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  1. Namaskar, Though sarp dosh is seen in your husband's chart, there are many positive things too. Profession lord, moon is vargottam. he should be able to find a job soon. Moreover, the chart has even indications of foreign travel. In your chart, 10th lord in 10 house itself is a good yoga. You soon should be able to get a govt. job. Ketu/moon combination is not good and there could be some emotional set backs you have to take care of. with regards
  2. Namaskar, Which is your place of birth? with regards
  3. Namaskar, Your chart shows indications of 2nd marriage. If you find a right alliance, I suggest you to get marry again. with regards
  4. Namaskar, As you said, you both are born with makar and kumbh rashi, whose rashi lord is saturn. Normally, it is believed that, saturn will not trouble much for those who has saturn as either lagna or rashi lord. However, trouble will be felt to some extent, if not to a great extent. As per the chart, yours look like a love marriage. Is it so? can you give your date of marriage? Yes indeed, you can reduce the ill effects of saturn by pleasing him. Some of the ways to please him would be to fast on saturdays, listening or chanting vishnu sahasranam,if possible everyday or atleast on saturdays. If you are non vegetarian, atleast be vegetarian on saturdays. with regards tirulaxmi ----- For confidential queries you can contact me at: tirulaxmi@gmail.com
  5. Namaskar, You are born in gemini lagna. Lord of 8th and lord of 12 in lagna together with lord of lagna in 12 is not a good sign for health, you need to take care of your health. Ketu mahadasha has started for you since august 2008 which will run till 2015. Since ketu is positioned in 12, it will show its ill effects. Jupiter is a lord of 7th and 10th as per your chart, which is beneficial for you and is placed in his own house, with moon. When the transit jupiter enters pieces in december, 2010, the things will start improving for you. 2011 will be a good year. As per the chart, there is also indication of 2nd marriage. with regards
  6. Namaskar, You are almost at the end of sade sati period. From september 2009, it will be a big relief for you. You stand high chances of going abroad by next year. with regards
  7. Namaskar It will be a good year for him to get marry. However, if the native has decided not to marry, it is his choice. We should respect his decision, whatever it might be. If someone can convince him about marriage,planets are in a position to give him marriage this year. with regards
  8. Namaskar, It all depends on how 7th lord is positioned. Below is a chart of someone, who is happily married. The 8th house has 7 planets.. Jan 25, 1962 3:46 PM bangalore So, bottom line is 8th house alone won't decide whether or not someone will remain bachelor. with regards
  9. Namaskar, You might soon find a job abroad. with regards
  10. Namaskar, Love marriage is quite possible in her chart. But beware of the fact that ketu is in 5th which might lead to unsuccessful relationships, at times. with regards
  11. Namaskar, In your chart, 7th lord venus is very weak, since it is positioned in kanya rashi. Moreover, it is positioned with lord of 6th and lord of 8th, which makes fixing the marriage little difficult. In addition, 12th lord is also aspecting your 7th lord, making life little difficult. As you already said, you also have kal sarph dosha. All these factors delay your marriage. In spite of all these, if we see the present dasha/bukti, it is in your favor. You are currently under venus antara which is related to your house of marriage. Hence the marriage can get fixed anytime before March 2010. If you are residing in bangalore, i suggest you to visit ghati subrahmanya once. It helped many people whom I know in fixing up the marriage. with regards
  12. Namaskar, The two charts show high compatibility with 35 points out of 36. Though manglik dosh exist in boy's chart, a pooja can be performed before marriage, which can rectify the problem. with regards
  13. Namaskar, Both charts have indications of traveling abroad this year. Settling in abroad may not be possible, but you both will find enough time there. If possible give your date of marriage. with regards
  14. Namaskar, For Leo born natives, this is the toughest time mainly because of sade sati. As you might know, Sun (Your rashi lord) and Saturn are bitter enemies. Hence, it indeed will show all the evil effects during sade sathi. Especially, when the saturn is transiting over the moon, the person is likely to become more lazy and prone to get some deceases. In your case, you are currently under Sun/Saturn dasha/bukti till october 2009. Things would get better by then because even transiting saturn will leave your rashi and enter kanya. Pray lord saturn to reduce the ill effects. Try to fast on saturdays. Avoil alcohol and meat. Chanting mahamrityunjaya mantra will also give you relief. with regards
  15. Namaskar, Give your birth details too. You might have born on september 20, 1988, around noon. with regards
  16. Namaskar, Your previous posts indicate that you are already married and have kids too. What is this new post all about ?? with regards
  17. MY details - July 8 1981 Place of Birth - New Delhi , India Time - 16:03 PM (GMT +5.5) I am seeing that we are having a lot of arguments and dis agreem,ents in our relationship. Is this some time period which is bad in my kundali or lagna chart? I was suggested that am experinec grahan yog from Feb '2009 to Apr '2010 Please let me know the reason and remedies if possible You are currently under the effect of saade sati. The little disputes could be because of that. Moreover, Rahu dasha/ sun bukti is in progress for you. Since Sun is ill positioned (8th house) in your chart, there could be some tensions around you. Things will get eased next year, when moon antara will start. Pray Lord saturn and it will help you to get relief. with regards
  18. Namaskar, Love marriage is promised in your chart. You have an exalted 7th lord, but found in Rahu/Ketu axis, hence fixing up the marriage could be a problem. Various planet can give marriage. 2011 promises to give you marriage. with regards
  19. Namaskar, You have an excellent chart. As per the chart, business doesn't suit you. Slight worries could be due to the sade sati effects. You are going through 1st phase of sade sati. Praying lord saturn will benefit you. Soon you should be getting a job abroad. with regards
  20. taipei

    lost my job

    Namaskar, When did you loose your job? with regards
  21. Namaskar, In your chart, 5th lord is in 5th house itself, which means putrakaro bhavonnashah. Hence the delay. It is better to see your husband's chart also to analyse it. How long you two have been married? with regards
  22. Namaskar, As per your chart, arranged marriage is possible. Starting from june 2009 till next year june, the prospects towards getting married as well as finding a job is high. with regards
  23. Namaskar, There will be an addition to the family before june 2011 as per your chart. Jupiter and saturn are the lords of the progeny in 2 charts. So, make love on thursday and saturday to speed up the process. Possibility of abroad travel is also evident from your husband's chart. with regards
  24. Namaskar, Your chart has indications of love marriage. Starting from october this year, your chances of getting into marriage is high. If you are looking for foreign visits, it can happen too. with regards
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