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  1. How many Hare Krishna does take to change a lightbulb? Just 1 . then another to buy a better one.
  2. A buddist walking hits a lampost, he says "I saw that coming to himself". Christian ... "That lampost should'nt be there". Hindu... "Whats this lampost doing here?" Muslim... "... *#@:&" Hare Krishna... "I did'nt put this lampost here".
  3. 1 hour of net at £1.50 /say 5 people use in a day (sad face) at 9-5, open 6 days. Make me =£45, Mobile sales £20 profit each. Sell 10 =£200. Books sales?. Worst case i make £240. or £150. rent at £700pm.!!
  4. Okay my FINAL idea is Internet/Mobile & Bookstore. I wont make millions but can start with one shop. ;-)
  5. can convert to jar if possible ? with mjbookmaker. by the way getjar never put the file up.. think it takes years.
  6. http://www.krishnamedia.org/ebooks/diacritic_marks.zip I am sure this is the file.. keep in safe place.
  7. whhat dont do it manually! Do you have Ms Word? I have a script i found somewhere which does it auto... i post in a bit
  8. http://www.purebhakti.com/library/bn/beyond_nirvana.pdf
  9. Dont have a Pc. NEED in small chunks. 100kb etc. I post using my Mobile Phone.
  10. Gita mentions when Krishna asks Arjuna to 'arise' meaning wakeup, from deep sleep. Deep-sleep could mean 2 things one I mentioned and another when sleeping. Part of Gita mentions Yoga Breathing. Which is another type of deep-sleep.
  11. Seems childish it is?! Try it while memorizing a verse. Sometimes you just need the first letter. Would be cool on an Electronic Game..!!
  12. Experimenting.. example v1 ch1 Gita: Dritarastra Uvacha Dharma-ksetra Kuru-ksetra Samaveta Yuyutsavaha Mamaka Pandavas Chaiva Kim Akurvata Sanjaya Would become as notes to remember.. du,dk kk,sy,mpc,kas.
  13. suchandra there is a new book called Beyond Nirvana by Narayana Maharaja. Not read yet cant on mobile. If somebody could convert to txt file and upload in very small file sizes would be nice wink
  14. What about bhaja gopala? Maybe Govinda means fun. Spiritual fun. As Mayavadi etc get boring.
  15. Yes. I also know. But you dont know that.
  16. What do people think about it?. I am sorry to say to Kamesh and please dont feel bad about it... its just a devotee speaking .. Gita in front of a camera, okay? Why market as 4 dvd set?
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