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  1. The file above was made by me, it should work as others say it works, should contain all the files, i sorted that dll problem a long time ago, tell me if this works. (the link for the file above)
  2. www.archive.org/details/Bhaktivedanta-Swami-Prabhupada108 (file is called Complete Works Prabhupada), I think download.com modified the file maybe, try above file PLeare!
  3. Opps no its normal version, i cant add trial capabilities without a PC, anyway download while its free!
  4. Yes, intended for 4 uses, does it work? Can you post some screenshots? I dont have A Pc! Does it work okay, give me all the info!
  5. Goto www.download.com (Education/Religion & Spiritual). VEDABASE. The price is wrong at the moment, in talks with krishna.com & Bhaktivedanta Archives, Manu dasa at itkrishna.com is negosiating!
  6. Yeah, i tried variations even a 1500$, prog, the free one sounded better! Yeah after while it dont snund too, i actually like it
  7. Coming soon... Mp3 will be converted to amr. This audio has Transalations & Purports! In a PC voice. Estimated file size for one chapter less than 1mb! Goto www.mobango.com on your mobile and register, then search for 'zip' download 'winzip', this works on mobile phones and is easy to use. This is the link for the mp3 files: http://ia310138.us.archive.org/2/items/Bhagavad-gita-as-it-is4/Audio/
  8. Is there a program that can read to audio Sanskrit Diacritic Marks?
  9. Anybody have old Laptop they could send me?!
  10. Mjbookmaker. Please somebody do it i dont have a pc!
  11. maybe, if I had 43 billion I would build a pc that works.
  12. mmm, I wonder if audarya would reject that money?
  13. want to buy out .com? Microsoft failed, if u have more than $44.6 BILLION. Place your bids and try.
  14. smg.photobucket.com/albums/v237/Nityananda/th_picture.jpg
  15. Haha ! I use phone to do this post.
  16. i like them, but i couldn't watch them again. My fav move is SAW.
  17. wow, rofl, i watched first 2 on internet movie. Best movies i seen in years, since shawshank demention.
  18. Anybody know significance. There is still Murti in Vrindavana.
  19. to pay bills, Prabhupada not living in cookoo land, Sp worked as chemist before.
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