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  1. Dear Gurujis, What does my horoscope speak of my marriage? Birth details: 9 December 1983 Time: 10:22 PM Place: Mangalore, Karnataka, India Thank you.
  2. Could someone please read the horoscope and answer this question?? Thanks.
  3. Dear all, I would like to know what are the chances that the person with below birth details would marry the person she loves? When is she going to get married? 9-Dec-1983 Time: 10:22PM Place: Mangalore. Thank you. Warm regards, Vik.
  4. Hello,, Could someone read the above horoscope? Thanks in advance. ~~Vikas
  5. 9 Dec 1983 Time: 10:22PM Place: Mangalore, Karnataka, India My friend wants to know the following from her horoscope: --- her appearance --- abroad trips in near future --- will she marry the person she likes? --- how is the married life going to be? --- her husband's appearance and nature --- career success --- how is her current time --- when is her best time --- when is her difficult time
  6. Also, what kind of husband will she get? Thanks very much.
  7. Thank you very much for your suggestions. We have received similar suggestions before and your suggestions confirmed them. We will advise her to follow them. "it would be difficult to get her ready for arranged marriage." - It would be nice if you could elaborate on this. How would we get her ready? What if she does a love marriage on her own - would it break up? How is her married life going to be? One astrologer mentioned that she is going to face a lot of problems during rahu - bruhaspathi sandhi during july 2009. Is this true? What types of problems do you foresee? Thank you very much for all your suggestions and time. Vikas.
  8. Hello all, Could someone help on the above problem? Thank you.
  9. Sorry missed the detail: Place of girl's birth: Mangalore
  10. Also, the girl has been stubborn to marry a collegue of hers, but due to caste differences her parents are not ready to get her married to him. What scope does her horoscope have for love marriage? Thanks very much. Vikas.
  11. Hi all, My sister's daughter is 25 years old, her parents attempted to get her married few times since she was 22, but none succeeded due to some reason or the other, such as her own disinterest. Even now, she says she is not mentally ready to get married and her parents and grandparents are really worried due to society and other pressures. Can you tell us what her kundli says about her marriage? When is the right time for her to get married? Please help. Birth date: 09 Dec 1983 Birth time: 10:22 PM Thanks in advance. Vikas.
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