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  1. worship of lord ganesha ji and red coral is best for you.

    As you are undergoing ketu MD. and red coral stone is your lagna lord. you have to avoid non veg diet and take special care of your health.exercise regularly and drink lot of water.



    God bless you

    Rishi vatsyayan



  2. Respected member,


    I don;t know whether this my point go with spirit or meaning of thread but i still want to mention it for all how give reply to people query.



    1) I know that astrology is a truth and a Godly science, so a misuse of this science is an insult to my God.

    2) I will use this science for social service and as a form of worship to my God.

    3) I am aware of the flaws in human beings and will not treat any person with less importance when giving my guidance.

    4) I will not misuse this science for the teaching of any religion, social matter or any unlawful act. Giving my guidance in such matters means my involvement in that act.

    5) If I do not get an answer from the chart, I will NOT give my guidance! No guidance is better than the wrong guidance and I will accept my limitations about the chart as well as my own limitations as an astrologer.

    6) I will not abuse or malign any other astrologer, nor will I take unfair advantage of another person's astrological knowledge by advertising unnecessarily at their expense without proper and due credit.

    7) I will try to increase my knowledge and share it sincerely with other people of similar interests.

    8) I will behave truthfully and honestly at all times and keep my conduct pure in heart.

    9) Any information received from a client, in the course of giving my guidance to that person, shall be kept in strict confidence.

    10) I will not use any chart for purposes of public discussion by identifying the native by name, unless I have his or her explicit permission to do so, nor will I misuse any information given to me by that person.


    some one has told me this code . i forgot who has who has written this code .I thing someone by the name of Jugalkalani.(have very good knowledge of Astrology)


    God bless All

    Rishi vatsyayan

  3. recitaton of Mars,Saturn and Sun manta may help. worship hanuman ji and wear Saturn iron ring on middle finger on Saturday and be religious in outlook.

    All problem is due to past karma.

    If there proposal is good and there is no kuja dosha .you can consider it.

    but do take blessing of lord shani ji , and recite Saturn stotra on saturday.


    God bless you

    Rishi vatsyayan

  4. 1.There is indication of an early marriage in your horoscope and love marriage too.But what is cause of this late marriage(you are now 31 yrs of age).There is great change of your going for love marriage .But this marriage is not advisable.


    2.Worship hanuman ji is strongly recommended and fast on Tuesday, You must develop religious felling and control your anger.


    3. Pray to lord Vishnu and lord shani dev ji regularly may help you.Recitation of goddess mahalaxami ji mantra on friday.


    God bless you

    Rishi vatsyayan


    Best remedies is to do one japa mala of Mrityunjaya Mantra on 5 mukhi rudraksha mala. it remove all obstacle in ones path and make oneself free form any black magic/evil eye.





    You can download it in audio form from internet too. One japa mala daily.

    God bless you

    Rishi vatsyayan


    Hey guys,


    i would like to know if where can I find a real good astrologer in Delhi? I know most of you will say what I think you'll say - that a real good astrologer might not be known widely.... with choice....


    i have one question to ask here apart from the one above - I have shown my Horo a lot of Astrologers & one thing that I'm getting scared of is: I have been told by almost all of them that my marriage will not be successful and if at all, its written that it might be with a lot of problems - now some say, due to me being an egoist and some think that the girl would be too proud....

    Can anyone of you mastered in this Vedic science advise me on the same?... and I hope that you prove my statement above - wrong!!


    I would also be greatful to you extraordinarily talented people out here to advise a little about my horo and remedies if possible. About my career and my family. You could sent me private msgs.....


    Recently i was by some that my ISHT DEVA is SHREE HANUMAN JI and some said, its LORD SHIVA...... I have been asked to offer Jal to LORD SUN. I have been willingly worshipping GODDESS DURGA/ VAISHNO DEVI MAA from quite some time but now I have started to worship both the above GODS in addition. Some say DURGA MAA should be worshipped when one has RAHU problems but I think I want to worship her without any ifs or buts. Could anyone kindly clarify on this one too?


    For the Astrologer question - i have a lot more to ask about me and my family but this one I thought I should clarify here......


    DOB: 12th Nov 1980

    TOB: 16:07 Hrs

    POB: New Delhi.


    Thanks, Raj.


    You are undergoing vimshottari dash of Mars. worshiping Hanuman ji and giving jala to sun early in the morning will give you respect in society.You have to respect all women and elders and regulary take their blessing . Your marriage is either love or in arranged condition.

    Worship of kurma avtara remove many obstacle from you path or worship of lord shani dev ji.

    work in fields related with education or security or engineering but do work continuously.


    God bless you



    Namaste Astrologers


    Can some do my horriscope pls


    Date of birth : 28-June-1980

    Place of birth : Birmingham, England, UK

    Time of birth : 5:30 AM (Sat)

    Qualification : MBBS, London

    Marital status : Engaged

    Children : nil






    Avoid company of any tantrik. i am also a tantrik.

    Worship lord hanuman ji and Remedies for lord saturn is highly recommended.

    Worship any goddess you believe in .

    God bless you

    Rishi Vatsyayan


    Dear Astrologers,


    I'm lucky that I came across this forum. I have given my details below,


    Date of birth : 21-June-1956

    Place of birth : Coimbatore, TamilNadu, INDIA

    Time of birth : 5:30 AM (Thursday)

    Qualification : SSLC

    Marital status : Married

    Children : 1 Son


    I have the following questions,


    1. I have been investing in share market for the past 10 years and facing a huge loss. Is share market a suitable business according to my horoscope? If not, kindly specify business(item of sale) where I can invest


    2. Being the head of the family am unable to generate income for my family and this has created tension in my life. To forget this tension I smoke a lot and am suferring from severe cough and cold regardless of weather conditions & eating habits.


    3. Kindly let me know Which mahadasha-antardasha is running for me and is it beneficial or not. I'm wearing a Diamond ring in right hand index finger. Can I continue wearing the same ring or should I wear any specific gemstone according to my horoscope?


    4. Is there any threat of black magic according to my horoscope?


    I request astrologers to take initiative in analysing my chart and let me know remedies that must be done for better growth in life.


    1.Speculation in any form is not good for you.


    2. From 16 -7-2009 there will be good period for you,you would earn lot of money but keep in mind you have to save this money also for your old day and unexpected expenses


    3.At present you are undergoing Rahu MD so worhip of lord shiva and stop taking alcohol and quit smoking will help you very much --Best remedies for rahu MD


    4.Diamond is good for you. you can consider wearing panna .


    5. worship lord hanuman ji on Tuesday . and visit shani temple in your area and pray for blessing. There is no threat of any black magic as such in your horoscope. To reduce tension you can go for yoga and meditation.


    6.Give jala to sun early in the morning


    God bless you


    Dear Dhruv Khera Ji or any astrologer please


    Can you please predict my horoscope with remedies


    D.O.B 7-12-1954


    Name : Ramani

    Place of Birth : Kuzhithurai Kanyakumari District

    Time of Birth :6:15 p.m


    Can you please tell in detail regarding my horoscope.KInd mention remedies


    WIth regard to my son born in 12-09-1978 in Kuzhithurai Kanyakumari District, Time of birth : 7:00 p.m

    PLease analyse his horoscope as he experiences difficulty in education .


    Which line of job specialisation would he succesful as he frequently changes his job. Any remedies





    First about your son

    Take special care of his health.

    Don't do any work where thing related with iron is related.do work which his father is doing. and alway take consultation of his father/elder before changing or taking any decision.

    worship lord shiva and lord hanuman ji and take special care of his health and stay away from alcohol or other form of drug.

    some sort of consultancy services can be good for him.

    diamond and panna will be good for him.

    God bless you all


    Hi All


    My details are as below


    Name: Jayalakshmi

    Place of Birth : Kumbakonam,Tamilnadu

    Time of Birth: 08:45 PM

    Date of birth: 3rd dec,1982.


    Ascendant: Moon, Rahu

    5th house: Saturn

    6th house:Jupiter,sun,venus,mercury

    7th house : Ketu

    8th house: Mars



    presence of Mars in 8th house and saturn in fifth house is not good for marriage? Also many who see my chart say I wont get married till 33 and I will face lot of issues in my married life .


    Kindly see my chart and help me. Do i need to perform any shanti poojas for saturn?


    When will i get married?





    Diamond,Panna and jala to sun early in morning and fast on Thuesday .worship of lord shiva and lord hanuman ji and recitation of shani stotram daily can help you .good yog for marriage upto 24-3-2010. and after too

    Exercise regulary and take care of your health and be cool in your approach(you have to change your jiddi nature).


    Name Mr. Neeraj Jha

    Date of birth 27/12/1979

    Place of Birth Bhagalpur Bihar

    Time of birth 9:32 pm


    Respected senior,

    By birth his voice is not clear, he has Leucoderma. we made him to do mba and he is working with prestigous firm in HR. But due to all this factor his growth is very limited. we all wanted him to look our family business (contruction) but again we feel that it is too much for him. but is ready to take it. we are worried for his marriage also after knowing all this thing. he is not wearing any gems but some told to wear ruby.

    he does sunday fasting..


    plz advise sir, from a needy family.


    Now a day there might be health problem to his father and mother too.is it so.

    Main cause of all is affliction of mercury. Must worship shiva and ganesha ji and hanuman ji. take special care of his health. leucoderma can be reduced/its spreading can be stoped by yoga only.Recitation of mercury mantra on wednesday can also help . HR job is best for him. There is many area of HR(due to coming of computer ) one can grow.if he is not interested in wearing ruby you can simply convince him to wear gold ring.

    God bless you

    Rishi vatsyayan


    respected gurus

    i am dhruv dob 17 oct 1980 time 4:35 am place jullundhar /jalandhar

    i gave ias exams 4 times but failed due to heavy misfortunes .

    plz predict when i will sttle and what job will suit me .

    thanking u in advance


    do you cleared preliminary exam? Punjab Govt will announce exam for PCS executive and it include DSP post also. as your dad is his personal astrology.May be his recommendation do some good for you. You know how system works in the selection of PCS officer.

    Which subject you choose in your Indian civil service Exam. sometime wrong choice of subject could lead to failure in this exam. To be an IAS your three planet should be strong.


    Sun is debilitated in your case. You should have good command over any indian language(specified in the indian constitution).

    you have to sit in this PCS exam also.

    Tell which subject you have chosen in the indian civil service exam. i can guide you in selection of right subject in Pcs exam if you are interested in it.



    hope you are understanding my point of view



    1.You have to develop the power of discrimination --mean managing your time in very useful way.---difference between what is right and what is wrong

    2.Police or job related with security may be suitable to you

    3. start worshiping lord shiva immediately

    4.Stay away for alcohol

    5.do remedies for Saturn -- after sep there may be danger of health problem to your parents

    6.do surya parnam special type of yoga asana,

    7. You should also do exercise regulary

    6. worship of lord hanuman ji and avoid cheating other if you do so


    God bless you

    Rishi vatsyayan


    Hello Friends,


    If you have come across any bright students coming from poor financial background who have finished their 10th standard this year (April 2009) and scored more than 80%, please ask them to contact the NGO-Prerana (supported by Infy foundation).

    The NGO is conducting a written test and those who clear the test will be eligible for financial help for their further studies.


    Please ask the students to contact the people mentioned below to get the form

    #580,shubhakar, 44th cross,1st 'A' main road,jayanagar 7th block Bangalore-mob no- 9900906338(saraswati)

    Mr.Shivkumar( 9986630301) - Hanumanthnagar office

    Ms.Bindu(9964534667 )-Yeshwantpur office


    Even if you dont know anyone, please pass on this info, some one might be in need of this help desperately.


    First check your facts before helping other. I passed on this information to many deserving students. Nobody is able to contact above mention phone number. Your this thread is going to help nobody.

    God bless you

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