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    Is everything pre destined and cannot be changed?


    There is a legend that Goddess Lakshmi’s father Rishi Bhrigu went to Lord Shiva and said that I have written the destiny of every person who will be born. Please give me your blessing that it will all come true.


    Lord Shiva said - What you have written is only 33 percent. Another 33 percent is changed by the person’s deeds, another 33 percent by prayer and I keep the remaining 1 percent with me, for the final decision.


    So one can completely eradicate our obstacles and troubles by taking the right action, prayers and leave the rest to Shiva.


    There are specific mantras and prayers for specific problems and it’s very important to understand the meaning of each mantra. When you know what you are chanting, it’s immersed within you and the good effects double.





    Only two houses in one horoscope is controlled by God and Planets(various other factors) present there gives results according to our present karma(deeds) and all others are pre-destined according to our past karma.



    There are 12 houses in a horoscope so you can calculate how many percentage do God keeps to self.

  2. you need remedies for Mercury, moon and Saturn by yantra,mantra .

    Your present vimshotarri dash is Mars Md and rahu bhukti.

    To break your rahu-ketu axis you have to worship your ista deva which is lord krishna.

    I have very effective gemstone for you, you have to person email me with detail chronicle of your life history and remedies you have done so far.

    for your query regarding second children ,many senior and reputed member of this forum has already answer you query.

    God bless you

    Rishi vatsyayan


    Dear sir,


    Please educate us with your relevant information .






    This public forum is not a suitable place to discuss this information. Astrologically speaking only two or there strong planets in right place can help a person to choice any profession he likes.Only requirement is willpower---which planet govern it and determination and lit bit of intelligence.


    I myself help many person in get admission to a medical college whom many pundit told that they have no astrological combination of becoming a doctor.




    God bless you


    It is interesting to find posts that quote from ancient text. Just posting these raise a question to me about the purpose. Each one of the above sootras for instance, can be discussed for its relevance to our times, not just one. Many of the ancient texts had a bearing of its times in caste, class and gender biases and it is like a responsibility to keep that context alive so we do not keep repeating and in a way accentuating the negative aspects. i was wondering if Chanakya was a woman, what would these read like.


    Chanakya was a very wise man, His many of his niti(Political though) is very much relevance even in today .Two books are attributed to Chanakya: Arthashastra and Nitishastra which is also known as Chanakya Niti.



  5. Gemstone for good health+professional growth--- your query






    no gem stone is advisable for sheetel . Only do following remedies and thing will improve like magic

    1. wear Iron ring for Saturn(every body know this ring) for 3 years Must

    2.recite of

    Om Trayambakam Yajaamahe

    Sugandhim Pushtivardhanam

    Urvaarukmiv Bandhanaan

    mrityormuksheeya Maamritaat. daily before going to bed/sleep


    3. worship of lord Ganesha.Must and lord shiva


    4.Wear of 5.25 ratti Panna on a little finger in Gold(both remedies for mercury and sun)Must


    5. no ruby or moti Please


    6.consider wearning 5 mukhi rudraksha mala


    9. if thing turn out to be good within one year contact me or send message to me

    God bless you


    Rishi Vatsyayan



    Your Concern about Ruby and Panna in Gold



    Dear sheetal,


    Your query was related with gemstone for good health and for professional growth


    Gold ------metal of sun

    Ruby----Gem for sun------Your Soul

    Panna-----Gem for Mercury---- represent intellect----more analytical ability---Help in


    gaining good knowledge providing other planets is favorable.As you are software engineer and




    There are many theory for recommendation of gemstone

    1.Recommend gemstone which is friend of lagn lord. in your case it is Saturn and mercury.


    Sun and moon are its enemey . mars and jupiter are neutral to it.

    2.Recommend gemstone for functional benefic Planets---in your case Sun,Mercury and Saturn is


    functional benefic

    3.Vipreet ratna theory- Recommend stone for enemy of malefic planets. Some time in Rahu


    AD,Gemstone for Jupiter become very effective.

    4.There is no description of prescribing ratna in any of reputed Jyotish literture .but only


    donation of Ratna ---But in present Kali yuga,if you suggest somebody to donate Rs 3000/-


    Ratna to some body.if immediately spread rumor about you that that person is fraud etc-----

    5.do not recommend gemstone for trik house lord(6,8,12)--in your case it is diamond,Jupiter,Mars

    6.recommend gem stone for lagna nakshatra --- in your case it is ruby.

    7,Recommend gemstone for 1,5,9 house only and any yog karka planet in a horoscope. In your


    case it is Diamond,Panna and Neelem.Saturn stone is yog karka in your case.

    8.Donot recommend gemstone as now a day it has become a tool for making money-----My view

    9 don;t recommend gemstone for 2,7 house lord as it is considered marka house. in your case it is Mars and mercury.


    there are many more view. --now you can guess why there is different in opinion regarding recommending gemstone for a person.


    But people demands recommendation of Gemstone otherwise they think this person know nothing of astrology(jyotish is differnt thing). Even your honest advice is look as neech.



    Your query by its nature is not good. you can declare that i know nothing about astrology.


    Why i suggested Panna with gold ring.Panna is your 5th house lord placed in 10th house with malefic ketu. So need to make it strong it. if you want professional success at the cost of your health as mercury is your marka too. --- think about your query and your present health status.


    What was my first recommendation---no gem stone is advisable for sheetel -------which you ignore----due to kali yuga -- as you are very much interested in wearing gemstone.


    wear Iron ring for Saturn(every body know this ring) for 3 years Must--This is also gem----which you ignore----Kali yuga effect.



    recite of

    Om Trayambakam Yajaamahe

    Sugandhim Pushtivardhanam

    Urvaarukmiv Bandhanaan

    mrityormuksheeya Maamritaat. daily before going to bed/sleep----for health ----which you ignore.


    worship of lord Ganesha.Must and lord shiva----it seem you are not interesed in worship-----Kali yuga effect

    Wear of 5.25 ratti Panna on a little finger in Gold(both remedies for mercury and sun)Must-----Which you consider as quoted it ignorinng all other recommendation.


    consider wearning 5 mukhi rudraksha mala---Also a Gem----very effective--as you are undergoing Jupiter MD--this is real gem for your health.




    I hope this may help in clearing your doubt or make you more confuse.



    Jyotisha is a mystical science. think before jumping into conclusion.


    --Remedies for saturn and mercury.Pooja or fasting(i don;t know what is yu present health condition. how major was accident. when ever put you query give as much detail you can.


    Maharishi Prashara instucted before observing anybody horoscope one should know his/her Kula(little bit of her backgroud)


    God bless you All

    Rishi vatsyayan

  6. Jyotish tattawa is as real as this universe.


    Someone has rightly said that


    A disease has cure without medicine

    but there is no remedies for a death.


    This is a mystical science

    not a panacea for all ills of the human activities.


    ganita and gola part of Jyotisha is very much real.


    Predictive and prshana part of it require thorough understanding of first two parts and also it requires divine blessing and wisdom to use for the betterment of overall society.


    God bless all


    Rishi Vatsyayan

  7. I think there is no one Ayurveda person here to answer your query

    I am not a doctor .


    In "The tribune" dated July 2,2009,There is an article by the title " unlocked: The secrets of Schizophrenia.(scientific breakthrough offers hope of new treatments for mental condition)------you must read it for new insight into treatment of schizophrenia.


    If you wish ,i can email to you scanned news of this article or upload here --- hope this information may be helpful to you.


    God bless All except me.

    Rishi Vatsyayan


    Could you pls tell me about dialysis, how dangerous it is.... or side effects of dialysis ? My mom is also suppose to go for dialysis.


    But we are afraid of its side effects.


    Which hospitals in Ahmedabad(Gujarat,India) are good for dialysis ?




    If this thread is still relevant to you, Effect of dialysis is depend upon person age,patient other medical condition(diabetics) and will power.


    Best solution for chronic renal failure is Renal transplantation.No other solution. There is 70% success rate in it.


    I have seen many person with successful renal transplant operation.

    it all depend upon person fate, removal of cause due to which kidney failed to work and proper precautionary measure as told by your doctor.


    for any futher information .Please free to contact me.

    my email: rishivatsyayan@gmail.com


  9. There is hit and trial method of getting a baby boy.


    1. you can take help of a Chinese birth calendar. ------give 45% accuracy. You have to convert your month of conception and your age according to Chinese calender.


    2. Stop bathing with hot water 6 month before time of conception for husband.


    3,-- there are many old method but don't give 100 % result


    i will make list here in my next reply.


    Only Science can help you in this process.


    God bless you


    Rishi Vatsyayan

  10. Astrology is a way toward spirituality---- Osho Rajneesh


    My view is very much similar to your view, Astrology is not easy thing to master in present changed era.

    Basically in present era it has become a tool to make money and not to guide a jataka in good direction.


    What Maharishi Prashara had said to all learner of astrology ---

    I shall proceed to narrate to you the science of Jyotish, as heard through Lord Brahma. Only good will follow the teaching of this Vedic Science to the students, who are peacefully disposed, who honor the preceptors (and elders), who speak only truth and are godfearing. Woeful forever, doubtlessly, will it be to impart knowledge of this science to an unwilling student, to a heterodox and to a crafty person.


    God bless everyone except me.


    Rishi Vatsyayan

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