God. Mayavadis .. I am God and want to become one with Him.
  9. Advaita-vadi belive everything is 'One'. Mayavadis believe everything is 'God'. Advaitens believe in Krishna but think His body is material. Mayavadis believe in the soul of Krishna and want to become one with God. Mayavad has roots in Advaita.
  10. Far as I know Sankracharya actually preached covered {Advaita-vadi} therefore actually preaching. {Mayavad}.
  11. i think we dont have any freewill, only true freewill is if used to surrender to Krishna. Prabhupada said use freewill to surrender to Krishna.
  12. shvu about the shirt. We got minute free will. How minute ?
  13. I used to post as Govindaram, I put it on paper. Took me long time to stick it inside the locket. Use very thin paper if you write it prabhu!
  14. I have it.. a devotee in Vrindavana made it for me. I just had to get the silver amulat, that cost 50 rupees. Other then that he said he wrote the kavacha on piece of paper, did prayers and put inside amulat.
  15. Best way, ask somebody you might know in India to find out then they can send to you. Just send them a money order transfer via 'Western Union'. I doubt you find on net prabhu
  16. india. They covered over in protective layer.
  17. Far as mobiles. Somebody in China can export me HTC TOUCH DIAMOND for £300 p&p. But maybe fake.
  18. ... of what to do. Net? Snak/crisps shop? I think i might have a small snack section. selling indian pav-bhaji.
  19. Not that well, thats why Im not going for the main shop as a net cafe. Prasadam Cafe maybe a good idea, in fact its a great idea. But i cant cook too many varities of dishes. I will be selling Krishna Books though. right now still in the thinking stage of wh
  20. Sorry the City is 'Bradford', Uk. I saw a Jyotish in Vrindavana he said I got no problems with Shani-dev. He said I should do some business because I will make a lot of money.
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