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    Name - Radha

    date of birth - 26/4/1982

    time - 9.15 pm

    place of birth - Kuantan, malaysia


    Dear sirs,

    My birth date/time/place as above....

    all my life i have suffered a lot until now. My career, education, life all screwed up badly

    I would like to make it short doesnt wanna make it difficult.

    1. How is my career? when my good time will start?

    2. When will i get married? how will be my married life? love marriage of arrange marriage?

    3. Do i have any dosha in my birth chart?

    4. about my health?


    i hope to hear something good from you all.....

    thanks a million gurujiii......




    Respected radha


    At present you are in search of knowledge. you should take special care of you health after Sep. Avoid company of tantrik or any guru. worship which ever god you believe in. There is possibility of love marriage .You need Navgraha pooja at home.

    Recite Mahamrityunjaya Mantra daily.

    God bless you

    Rishi vatsyayan




    Janma Kundali Chart


    I am Fair Male and not yet married (now 33 years)


    I am giving my birth details and chart here.


    Born at 18/06/1976 2:10 AM IST. Here are the details and planetary locations


    Star: Sathabhisha 2 pada

    Birth Lagna: ARIES

    Birth Rasi : AQUARIUS (Kumbha)

    Current Dasa: Saturan

    Sub Dasa: Venus

    Latitude of Birth Place : 16-44 N

    Longitude of BirthPlace : 82-16 E


    1st House: JUP & KET

    2nd House: MER

    3rd House: SUN & VEN

    4th House: MAR & SAT

    7th House: RAHU

    11th House: MOON


    Janma Kundali Chart



    Here are my two questions. Experts, please clarify


    1. Do i get good looking and fair girl as wife. I am getting matches but girls are too bad for looks.
    2. I am getting Astama Sani from septermber. Do i get married in this period.

    Please let me know asap.




    My previous reply has nothing to do with astrology. it is simple guideline for choosing a wife. Person quality is not measured form her color and good looking . thats all

  3. _/|\_ i am very new to this computer field. i took butterworth Butterworth Penang Malaysia


    You don't have any Kaala Sarpa Dosham as ketu degree is less than Venus and mercury.do you have any sexual frustration?

    You are doing through Saturn vimshottari dasha.

    Presently you are going through bhukti of venus

    Your lagna lord which is Jupiter and Saturn is hindering your growth. What is the condition of your blood pressure.

    God bless you

    Rishi vatsyayan

  4. suppose for mithun lagna, sun is functional malefic and lord of 3rd house . if sun is placed in 3 house you can safely recommend ruby during sun dasha.


    so you have to see many factors in recommendation of stones.


    For mithun lagna there is very good budhadity yoga you can safely recommend gemstone for mercury and sun inspite of being fuctional malefic nature of the Sun.

  5. Join some basic course in astrology and read some good jyotish classic. Who know you may develop new neuron for astrology.


    When ever you are in public forum, ask simple,relevant and to the point question.

    and Beware of judging somebody solely on basis of planets in her horoscope.

    This is very wrong and dangerous tendencies.

    Every human body is a unique in itself.


    Hope this help in clearing your thinking.


    Hello everybody,


    I got a remedy on the astroscience site .It is a remedy from the famous Lal kitab about how to recover a loan given by you to somebody the remedy is.

    ऋण वसूल करने के लिए यदि आप ने किसी को उधार दिया है तो और वह व्यक्ति आप का धन धन वापिस नहीं कर रहा तो उसके लिए बेड़ की संख्या के बराबर लौंग लेकर, कच्चे कोयले की आग में जलाएं तथा जब तक धुंआ निकलना बंद ना हो जाए तब तक तब तक वहीं पर ही खड़े होकर देनदार व्यक्ति का ध्यान लगाएं ऐसा करने से डूबा हुआ धन वापिस मिल जाता है। Can anybody help me in knowing the meaning of this beid ki sankhya ke barabar ka laung .what is this beid plz let me know if any body knows this.





    Lal kitab is very effective system . all you have to do is to understand the hidden meaning in its remedies.

    Loungg----May represent lord of 11th house or some planets

    burning of coal= may have some conneciton with 6th house or some planets

    Remain burning it ---May represent something related to 12th house


    Farman of Lal kitab is very wonderful thing .I think every student of astrology at lease for one time must try to read it.


    God bless all


    When we wear a gemstone,


    1. The gemstone can alter the amount of rays of a particular colour that come into our body.

    2. The gemstone can make the absorbed rays increase or the functions of a particular chakra.

    3. A wrongly-used gemstone can interfere with the functioning of a chakra.


    That is why Astrologers advise us to always use the correct gemstone, as indicated by our chart and to always use gemstones that are pure.


    Impure gemstones can give wrong signals to the chakras and can cause impediment in their functioning, rather than helping them.


    Similarly, if a gemstone is worn on the correct finger gives good effects, which may not be seen if worn on a wrong finger!


    Actually, if a pure gemstone is worn according to advise given in the Shastras, only good effects will be seen.


    While wearing a gemstone correctly, if bad effects are seen, they might be due to the effect of another planet. I think.


    So, if a person is wearing a gemstone to reduce bad effects of saade-saati of Saturn, and something unwanted happens, it might have happened due to the effect of an unfavourable transit of Jupiter at that time ....... such a thing is theoretically possible.


    Each gemstone controls the effects of one planet only. So it cannot have any control of the bad effects coming from another planet.



    Please sir tell us which shastras has given advise of wearing gemstone. i want to read that shastras.

    Many Many thanks to you

    Rishi vatsyayan

  8. discussing effective gem system is like discussing what is difference between Allopathy, Homeopathy and Ayurvedic system.

    Every system has it own merit and demerits.

    Its all depends upon an astrologer and a Jataka face to face interaction.


    You should also know the chemical composition of various gem and their internal chemistry. I think it will help you in understanding how a malefic planet effect is reduced by the particular gem.


    God bless all


    Rishi vatsyayan

  9. i rectified my error very quickly and try to learn as much think i can. i now understand what is yogi point.Astrlogy is continuously learning science like any other science.

    Regarding Gem suggestion there are many method. that book you study is the best book .There are two system

    Ankul vad: recommend gem stone for fuctional benefic planets.Gems for malefic planets make them more malefic.

    pritikul vad: recommend gem stone for malefic planets so as to reduce their malefic effect and for benefic planets increase their benefic effect.in both case gemstones are effective and benefit person and don't cause any harm to anybody.

    More ever it also depend upon a jataka thinking also. if a jataka is suspicious in nature then recommend only pooja and fasting as remedies.


    if there is any other system i also want to learn.

  10. you can do business of selling of milk. don't keep cow.cattle.

    keep away form satta(speculation),gambling,share trading,wine,low character women/men.

    worship lord Vishnu and give jala to sun early in the morning.

    worship goddess laxami ji regularly.Recite navgraha stotra once in a week.

    If you have not done any illegal work you can consider of wearing cat's eye(not very extensive stone) on Saturday after one week testing of it.

    Your business will give you benefit after oct 2012.then you can keep cow and cattle in big scale.

    God bless you.

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