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  1. namste I have a big query. My DOB is 22nd January,1986 at 3:45PM in Chandigarh. The boy's DOB is 07 October,1982 at 09:45AM in Delhi. The boy is Manglik and I am not. I want to know whether there is a Nadi Dosha in our kundali.How many gunas are matching? Please give me a reply because I am really confused. Some people says that the boy has a nadi dosh and some says it is not present. Please help me out of this. ESPECIALLY ABOUT NADI DOSHA ................HELP ME..PLEASE Regards Dsharma
  2. hi..My DOB is 22nd January 1986 at 3:45PM in Chandigarh,U.T. I am in love with a boy whose DOB is 07 October,1982 at 09:45AM in Delhi. He is manglik and I am not. Can you Please tell me whether we can go for marriage or not? Is there any way by which manglik effect get nullified? Please help me out plz reply me...
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