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  1. thank you sir, for the reply. What bothered me initially was the question of having mangalik dosha (kuja dosha) in my chart. One astrologer had said something like that to my parents and have said I need to match with another kuja dosha chart. This lead to reading sites which indicated that i might have a sanyassi yoga becuase of the 4 planets. Thank you sir for clarifying this.
  2. Hi taipei, Thanks for the info. my 7th house is pisces and its lord jupiter(?) is in ascendant which is virgo. additional info- first house has jupiter and saturn 3rd house(scorpio) has moon while 11th has rahu and 5th house has ketu. thanks again, nas
  3. Hi, I have four planets in my eighth house which is aries. the 4 planets are sun,mercury,mars and venus. I read somewhere that having four or more planets is an indication of sanyassi yoga? i 'd like to know if it is that? thanks, nas.
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