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  1. This is my site: http://gauranga.infinites.net Goto: www.2ip.com includes catch email, so you can have unlimited email adds.
  2. Even krishna.org, links to vedabase that costs $9.95. MAYBE they had the same problem.
  3. Okay, maybe the Cd had region coding, when i make i simply copy files, but it did'nt work, and i am finding still not, i have to reasearch about it on google.
  4. Buy the cd, some reason it not work, in some certain places. MAYBE to do with the cd-rom (maybe works in some countries), are You in the usa?
  5. 1 hour off hari and .1 of ravana:)
  6. Yey cant convert yet though, i will later.
  7. It came on ZEE CINEMA, few months ago. Thing is they put Ravana serial on ZEE TV at same time!
  8. I read Prabhupada, liked Charlie Chaplin!, if you talk your dad its Kc, because HIS YOUR DAD. Showing respect to Krishna and not loving sister, sister>soul, servant of God. By way me my dad, sis used to watch WWF Wrestling, best times....
  9. Okay, A Hindu, Muslim, Christian in a car, lost they ask a passer by for directions, Christian says 'we are lost', Muslim says 'whe are also lost', Hindu says 'i'm not lost, but where is...'
  10. Another one.. A Hindu gentleman asks his wifd why she hit him with a 'whalan' -rolling pin in Gujurati, Wife says dont you know its 'Walantines Day Today?'. (i stole that one)
  11. Did'nt make in a long while... Hindu, Muslim, Christian walk into a lampost, Christian says 'jesus christ'!, Muslim says 'Oh allah'!, Hindu says 'oh your &£#$'.
  12. Mobile phone sites tat where money is!
  13. Tat cause i not put anyting duffer
  14. Firefox.mobi, nasa.mobi, pizzahut.mobi, and for krishna: ebooks.mobi, krishna.mobi, gauranga.mobi, prabhupada.mp3, bgitaasii.mobi, orange.mobi, i am pleased esp with www.microsoft.mobi.googlepages.com
  15. Just applied for Gmail, accounts, so i have now www.downloads.mobi.googlepages.com. Maybe in future will become popular. I also mananged to get the following (note 'googlepages.com' is added to all urls at the end of the link), I have: microsoft.mobi, pepsi.mobi, apple.mobi,walmart.mobi
  16. I cant find the file on google, that first time i heard of the problem, like i said i give up. And i really dont have a Pc at theMOMENT,
  17. I'm stumped, the thing is i never modified any of the files, like i said that was the problem, i give up.
  18. Omg, did u install at C:/? Thats only place willwork, goto C drive program files, folio, make sure 'show hidden files is enabled in explorer', all files should be here.... Click autoreg.exe (this is the dll problem, needs to register the dll files).
  19. This is the dll. File: http://libsnap.dom.edu/catDesk/VIEWS32 (the last file is the dll., i bet even with the file folio wont work, now u realize prob i had doing this.
  20. A lot of ppl say it worked for them, the archive.org site, the abo ve causelessmercy vedabase wasnt made by me. Anyway sorry not work for you prabhu. Hare Krishna.
  21. You may have to manually locate the files, a web page is meant to open with instructions on where all the files are.
  22. That dll file is hidden, its there or should be, in mean time try and tell me if works (both files), can u email me at pankaja.nityananda@gmail.com , download 2 files www.causelessmercy.com/v
  23. http://ia341021.us.archive.org/0/items/krishna.games (passes time until we get to GOLOKA).
  24. This dll problem took me months to sort out! Hope I get permmision to sell vedabase online (the expensive one)
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