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  1. see the attachment


    Ok, for such Person, total family support is must for speedy recovery.Support of society is also must.


    Science is in verse of changing genetic sequence of such person so that any chemical imbalance and other factor (which is caused due to lack of expression to certain genes or absence of certain genes) can be changed .



    Hoping for better life for All



    God bless all

    Rishi vatsyayan at gmail or


  2. @iloveamma


    i have numerous cases of such patient .if you can cure them with any spiritual power i would be very thankful to you.Please email me your address in India.


    I have seen improvement in no. of such patient through medicine and yoga and recitation of mantras. combination of all thing Science + Spiritualism.


    God bless all

    rishivatsyayan@gmail.com or rishivatsyayan at

  3. Respected sir.


    had you felt any improvement after 1 6 2009.Thing may improve after 4 9 2009 and many chances after 3 11 2009.

    There is curse on you in your past karma. All you need is Pooja of mars,ketu and rahu. if you want me to do this shanti i am willing to do it for you. Please contact me on my email rishivatsyayan@.

    Gulika and pr is also placed in 4th house which is sukha bhava. Graha Shanti is must for it.5 pandit will do it.For more detail send me email

    you can recite mantra for your ishtadeva which is vamana avatara of lord vishnu.

    Rishi vatsyayan

  4. where is your restaurant-Place of your Restaurant. and i am telling your remedies according to the events given by you.


    1.Change all the chemicals(spices used in preparation for the food to make it more tasty) and develop knowledge of different good quality spices which you can according to your horoscope or hire services of some expert person in this field.


    2. try of go for govt. contact or clients ----


    3. worship Shiva and lord Ganesha


    4. wear 7 mukhi rudraksha ---You have to adopt non veg diet for it.


    5.while in your wife company keep your mercury power and Mars aggression aside


    6.Choose field which is related to public dealing .i think restaurant is also public service.


    Assuming that you have visited to many astrologer before posting here.--So you might have done all remedies under the sun.

  5. Any one who is into black magic rescuer work or victim of black magic or evil eye should go for Mahamrityunjaya Siddhi.

    Any book on this subject or Your gurn can guide you in this direction . You have to shun laziness and any bad habit.

    In your case Saturn mars conjuction(yuti) in D9 and trimshamsha may ignore this suggestion.

    Rest it is up to your free will how your lead your life.

    Rishi vatsyayan


    I am makara rashi (mithun lagna) 24/03/1979 Pune 12:00PM

    Husband is Kumbha rashi 16/09/1978 Mumbai 11:20PM (born during chandra-grahan)


    I am under ashtama shani. I did not know it, but was experiencing overall diffculties, hurdles, health issues. My ashtama shani ends Spetember. But my husband's starts.

    I read that if I fast on Saturdays and chant shani stotra, we can reduce the effects of ashtama shani.

    If I start fast this 25 Jul, first saturday of Shravan and continue for a long time. Will it be enough to reduce effects of ashtama shani for husband also? Becos he is not the type to go on fasts. He can perform some recommended puja every saturday while I fast.

    Will it help?


    You have wrote your time as 12 pm i.e. 24 hrs so date change to 25.

    Am i right. Even if we take 24 hrs your lagna is not mithun but scorpio but rasi is Capricorn.

    You can fast on behalf to your husband and also recitation of : Mahamritunjay Mantra on 5 mukhi rudraksha japa mala. and worship of lord hanuman ji.

    Best remedies to pleasing Shani ji is to wear iron ring on the middle finger on Saturday.

    Worship/recitation of shani stotrum is enough to propitiate lord Saturn .

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