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  1. Hi Thaks For U I Read That In Website How To Delete Folio Views From Registry And There No Accident When I Delete . Anyway If You Know Any Website Can I Download Folio Views The Latest Version Thanks
  2. hare krishna thanks for your reply Im using "folio views v4.2" is comig whith the complete work of srila prabhupada i try to intall and unistall and after uninstall i go to regedit and delete all file for folio views in registri , i download the complete work 2 time from 2 website but when i reinstall it the same probleme stay i dont know what i do......
  3. hi peace for all i have this probleme .i cant open the complete work of srila praphupada. i tired i try many time install &uninstall the program and always give me this notice: unable to open infobase unable to locate the language module "Folio UK English Server Extension Module, Version 1.00" The product has not been installed properly. [4711] can any helpe me to resolve this probleme hare krishna
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