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  1. Thanks for the information. Its very interesting. I hope you will keep on postin such topics. Thanks once again.
  2. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^The person on top its for u^^^^^^^^ A) Well, I am HINDU. B) And you said that innumerable hells & heaven's, well even if we consider there are innumerable hells & heaven's, the bottom line is there are two places where a soul goes, either 1) Heaven 2)Hell. Now may be they have categories or reservations for special people. C) Heaven & Hell are the places where a soul gets justice for their actions. D) And beyond that is the same circle of life. Our soul is immortal, just it needs to change the old medium action (body). Its a new start. Just don't confuse yourself, all you need to do is have a simple approach towards the subject of Karma, its that simple. *You should be careful when you post a quote, think & post.*
  3. Its said that soul is immortal. Lord krishna cursed the Soul of Aswatama. In simple language, he cursed the soul not to leave the body. In our case, our soul leave's the body frequently & takes the new, which is called death & birth. Aswatama is cursed to carry the scars of his past with the same body for a long period. He will be free soon as Draupadi cannot be free until he is cursed. ******************************************************* Can you imagine, your friends, relatives have died 6000 years back & you are still alive, with no one but just the painful memories of the glorious past. All you can do is walk the forest's & meditate in himalaya's with the painful wound on your forehead. On the other hand you should think that the person who is the witness of Mahabharat is still among us.
  4. Hey, I appreciate your curiosity towards Aswatama. You should probably try to look around or investigate the places like, his birth place, place where he was cursed or places where history is related to him. May be it will work.
  5. Aswatama was born immortal.
  6. What would you like to change in Mahabharta?
  7. You know what, religion is set of rules established by various group of people on the planet. It is a way to guide a person to do good things & make the world a better place. But sadly human mind also has a monster in it, which has totally changed the meaning & cause of religion. Jihad, Crusade etc are the results of it. I believe there are two destination's where people can go & its in their hands to choose the one, hell or heaven. Even if it is as simple as the matter of choice, people often slide down to hell, well ofcourse that's the reason why heaven has become so spacious. Where do u wanna go pal?
  8. What is ur last wish? How will you like to die? Whom would you like to meet after death? Have u people ever thought about the karm we do in our day to day life? How many sins we commite in one day? Beleive me, the hells been over populated in last couple of years. In which part of hell will you like to be? Its been said, it is a priviledge to be human? Do we really enjoy this priviledge or we are abusing the advantage of being a human ( or asur)? Think about it for sometime, & then post your view's or wishes?
  9. I think they do exist. Let me know.
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