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  1. Dear Sirs I have one more clarification is there any difference between kal sarp yogam and doshan. As I have kala sarpa dosham also. Is there any specific mantra or puja's I have to do to strengthen 7th house, Venus. Kindly help. Thanks Nishanthini
  2. Thank you so much for your reply Sir. Though I had visited Sri Kalahasti, Ghati Subramaniya temple. I shall follow your advise and visit Ghati Subramaniya temple again. Once again Thank you so much for your time and reply.
  3. Respected members of this forum I seek your guidance and valued suggestions to over come my problem. There is always a hurdle in each & every task I do. I get quite no. of proposals however in the final stage some thing happens and it stops. Its quite depressing for my mother. I do not have a father. I herewith furnish my date of birth and other details. Can any one help me with the remedy for this. I understand that I have kalsarpa yogam. I am not too sure what of type of Yogam I fall under. Date of Birth : 14th Sep 1976 Time of Birth : 9.30 p.m Date of birth : Tuesday Place of Birth : Bangalore. Eagerly await for your valuable suggestions and help. Thanks Nishanthini
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