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  1. Great to see Audarya Fellowship is active for posting again. Thanks. Hare Krsna RCB
  2. I have seen Prabhupada's svarupa and it is a secret only Prabhupada should tell you. Then you will also keep it secret! If they tell, know them to be dishonest. If you have to ask, your not ready for the answer. RCB
  3. Could the ksatriya be inquisitive? Was this from Prabhupada or a predecessor acaraya? RCB
  4. I don't know, looks like a lot of warm air for such a simple agreement with your admission in a previous post. Pretty sure you said 'due to my latent envy' Good self assesment, you would know! I agree. RCB
  5. Two good quotes on two different subjects! RCB
  6. This has to be one of the most disturbing things I ever seen! Reminds me of Hendrix's face supper imposed over Lord Visnu on an album cover. Was that 70'? I do not vote for non devotees, nor unqualified ones that run for office. No didn't vote for the new talking head. Did you see that photo on the cover of Vogue magazine stating that Michele was the first lady amerika was waiting for? She gave the sign of the devil with her left hand, just like Bush did for 8 yrs! New boss, is the old boss. Disturbing picture! RCB
  7. Hare Krsna Theist Yeah, I get your point now. Well made. I admit, I read to fast with my one(DVD) purpose in mind. Which comes from MY supersoul, to thy own heart be true. Is there an applicable example that brought this to you mind at this time? Thanks Andy108(why have I called you adam? Duh)you read me like a book at times. Hare Krsna, RCB
  8. They will always be small men inside. That is OK if they stay out of the way of movers and shakers. I'm ready for many years, but their free will has it's own way. They are not even up to the level to take the heat my monkey sons get, let alone to follow actual dedication in the samkirtan movement. It's all a joke to them! Not me! Not you! RCB
  9. Yes you are envious. You are saying they are guru not me. One can fall from a high place. One can raise to a higher place. But no yoyoing back and forth. Guna and karma can been observed. No one can just make a thing up. Ksatriya is the over seer of all varnas and asramas. But does not govern the brahmans. I will insult these IS-A-CON cheaters again and again. That is MY varna's job. To really address you is just a waste of time but hell I have all knight. You make so much up. Prabhupada initiated reformed people that latter fell, how you can not understand this I do not know. You bog down the converstion with so much debris it is like clogging a streams flow. You will never know anything of Prabhupada why are you here? To make a bigger ego for your self diluted mind I think. RCB
  10. I've lost nothing, everything is as it always should have been. The good, the bad, the ugly. It's all part of the training! No loss, nor diminution. I'm in the right place, at the right time, doing exactly what I should be. To me I take it all serious, not as a joke. I feel that you are minimizing the effort I put toward preaching to devotees as if it was just a 'joke'. Not to me! RCB
  11. Yes other languages, but not re-editing the original books, like a constantly changing Christian bible. I think there will always be those brahman/ksatriya that will keep the original english in vogue. The lower class might lose it. Starting with Ebonics and the like. But not the leaders. Or what good are they? I think no change will be a symptom of DVD institution too. What happened from before, is past. I was told to never change what Prabhupada gave. RCB
  12. ISKCON is in the heart of Guru and compliant disciples. Not a bunch of corrporate paper following miscreants. RCB
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