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  1. this world is not going to destroy yet.it has its own life cycle which i think difficult to guess.if all human dies ,there would be new evolution and a new civilization and emergence of new spices.

    i have not understood you point of Many famous people.

  2. First i failed to understand why 6,8,12 is considered dushta house in present era when people want to frequently travel beyond sea/nuclear family/no early marriage/advancement of medical science and various other factor. Some time gemstone for 12 house help people in achieving their aim in its lord dasha/bhukti.

    Like medicine has benefit and side effect so is the case of gem. The Point to consider is a Jataka wish Vis-a-Vis overall position of planets in the horoscope.


    dear all


    A friend of mine is going through a bad time. his wife has left him after marriage and now logging false complains in police stations against him and his faimily. though she had already put up a case in court, seeing her case being very week she logged complain in police also to hares his family. In her family only her mother is her support. all this drama is going on for last three years


    is there any way to make these two ladies sit quit and agree for divorce without any trouble to my friend his family.


    First lady is his wife. who is second lady.

  4. 1. yoga point of iyer is there for recommending gemstone.


    2 The Goden rule of 1,5,9 hold good even though the house lord is placed in 6,8,12 depend upon mooltrikon rashi of a planets.eg, In Leo lagna 5 house is sag. whose lord is Jupiter. Jupiter other rashi fall in 8 house. and if Jupiter is placed in 12 house i.e. in its exaltation rashi ,You can safely suggest gems for jupiter.




    so you have to see the horoscope as a whole and a jataka wish.


    always suggest testing of gemstone for 3 day before wearing it.


    and buy any book on gem remedies from good publishers.


    Hope this may help you


    My mom is suffering from kidney Failure from long time.


    As a treatment, she has to pass through dialysis weekly 2 times.


    Now doctor has suggested for C.A.P.D - Continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis.


    Could anyone suggest me how effective is the system and what is the total cost for the whole process. If it is very useful then which is the better place for operation in Ahmedabad or Gujarat ?(A place where we can get operated in less amount and can get better service).


    Is there any other solution?


    Kindly advice me, really I need it badly.





    It is my sincere suggestion that don't waste you money on any ayurvada treatment for chronic kidney failure. i have personal experience in it.CAPD is effective as long as one's take proper care and maintain proper hygienic condition.But it is very costly approximately above Rs 10,000/month.As you mother is diabetic too, so care must be taken to keep diabetes in control

    I sincerely pray for early and speedy recovery for your mother.


    God bless you

  6. if you are into yoga or some other type of meditation technique you don't need to wear any Gemstone.i hope you might understand my point.


    What is the source of horoscope you attached with your query.why you have attached wrong horoscope.


    What you need is no gemstone only worship of mahalaxami mata ji and recitation of Buddha mantra on Wednesday. this may give you some wisdom.

    no smoking or any type of intoxication please.


    God bless you

    rishi vatsyayan

  7. Please visit you doctor again try to have medicine for aerobic and anaerobic germs in food pipe or in blood which may be cause of skin rashes. Problem is due to wrong intake of some chemical.change your dietary habit.eat simple home cook food with less fat. avoid any non veg food.worship kurma avartar of God and lord Ganesha.


    Diamond may be suitable stone for you.


    Hope this may help in solving your problem


    God bless you

  8. Start with BPHS-----better with Sanskrit sloka with explanation

    then Jamini Sutra

    then any remedial method in vedic astrology

    For Prshana: Prshana Marga

    It is better to do basic course in astrology for basic manual calculation and for making a horoscope manually and then study these classic.


    God bless you for your journey in this wonderful and Mystical science.

    You need to apply lot of common sense in giving some suggestion.

    Besides this you have to know the present environment of various society in different country-Politically,Socially,economically and present oppertunity in various fields. Advancement of science in successfully eradication of various diseases and emergence of new diseases .

    It is said that fate depends upon choice we make or decision we take in our life. which factors compel us to take that decision --whether planets effect or our upbringing or our genetic makeup. or past karma . this is very serious type of thinking.I think i am boring everyone here.Ok bye


    God bless you


    Respected members ...need your suggestion .

    For selecting beneficial GEM should we check lagna or moon sign ? because ,planets benefical from lagna are inauspisious from moon sign!! and vice versa .e.g DOB 26/06/1971, Time:03:45 AM; Bangalore.



    if you wish to wear ruby do this in 2015. rest i don't know what these people are discussing as currently you are going MD of Lagn lord.

  10. 5 planets in your horoscope is exalted and Jupiter is in own rasi.Only concern in rasi chart is for mercury.Teaching is also good. so you could do what ever you like.

    there would be many up and down in your life then why not see in politics.

    more ever there is many method of observing a horoscope. Every one has her own method.

    No question of giving priority to someone over other .After all we all are human and As you know to err is human.


    I might be wrong in the observation of a horoscope.There may be some health concern form time to time as due to transit of Planets .so worship and meditation is rest remedies for you.


    God bless you

    Rishi Vatsyayan

  11. do not leave any work unfinished.

    You have to make strong your mind through meditation and yoga----due to weak lagn lord

    Listen to every one carefully and maintain cordial relationship with your co- employee.---Saturn in aries and retrograde.

    Try to learn as much new thing as you can but slowly and in relax manner.---saturn dasha help in learning new meaning to life.


    Take care of your health---exercise regularly.


    This all suggestion i am giving based purely after observing your horoscope.This is not any psychological advice.



    Fast on saturday and wear of 5 mukhi rudraksha mala.

    worship any god you like.


    God bless you

    Rishi Vatsyayan

  12. In God hates there is also a blessing -----my view


    Your thinking point may be different. I am very sorry if it trouble/bother you.Try to understand hidden meaning in it.


    Today is Wednesday. That why i choose Buddha Avatara of God.I think i am free to do what i like.


    God bless you

  13. NO Chandal yog and no daridra yog.

    after 26 9 2009 take care of your health. exercise regularly and fast on Saturday.

    stay away form any intoxication and non veg food.I know it is difficult in your area but you have to do it.

    Navgraha pooja is recommended

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