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  1. My dear friend that is th secret mystery of life. God wants you to wittness the good and the bad so that you wil realize what you must do in order not to have bad effect in your next life. Karma is action and it all depends if it is good or bad. You can realize it in this life if you previous karma was good or bad. I know Christians would not believe in this and blame their sufferings on the original sin of Adam and Eve. That is an easy way of escaping instead of taking the blame upon yourself. Hinduism has show the way to salvation the easy way and all one has to do is do good deeds in this life and you'll be liberated in the next. Remember one thing very clearly. This human life is suppose to the the last birth to liberate the soul and if you fail than it is back to the darwing board. Birth after birth will your soul transmigrate till you realize the Supreme Being otherwise you will be stuck here for sometime.
  2. barney

    Bg 9.32

    This is the problem most Hindus face when confronted by non Hindus like Muslims and Christians saying Hinduism is bias and supress women and non brahmins. As I have said in other forums all these scriptures of various relgions have flaws and translated and rewriten by people who think they are superior to others. I only take what is good for the general population of the society and not everything that is written. So, do not accept everything, take what is useful and acceptable by all.
  3. by guest: Niether has india developed to its potential nor has the so-called victims-of-the-past communities happy. It's high time we provide the minority communties to consider facts and act with maturity. Yes, you said it. Europe was in the dark when Hindu civilization wad thriving but today India is blacked out while Europe is thriving. India can if she wants to compete with the developed world but it is the corrupted politicians who wants to keep India in the dark.
  4. May I'm right or may be I'm wrong. As far as I'm concerned the destiny of a person determines the purpose of life. For an example take for instance a person born in Ftance or England takes a trip to another country say like Thailand and dies there in a a natural disaster such as Tsunami, well, his purpose of life is to die not in the country of his birth. As for another example take the life of Mahatma Gandhi, his father died before he could finish schooling and his mother got him married at the age of 13. He went to persue law in England against his family's wish. He experienced all vices while in England and only upon his return and going to Africa was the turning point in his life and the rest is history. But most important his death made him a hero of the Indians and recorded in world hinstory. So his destiniy was his purpose of this life. Every single life in this earth is destine for a purpose. Even a murderer's purpose of this life is determined by his destiny and morever I believe every life form there is a link without us realizing it. A man may have a comfortable life for almost 50 years and than his life ends in a tradgy in te hands of a robber or by accident. In such a case what would you think his purpose of life was? To me he was to die in the hands of the robber at such such time as his previous life there was a link betwen the robber and him. And if it was an accident than there must have been a link between him and the driver of the vehicle in a previous life. It is all there but we fail to see the picture. That is my deduction and hope someone else could give a better understaning of it.
  5. Dear Sir, Please explain your action. Hindu.Muslim anything will be closed. I do not understand what you mean. Can't we post any discussion about Hinduism? If so than what is the purpose of this forum? It is a good platform for furthering our knowledge in Hinduism and know the flaws in other relgions. By closing such topics we become narrow minded and would not be able to counter if Muslims and Christians speak nagative of Hinduism. I hope you'll reconsider your decesion. Or unless you are afraid that there might be flaws in our scriptures.
  6. Discrimination? Look here, I can forgive if a Muslip slaps a Hindu, I can forgive if a Muslim kills a Hindu but I cannot forgive a Muslim if he desecrate our house of GOD. Do you know that our temples are not like the mosque or church. Our temples were errected according to the agamam and daily rituals of mantras and abishekham is being done for the last hundred of years which is very sacred to Hindus. Blowing up such a sacred place is the greatest sin one has committed. Such person or persons can be forgiven and the unishment for such a crime is death. Yes, death sould be the punishment and Hindus in India must carry out this punishment to show the fanitical Muslim what Hinduism is all about. Thre created so much halabulu over a stupid cartoon frawing of Mohammed but here the barbarians have desecrated our temple and yet Hinuds in India are either cowards or blind to what has happened. If only it had happened in Malaysia do you know what we would have done? I still say I'm ashame that the Hindus in India still call themsleves Hindus.
  7. May be you do not see his manefistation. We are all HIM. Can you understand that? All living entity are sparks of HIS ever glowing ember. The fire within us is HIS and so we are HIM and HE is us. {...insult removed by admin...}
  8. A story of bravehearts. Sometime ago in Malaysia some Muslim university students of Malay origin had planed to desecrate a Hindu shrine in a place called Kerling in the state of Selangore. Having information of this act our Hindu bravehearts waited patiently during the night watch. When these Muslims entered the temple ground the BH attacked them with the thrisul from the temple and killed two of the intruders while the others escape. Case was filed against the BH by the Malaysian police and charged for murders. An Indian lawyer by the name of D.P Vijayandran defended them and won the case. That is the act of a true Hindu in a land of Muslim majority. Now where are the true Hindu in the land of Hindu Majority? Shame on you people calling thesleves Hndus and yet cannot defend their relgion in their own land. Shame..Shame...Shame.... Three cheers for Malaysian Hindus..Hyp Hyp Hurray..Hyp Hyp Hurray...Hyp Hyp Hurray... I would suggest male Hindus in India can fold their tails in between their legs and hide behind their women folks and let the women deal with this bastards.
  9. hi all, please note : if anyone do not know the answer to my question , please keep their mouth shut and do not diver the topic. why we ask WHO and why can't we just happy with answers from HOW to explain anything in this universe. ------------------------------ From the relative point of view, creation is without beginning. The human mind cannot think of the beginning of time or space. If a limit is arbitrarily set, one can conceive of time or space beyond that as well. Likewise, there is no such thing as absolute destruction. Vedanta speaks of the manifestation and the non-manifestation of the universe. In the former state things are seen in their tangible form, and in the latter they remain as seeds. These two states are called the "day of Brahma" and the "night of Brahma." The period of manifestation is called a kalpa, or cycle (One kalpa consists of 4,320,000,000 years. Two kalpas make a day and night of Brahma of 8,640,00,000 years.360 such days make one year of Brahma. 100 such years constitute Brahma’s lifetime of 311,040, 000,000,000 years. Whenever the creation of the world is spoken of, what is really meant is the beginning of a cycle. A new cycle begins by the will of Isvara (Saguna Brahman,), and its character is determined by the accumulated actions of the living beings of the previous cycle. (For explanations on ‘Isvara’ see page ‘Nature of Reality’; refer to the column on the left). Mere matter, without the help of consciousness or intelligence, cannot precipitate creation. Whether the created beings in a particular cycle will be happy or unhappy, wise or ignorant, is determined by the law of karma. In discussing creation or evolution, it should be remembered that according to Vedanta it is the illusory superimposition upon Brahman of names and forms. That is to say, owing to maya Pure Intelligence, or Brahman, appears as Brahman with attributes, further appears through maya as the undifferentiated prakriti. This process of illusory superimposition is to be applied to all stages of evolution.] t is well known that any creative work is preceded by deep thinking. The object is at first conceived in the mind of the creator; then it is given a tangible form. The universe is the outcome of the thought of the Creator. In describing the act of creation, the Upanishad says: "He thought." The difference, however, between a human creation and the divine creation is that the former is the result of much effort and labour, whereas, the latter is the spontaneous manifestation of Brahman. "Devasya esha svabhavah-" All this is the very nature of Brahman. The Upanishad gives a spiritual interpretation of the creation as opposed to a mechanistic one.] The Blessed Lord said: Those people who know the day of Brahma which is of a duration of a thousand yugas (ages) and the night which is also of a thousand yugas’ duration, they know day and night. (Gita, Ch. 8, Verse 17) [Note: Day means evolution or projection or manifestation of the universe. Night means involution of the universe known as pralaya. The worlds are limited or conditioned in time. Therefore they return again. The world of Brahma (Brahmaloka or Satyaloka) is also transient, although it lasts for a thousand ages. When the four great yugas have gone round a thousand times, it makes a day time of Brahma and when an equal number of yugas pass again it makes a night. Those who can see and live through the day and night of Brahma can really know what is a day and what is a night.]
  10. That is because if you are a Hindu you would not be asking this question as all Hindus know the answer to it. May be you are not a Hindu or you are ignorant of your own religion. Anyway as I have said Hindus will know the answr to it so let us hear yours before I answer otherwise it's a waste of time. If you are sincere I would not mind giving my opinion but I'm afraid you're not sincere so to proof your sincerity you tell me what you think.
  11. GOD has no inventor.GOD is the inventor. HE created this universe and all life form. This is the paradise GOD created and we are trying to destroy it with our muddled up brain. Create chemical that pollutes the air we breath, create machines that destroys forest that helps us in many ways to survive. We pollute the rivers that give the live support liquid we call water. Everything that GOD had created we learn to destroy. So in the end the created get destroyed by the creatred. Get it???????????????
  12. barney


    1.There is no other GOD by Allah is the call card of Muslims. 2.Our GOD is a jealous GOD and there is no other GOD but Yahuve is the call card of Jews. 3.Only salvation is through Jesus son of GOD is the call card of Christians. 4.Krishna is the supreme GOD and all others are demi GODs is the call card of ISCOK. Now please tell me which believes what among the above? As for Sanadhana Dharam it says GOD is one but called by many names. HE is in one and all who is Omnipresent and Omnipotent who can manifest in any form as per desire. So Sanadhana Dharma is an eternal religion and a way of life for all human beings.
  13. Before anyone answers your question, I would like to know your opinion. Because the answer to your question lies on your opnion. So, tell what do you think? Would you help the needy or say it is their karma and that they have to suffer for their past action? Waiting for you reply.
  14. Vishnu puranam may be myth or may not be but that is not the matter at hand. These avatars appeared to destroy adharma and establish dharma. Each avatar has a storyline and we as human need to understand why this events took place. IT is for us to study and learn to follow the path of dharma. In ordinary life men tends to become powerful in life with accumilation of wealth and political power. The will do anything to attaing this not realizing that such ill gotten wealth and power would not last very long. Remember that our life is the reflection of the devas and assuras. Each story has a meaning to our present life which would help us to walk the right path. In the Vamana avatar the purpose was to destroy king Bali who if notwopuld rule the three worlds. Being an assura king he would torment the righteous and destroy dharma. And so the 5th avatar of Maha Vishnu was Vamana in order to trick king Bali. In kurma avatar it was after the recreation of the universe which is a new age and as usual the eveil forces were at work again. This time they wanted the the Amrita in order to gain more power and to get the Amrita the have to churn the ocean of milk which than would produce Amrita and other precious things to strenghthen their powers. In the modern world the usage of uraniam is to produce energy which would be usefull for purposes of development. But if the same uraniam is the hands of evil men they would produce nuclear boms to destroy human kind. So in order to stop the assuras form getting the power Vishnu has to destroy them and the only way is to take Kurma Avatar to safe the world. There are many such stories in the purana. Weather you believe it or not we have to see the meaning of such stories and if it could benefit mankind. I'm not saying you are right and the stories are wrong but there are meaning and good values in such stories and we as human being are the gifted ones to receive them as no other species in the world has ever received this. That is because we as human being have reached the last leg of the creation of life and if we do not realize the Supreme Brahman than it would be back to square one again. Rebirth and sufferings and death again. So, the choice is your.
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