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  1. What some claim as truth can be made up. Koran declares Muhamed as messenger of god. You believe that? New Testament declares christ as god. You believe that? I like and enjoy researching the greatness of Sri Krsna. Just don't like researching nonsense claims. Lord Sri Krsna is ultimate truth.
  2. No need to be jealous. He can declare whatever he wants. You are jealous.
  3. Even when it is made up?......interesting logic
  4. And not one that makes up it's own gods.
  5. Yes like accpeting that Lord Krishna is the supreme. He is the source and avtaari.
  6. So let me get this right. Bhagwan Sri Krsna is the source of everything...yet it is Mayavadi to say that all that has come from Sri Krsna is part of Sri Krsna?
  7. i still don't really understand this idea of Mayavadi. Please could someone explain in simple terms? Jai Sri Krsna.
  8. A good site for a summary of what Sanatan Dharma (Vaishnav, Shaiva and Shakta) scriptures are about. www.urday.com
  9. Curses do exists and are part of our Karma. That is why we should always live our lives with respect for others. By following the simple rules of Ahimsa we can achieve this. Vaishnavs telling Shaivas that they are wrong, and Vica versa is not following ahimsa.
  10. That is not true. My bhakti is strong. I read many scriptures and do not distinguish between Vaishnav or Shaiva or Shakta. To me everything is part of Sanatan Dharma and it should all be respected as such. I pray to many deities/Devs because I know that thay are all forms of Bhagwan. I have strong firm beliefs and my Bhakti is stronger now than it has ever been in my life. Also who sets all these rules? Why is ekagratha a badly required neccesity for bhakti? I am living proof that you can pray to many forms of god and still have great devotion for bhagwan. Jay Siya Ram, Jay Shree Krsna, On Namah Shivayam.
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