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  1. Well, I think its just some natural formation and frankly speaking it is not resembling lord Shiv OR Ganesh even remotely...
  2. Could you please elaborate. Sorry for going off topic.
  3. Well, now as you have asked for... #1. The text in the open book seems to be more blurred than actual photograph. (You cannot make out what is written). #2. The font size in the open book is too large. Hardly one shloka will fit in a page. So He will actually need lot many books, to have complete ramayana. It is also not spaced properly. #3. That garland which Hanumanji is wearing is in form of semi circle, where as actually if would be in shape of 'V' due to gravity. But this is true if the garland is made up of thread. #4. The tail (if it is) handing at bottom right does not look like tail. By writing these, I do not intend to be offensive for anyone as I myself am Hanuman Bhakt.
  4. Well, I am a hanuman bhakt, but I somehow don'g believe that this can be true. If I critically examine this photo, I see few discrepancies... Any comments?
  5. Can you/anyone please give some more explanation about white sugar? Why/How it is harmful? I believe in this, but its difficult to convince others (including my wife) as to why it is harmful. Also, where do we get Raw Sugar? What is it called in Hindi?
  6. Well, I have read that Omega 3 Fatty Acids are particularly useful for improving brain (and hence memory). For vegetarians, Flax seeds are very good source of these. Other wise also these seeds are good for health. In rural india, people were using (and they are still popular) these frequently.
  7. Mr Kakad, I strongly advise you to visit good Doctor/Vaidya (for Ayurved) in person as your problem seems to be of serious nature. There are many such medicines that are floating around in the market, but there is no evidence if they work as suggested. Thanks
  8. It may be gross for someone who is very new to Urine Therapy. But it is very trusted and very old (5000 years old). Now, why you are doubting that urine cannot affect eyesight? How come eye tonics work then? When a body is suffering from any ailment, human body automatically tries to generate harmones to cure it and these are found in abundance in urine. Otherwise also, it contains many cheimcals (it is not studies fully even now) which are extremely useful. I am writing after experiencing it and there are thousands who do so (although few admit it).
  9. I agree to some extent that Urine Therapy works best when the person concerned is on good diet (best if vegetarian diet is taken). But to say that for modern diet, urine is toxic is not right. If that is the case, then you will any get many diseases before you use your urine as it is nothing but extract of blood. And ofcourse, one must not be suffering from any kidney/bladder diseases.
  10. Please give reference(s)/source for this information. And you are saying he is bigger stupid than todays politicians. On what basis you are saying so? can you give examples with proper references.
  11. I agree with you. If we do not take any steps now, I am sure very few hindus will be left after few generations (who actually know hinduism). Many parents take this lightly and their religious teachings are limited to do daily pooja (in whatever way) and to learn few aartees. They do not teach basic principles of hinduism. This is because they themselves do not know much (and many don't care). But I have a question, can we refer ONE good book or website, which parents can use to teach their children hinduism.
  12. No. This may not be true. Had it been true, they could have told present and future (even while guessing) without asking any questions. They ask many questions to know the present and then they guess (or use astrology etc) the future as you said. And if they really have this siddhi, they will surely wont waste it like this.
  13. Exactly. Hinduism honours all of creation, but some see it as male dominated, which shouldn't be the case. There is talk of a wife seeing her husband as a god but why not vice-versa? We should see all of creation as divine. becuase if God exists it can only be that all of nature is divine, since everthing emanates/is a manifestation of God. [i dont know how to quote...] Well I completely agree. Hinduism honours all creations and we should always respect all human beings, animals and plants. No doubt about that. Here question was about worshipping husband? Its bit different than giving respect to everyone. You respect all human beings, but you dont worship everyone right! Now, I am not advocating male dominance by saying this. Actually any person will 'worship' other (Guru's etc) only when he/she feels that other person is intellectually at higher plane and will help him/her to reach God in easy way. Generally (because of various factors) it is seen that Girls are involved only in household work and do not have much knowledge of what is there outside the home, so husband is almost always at higher level of conciousness than wife, hence this tradition. (I am talking of scenarios few years back) But there are cases, when it is other way round. In this case, husband should simply reciprocate and follow his wife. Once such case of 'Maa Anandmayi'. Her husband worshipped her throughout his life.
  14. I just want to comment on who is bigger Husband Or God? Well, no doubt, God is bigger. But if the question is who should 'wife' worship? Tradition says 'Husband' and I quite agree to this. [Assuming husband is religious, well behaved and respect his wife] To understand this, lets take example of 2 year child. If you introduce GOD to child, he/she will be confused and will not understand properly. So instead. But it is very easy for the child to 'worship' (sort of, means full respect, obedience, etc) mother, on whom he/she has full faith and trust. So, unless child is fully grown up, its ok to 'worship' her mother as if she is GOD. Mother's role in turn is to act as messenger to GOD. To pass on the prayers of her child to GOD. I have seen this working and it works very well. Now, Having said this, I am not trying to compare women with 2 year old. But remember that in earlier days, marriages used to happen at very very young age (specially for girls), and at that time, husband used to have more knowledge and experience of this world. Since 'wife' was so young, and need to live in totally foreign environment in husbands home and town, it's easy for her to relate to her husband, who is closest to her. So, its easy to follow rule of 'Worship your husband'. But this is more in early years, after some years when she is grown up, its her own will and she will do accordingly. And, when we can see GOD in stone, whats wrong in seeing GOD in husband?
  15. Does anybody have any experience of travelling in Astral Plane and meeting departed souls? It is said (even as per hindu philosophy) that once a human being dies, he/she remains in Astral Plane for some time with the astral body (human body minus earth element) in astral space. Several people claim (including many sadhus) to have travelled to these planes and met with great people who are in between incarnations. Please share your experiences. I want to travel in astral plane. Everytime I try, i end up in normal or lucid dreams, but not in astral plane. HELP!
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