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  1. Respected Dhruv Khera ji


    Many time many bright student left behind in this exam. You intention is good and you worked hard . this is main thing. Rest As everybody know thing moves according to person destiny.


    Remedies for sun and Saturn is must for you. Remove yellow sapphire and instead wear emerald and diamond.


    Believe it or not.



    Rishi vatsyayan

  2. Some information about tulsi .


    Types of Tulsi: Three main forms are generally recognized: Rama tulsi (Ocimum sanctum = O. tenuiflorum) with stems and leaves of green, Krishna tulsi (Ocimum sanctum = O. tenuiflorum) with stems and sometimes also leaves of purple, and Vana tulsi (Ocimum gratissimum), which is unmodified from its wild form. Tulsi exhibits great variation across its range and among the several domesticated cultivars. Variations in soil type and rainfall may also equate to a difference in the size and form of the plants as well as their medicinal strength and efficacy.

    Cultivation of Tulsi from seed: Tulsi seed is easy to germinate and grow. Sow the small Tulsi seeds in early spring indoors or in the greenhouse for an early start, or sow Tulsi seed directly in the spring or summer garden. Sow Tulsi seeds just under the surface of the soil and press in firmly. Keep Tulsi seed watered and warm until germination, which occurs within 1 to 2 weeks. Tulsi prefers full sun, rich soil, and plenty of water. Thin or transplant to 1 to 2 feet apart. Tulsi does well in pots or window boxes, and is traditionally grown for good luck near the front door of the house.


    Kind attn :rishivatsyan Ji


    D.O.B 7-12-1954


    Native place : Kuzhithurai Tamil Nadu ,Kanyakumari district


    Time : 6.15 P.M


    Can you tell me what mahadasa is running . What are the remedies.You predicted my son's horoscope .He does whatever he says.

    What are the effects of Shani and Sukra in Thula rasi from Mithuna lagna.

    How will be Guru Mahadasa for the coming period.


    My husbands horoscope is 29-8-1947 Place of Birth :Kallidaikurichi in Tirunelveli district. How is the performance of his chart.


    Shani,mercury and sun in the 6th house from ,Not able to concentrate s on studies .What are the functionalities of Guru is in 5th house from Meena rasi wheather it will affect the GGuru


    Who has mithun lagna and tula rashi. ----you or your husband.

    Who has guru dasha.----

    is this your first husband ----

    Your husband time of birth.


    Rishi Vatsyayan


    Thanks for your reply and concern. The problem isn't with my husband. We gel together very well. The problem is the compatibility with my mother in law. we dont get along very well. Since the day i got married, i have been working at home as well outside. And i used to keep my salary with myself. And i had taken loan for my marriage. Because of this she used to illtreat me and used to scold me without any reason. When it became unbearable I came to my moms place.

    Then my husband pursuaded me and made a separate house. After about 1 month he started asking me again go to my mother in laws house. When i resisted he beat me up.. then again i left him and i came to my moms place. Now, he doesn't want to live with me in a separate house and i dont want to go to my mother in laws place. Above all, he is threateing me that he will divorce me. So, i just want to know how this can be best solved.. whether i should wait for my husband to make a separate house or shall i go and join my mother in laws place? What is on the cards? And what will be the right time for everything?

    Astrologically your husband would remain think about you

    I guess with little diplomacy and wisdom Problem can be sorted out. otherwise Law is always in favor of women.



    May God bless All

    Rishi Vatsyayan

  5. Dear sir

    At present your are in introspection mood and not In depression.Use this power in learning meditation and other spiritual matters.

    Fast on Saturday and worship lord hanuman ji.

    Avoid use of alcohol and smoking

    Recite mantra for Jupiter and Mercury


    Rishi vatsyayan


    Dear Pandits and Gurus,


    I am just curious about exalted Shani in Libra lagna. I have Shani in the first house along with Mars. My rasi is Capricorn. Normally, exalted Shani in lagna should be good to the natives, but this year I have suffered a lot from both health, income, profession.


    One astrologer suggest me to pray for Shani and stop wearing black until my birthday, which just passed by two days ago. Though Shani being also yogakaraka, a few pandits suggest me not to wear Blue Sapphire and to wear diamond instead.


    I am just wondering the significant of Shani in my situation of why it has malefic effect on me and why Blue Sapphire will not suit me as much as it should have.


    Please throw me some light on this as I am learning astrology and from many books I have read, Shani should be the best planet on my chart. I am wondering why it acts the opposite. Thanks all the gurus in advance.


    DOB: 15 July 1984

    Time of Birth: 14.11

    Place of Birth: Bangkok, Thailand



    For professional success,if possible donate blue sapphire. Thing will improve after 9 oct 2009 . You will have more than one source of income. After initial struggle you will do good in business.

    Worship any god you believe in .

  7. You have to take help of some elder person to resolve this problem . Mars is in your 7 house in Sagittarius rashi conjuct with Ketu and is lord of 6th and 11th house.

    Similarly your husband chart too mars in 12th house and 5-11 axis of rahu-ketu is same in rashi and Navamsha- it cause problem in relationship.


    Worship lord shiva and lord hanuman . As you are pregnant so no need for any fast.


    Rishi vatsyayan





    don't take my recommendation seriously

  8. After marriage you might have gained financially and professionally. Saturn dasha will be good for you professionally but you have to take care in maintaining cordial relationship with everyone especially with your wife and Everyone.

    Worship lord shiva and recite Mritunjaya mantra. and Fast on Saturday after 9 sep 2009


    Rishi Vatsyayan

  9. Why human think that she is different form other animals

    This study was conducted to determine the effects of the solar eclipse of 11 August, 1999, on the behaviour of birds (chickens, Pekin ducks, gulls, crows and sparrows), cattle, bees and horses. The animals were observed for 6 h, from 11.00 to 17.00 h. Abnormal and extreme behaviours were determined during the observation times. Birds, cattle, bees and horses felt the solar eclipse about 45, 20, 65 and 35 min before it occurred, respectively. They showed this via their behaviours. When the total solar eclipse occurred between 14.37 and 14.39 h, laying hens and broilers crowded together. They were very quiet and restless. Gulls stopped flying and were quiet and restless. Sparrows and crows were careful and afraid and they did not fly or sing. They crowded together in the trees and they were very nervous and afraid. All horses and cattle become very quiet, they did not move and they sniffed the air. They were very restless, shaking their tails and heads. A slight buzzing sound came from the bee hives. In conclusion, birds, cattle, bees and horses exhibited abnormal and extreme behaviours during the solar eclipse.

    Sheep behaviours during a total solar eclipse. | Özbey, O. | Journal of Animal and Veterinary Advances | Grace Publications Network





    Shri K N rao ji is always right .



    My name is Milind

    My Birth Details:


    Time: 11.40 PM (2340 HRS)

    Birthplace: Mumbai, Maharashtra, INDIA

    Currently living in Pune, Maharashtra

    Current occupation: Self-Employed in Media & Branding (Consultancy & Management)

    My Queries:

    1)I am facing terrible problems in my business since last 10/11 months. Currently my company is as good as close. There are huge loans and things are becoming difficult day by day.

    My Questions:

    # When things will start improving?

    # How much time it will take for me to stabilize & wipe out all my losses?

    # The current tread is: An opportunity pips in, I start working on it, things move ahead satisfactorily initially but eventually nothing happens (i.e. I lose the contract).

    2)I have been successful as a professional (as an Employee)

    My Questions:

    # Am I suppose to do job only?

    # Will I make losses whenever I will enter in business?

    # Which businesses are most suitable for me?

    # Can you please tell me how is the period from 2009 to 2012 is going to be for me?

    3)My Shani Maha Dasha will start in 2012.

    My Questions:

    # How those 19 years of my shani-maha dasha are going to be?





    i can suggest only remedies .

    1.Take special care of your health. avoid alcohol,smoking and exercise regularly.If possible do surya pranam(special type of yoga asana).Learn it from some yoga instructor.

    2.Pray to lord brahma and recite mantra for Jupiter on Thursday.

    3.Worship lord Shiva and Lord Hanuman ji.

    4.Develop More sense of discrimination(what is right or wrong for your business) and act very wisely.Analysis carefully (consider all view point about a situation

    5. Develop patience particularly while dealing with People


    6.worship Goddess laxami ji . if possible recite Mantra for it.


    7. use white and sky blue color in your business place


    8. Saturn dash will be good for you


    9. Wear cat's eye(Dhoom khet not very expensive) after one week test. it may benefit you.if you have not done any illegal activity.


    God bless all

    Rishi vatsyayan


    Dhruv ji.... were you able to see anything more with the details I sent later?


    does this info change anything in ur readings too Swapnil ji?


    Rishivatsyayan Ji: do u have any comments you would like to add to the readings from the above learned people? I work as a consultant in IT but facing job problem at the moment..... when do u think will this be over....

    and could I dare to check with you guys as to when do you think this problem started acc. to my horo.....then I can compare n see how is the reading is aligning with my life.....( definately not tryin to question your knowledge guys)




    2006 to 2007.

    When you had fallen in love with your close one.

    Am i right.

    God bless you

    Rishi vatsyayan

  12. Go to doctor and have check up of all your organ of body.must.

    Test require

    Kidney fuction test

    Liver function Test

    Blood pressure checkup.

    You have to respect your guru,women and elders

    To reduce the malefic affect of rahu and ketu you have to worship you ista deva.Ask any member there who is your ista deva. Accoring to me your ista deva is parasurama avatara of Lord vishun.

    fast on Saturday and donate thing related to Saturn. worship of lord hanuman ji .

    God bless you

    Rishi Vatsyayan


  13. Wear Blue sapphire(good for you but wear after one week test) At present your saturn MD is going on.

    recite Venus mantra on Friday.

    worship lord hanuman ji.

    Give jala to sun early in the morning.

    Keep away form alcohol and smoking and be religious in outlook and control your anger/emotion and exercise regularly.

    and thing will improve after sep and there is change of marriage too.


    God bless you




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