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  1. Thanks for your blessings sir. By "temporary", you mean in months or years? Also please let me know where will i settle down - in my birth town or not?
  2. Thanks for your reply! Please try to answer my other questions when you get time.
  3. DOB : 22/Dec/1975 Time: 04.25 AM Place: Chennai I lost my job in the month of May 2009. It was informed to me on May 18th and came out on May 20th. I'm trying to get a job from past two months. Nothing works out. 1. Please let me know when i'll get a job? Will it be a better job than earlier one? Eventhough i worked well, i was not appreciated/recognized by my earlier company. 2. What are the chances of me going abroad? If there are chances, will i stay there for considerable period? 3. Where will i settle down? Please advise.
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