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    BD you seem to have focused only on half of what I said. I said one's respected siksa gutru could help one understand and see his psotion or that Supersoul may give the inteligence from within to show the bhakta how he could best work.


    That is already known and acknowledged by everyone I think. You and Guest C seem to be advocating a third option which brajaswhara and others have been trying to get you to spell out but you DVD folks never respond to this simply question.


    Brajeswhara has asked yet again and I echo that yet again. Other than by one's interaction with his siksa guru or from the Lord within just how is one to understand his varna?


    Specifics please. Continuing to ignore this question is becoming rather telling.


    A brahman will know, a ksatriya will know, usually a vaisya will know as will as a sudra. Because these are the 'qualified' varnas. Now this is assuming honesty on the part of the practitioner. Then known brahman and ksatriya will test to make sure. The test is observance of action, if you go around picking your nose and eating it, then you are not a brahman.



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