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  1. Passing Away of Sadaputa Prabhu BY: HARI-SAURI DASA HERE
  2. But Prabhu, it is not simply a "vision". It is the lifestyle recommended for a follower of Srila Prabhupada, and Lord Sri Krsna who showed in His own life how to live. Vrindavan life, with the Cows, Worshiping the Land and Cows before any other, Protecting them and Women, Children too.
  3. I don't buy only these four. I see that the most important movement that i see as Prabhupada's greatest gift is missing from the list. And that is the live the Vrndavan lifestyle movement, which holds the other four within it.
  4. I remember when he came to our farm temple back in 1978 summer. I believe he was just getting back to USA after a long time in India, seeing the passing of the Acharya. Our gardens were teeming with huge amounts of fruits, veggies and grains, as well as legumes. The squash had a nice set of flower petals for each plant, where the squash would be if the flower was allowed to remain protected. But he came along and was picking the flowers and said that he was going to take them and cook them into pakoras,which i guess he did. He was a swami, and i was just teen bhakta chris, so i could not argue with him. But that was the last i saw or heard of him, so i too would like to know where he is now. Does anyone know?
  5. Hey! You are the Pot calling the Kettle "black". I do not take part in supporting any kind of Killing. I try my hardest to fulfill Prabhupada's/Krishna's desire of a Devotee. I work hard to Protect all my Mothers. That is my duty. You do not try that hard, you try hard to find excuses. Prabhupada called the life of a devotee, Simple Living/High Thinking. But your lifestyle is Simple Thinking/High Living. I reject your following and mixed up ideas. Now i have to get back to work, so don't use the "silence means you agree".
  6. I use electricity that i generate myself, read more attentively please. I know that the computer is bogus, so i got one that was in the dump. I was cleaning up MOther Nature.
  7. Now that just shows that you do not grow your own Veggies, Fruits and Grains as well as Legumes. The 4 food groups along with Protected Cows Milk. We do not kill any of these to feed ourselves. Have you never grown Carrots? hahahahah it's obvious that you have not! Carrots are Annuals, they die and then we harvest them. They are already dead! They just do not live longer than the time it takes for them to reach maturity/ripeness. All roots are like this. Veggies too, we do not kill any plant to get our Veggies. Fruits fall off the LIVING Tree. Legumes also are not harvested untill the plant dies. That is just the way it is. I am so sorry to burst your bubble along with Theist, but the only part of a so called vegatarian's life that is linked with death, is when you drink the milk of a Slaughter House Milk Cow. We are Prasadarians
  8. Like Theist, that won't work on me. Sorry. I have got myself to the point of generating more electricity than i need, by water power, coming down from the Protected Cows Paddock. Now i sell it to the neighbors, and i am buying a car, that will use that electricity only that i generate myself. Untill then giddy up Bharat, giddy up Bali! What kind of car do you drive?
  9. Prabhupada's Cows under our care lived till about 20 on average. We learned over the years, that they could give milk for their entire life time from one calf birth. Slaughter House Cows live on average only 3.7 years.
  10. By the way, i joined in 1976, and we worked very very hard to provide Srila Prabhupada, Protected Cows Milk wearever he went. He did want that as best, and understood that in the emergency point of not having enough Cow Protection Temples as Satelites around the Cities that offering Milk from Slaughter house cows wouuld have to be, until the emergency was over, and we would have enough devotees Protecting Cows to feed all devotees no matter where they were.
  11. I read through this for a while and saw the "Prabhupada Flags" a little. But really, the only ones who can really wave Prabhupada's/Krishna's flags are the ones who understand that Prabhupada's Movement was heading in a certain way............. Towards City Temples with Satelite Cow Protection Temples where the lifestyle is "Vrndavana Life" providing Non-Violent Cow's Milk. Prabhupada did say when the demons were more and more taking over his movement ("sinister movement") with the ("poisonous tree") gaining more and more control, that he (Prabhupada) had not finished his Mission, and said that the still 50% left undone was Cow Protection (Varnashrama is centered around Go-Raksha) We think that the part left undone is now the %100 left undone, because ultimately Prabhupada did say that the city life was hellish life, and that the Vrndavana life was the one that we (Krishna Bhaktas/Prabhupada Bhaktas) live. Theist you have done well, but like the Poisonous Tree and the Sinister Movement people, who took root in late 1977 within Iskcon, they will never listen to Srila Prabhupada, and how he said "I think it will CURE me" to take Milk ride in Bullock Cart and go to Govardhana Hill on Govardhana Hill Day. Which to us who believe in the Lord GOvinda and Prabhupada we trust, is a sure sign that the CURE for all ills of this world what to speak of Iskcon Body of Prabhupada, is to drink Protected Cows Milk and ride to the temple in Bullock Cart not buses cars and trucks. Thanks again Theist, you are agitating the minds of the followers of the Sinister Cult, who love the Poisonous Tree. But sometimes i think it a waste of time, better to just Protect the Cow as Krishna/Prabhupada Instructs, at home away from those naysayers, who love the blood of the Unprotected Cow.
  12. Hahahhahhahah, nice theist that you know me so well! Yes, actualy in some circumstances it happens. I have seen it happen to calves that were recently weened off of Mom's milk, and i have also seen full grown Cows get sick from over doing it too. They can over flow their first stomach, and then they get the shivers and pee uncontrollably, they can even get blood in the urine.
  13. Nice Theist, thanks! Yes Prabhupada and Lord Sri Krsna both have given us the duty of Protecting our Mother Cow, it MUST be done. Or become a Vegan. I agree with Yofu on that. Srila Prabhupada pointed out that actually anywhere you can protect a cow. We showed some how to do it on just a small spot in a city even! There is always the negative excuse for not doing so, "there will be too many calfs and we will be over loaded with animals" but even that we have showed to be not true. A Mother Cow, will give milk for her lifetime from the birth of only one calf, if Mom is Loved, Cared for and seen as good as the Deity. That too we have now proof of from our Cow Protection Programs since 1977 when we started. http://protectacow.typepad.com/ Actually we even think that all the problems in Srila Prabhupada's Iskcon come from the followers and leaders especially not recognizing the fact that Prabhupada wanted us to focus on Cow Protection as the Cure. Some say that we need to have so many Gurus for "guru reform" and others say that we need no more gurus, just more ritviks and to follow the so called final order. But we understand that Prabhupada's Final Order was the same as his CONTINUING ORDER!!!!!!!!! which in the "end" was "Let me go on Parikrama to Govardhana Hill on Bullock Cart drinking Milk along the way" =COW PROTECTION! Some say that we need to now so many years later (30) take him on the Bullock Cart, but that is just missing his continuing instructions, which is to perform Cow Protection. Lord Sri Krsna did so too. Even Lord Sri Krsna said to stop the rituals and just worship the Land and the Cow!
  14. Jadurani :namaste: Shyamarani book here more here
  15. Rtvik is just for those who think that Prabhupada is no longer with us, also so called "living rubber stamped gurus" Oh! Prabhupada is here, gotta get back to him
  16. Nice dave! Take a look at this nice FREE! Video of Srila Prabhupada too!
  17. I may be a crack pot, but i certainly know that tamal is not and never was one to trust. Show me any where that Prabhupada uses the word "ritvik" please, i don't believe it.
  18. GBC never authorized to terminate the ritvik system, is the thread title, and i see this thread has 3 pages of which i have only read the last post. But actually the GBC did terminate the ritvik system on July 9th 1977, when tamal kookna wrote a letter, and forged Prabhupada's signature on it, stating that from then on, only 11 would do the work. He used the word ritvik, so in a sense, he/GBC did not terminate it, but if you judge a thing by its result, the system of local mean senior man doing, was ended then. After that letter, you could not be given your spiritual name, and become a disciple of Prabhupada. NO! After that letter you became a disciple of one of the so called ritviks, which is ofcourse a word from tamal. There may be similar words in the original books, but no word "ritvik" or rttvik". The followers of tamal like to say that the letter written by tamal is the "final order" or the authorization for "ritviks" but actually it was the tool used to end the system that Prabhupada had in place for some time before. Namely that there was the senior man locally around, who was trustworthy, and usually voted in, by the local devotees, who would recommend and initiate on behalf of our Master Srila Prabhupada.
  19. <!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd--> Warning: The following guru words are rated X, not for children to hear/read novel “Sanatorium” by Satsvarupa das Goswami Gita Nagari Press, 2005 Page 360, 361, 420................................ SDG>"Bold as she was, she placed his hands on her breasts. She then kissed him and placed her tongue in his mouth. His tongue also entered hers. She embreaced him and by now he had a half erection...................... Braja dasa sat down and calmed his genitals............... He did'nt want to stick his genital into some well formed beauty star. He wanted Sandy. And he had heard from a Godbrother who worked as a physical therapist that a man could even have sexual intercourse with a parapllegic.................. I'ts not just a sticking in of a penis into a vagina. It's the being together in the touching and the embracing that lead up to the mechanics and the orgasm" SDG>"Most of all I acknowledge my spiritual master, His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada................. I pray that Sanatorium pleases him and that he blesses it to be widely read around the globe." Sanatorium by Satsvarupa das Goswami Gita Nagari Press, 2005 Acknowledgements <!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE <!--QuoteEBegin-->Room Conversation with Dr. John Mize by His Divine Grace A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupāda June 23, 1975, Los Angeles The same desire, same propensity, can be utilized for serving Kṛṣṇa. Just like we are writing books, keeping night, whole night. So for an old man like me, it is tedious. But we are doing for Kṛṣṇa. So similarly, another author may be writing whole night for some sex literature. So the labor for producing a sex literature and the labor for producing a Bhāgavata is the same. It may be same ambition that “Let me become a big author. My name will be very popular.” But one thing is being done for Kṛṣṇa; one thing is being done for sense gratification. So that propensity of becoming a reputed author or the labor, this, same, but it is being utilized for different purposes. <!--QuoteEnd--> <!--QuoteEEnd--> <!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE <!--QuoteEBegin--> Room Conversation by His Divine Grace A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupāda January 8, 1977, Bombay Prabhupāda: Not guru finds you. You have to find out guru. Guru is there. Guru is there. But if you want to be cheated, then you find out. And if you want to be cheated, the cheaters will… Guru-kṛṣṇa-kṛpa. If you are actually serious to serve Kṛṣṇa, Hare Kṛṣṇa, then Kṛṣṇa will give you: “Here is guru.” Guru is there. Guru is there, but unless you are actually serious, you cannot get real guru. If you want to be cheated or if you are a cheater, then you’ll get a cheater guru.<!--QuoteEnd-->
  20. Agreed, Mahaksadasa Prabhu! The ritviks (followers of tamal) also say that the letter of tamal does not say that the 11 would be "guru" but just says they will be rittik. But i always point out that Prabhupada's idea of something done, is to.... "judge a thing by it's result" and we all know what the result of the letter written by tamal. So i agree whole heartedly with you, the letter written by tamal worked perfectly for what he wanted. Tamal wanted to change the system being used for years to this date of tamal's letter. Many devotees, most house holders would recommend the disciple to be Prabhupada's and then they also would carry out the Sacrifice. When tamal wrote this letter, he wanted to get his as well as those who would cooperate on a letter that looked bonafide (just see the ritviks still think it is, and still call it their 'position paper'). It worked perfect, and now we have what we have. Exactly like the Gaudiya Matha. With the addition of a splinter group who is against the other, but is just the same. IRM/Iskcon I joined the International Society of Krishna Consciousness. You can tell when you are a member, cuz' you will see people protecting cows.
  21. http://protectacow.typepad.com/goshalla/2005/01/a_c_bhaktivedan.htmlEveryone agrees that the tapes heard of the May28th date were severely doctored and spliced as well as diced=useless. Plus TAMAL KRISHNA was the one who said "ritvik" not Prabhupada. And he said that tamal's word would be used only when "you (Prabhupada) would no longer be with us", but WE followers of PRABHUPADA know that there will never be a time when "he is no longer with us". So when that time comes that Prabhupada will no longer be with us, THEN and only THEN will we need tamal's word. July9th letter is a forgery, just look at the signature, =not Prabhupada's. You have accepted a forgery, you were fooled. http://protectacow.typepad.com/goshalla/2005/01/a_c_bhaktivedan.html I do not remember anytime where he spoke of tamal's word after July 9th, i only remember him asking for and not getting his FINAL WISH, to be taken on BULLOCK CART TO GOVARDHANA HILL ON GOVARDHANA PUJA DAY. (He said that would CURE him) Are you siding with tamal? Who did not allow him to be CURED? http://protectacow.typepad.com/goshalla/2005/01/a_c_bhaktivedan.html As far as the derivations of tamals word, there might be, but no mention that we will need a faction of criminals and homosexuals and druggies to be our derivations, at the time which will never come. (at that time when you will no longer be with us) Tamal is dead, Prabhupada is still with US, is Prabhupada still with you? Why do you need the words of tamal? http://protectacow.typepad.com/goshalla/2005/01/a_c_bhaktivedan.html Look for the LIFESTYLE OF A HARE KRISHNA DEVOTEE, AS PRABHUPADA INSTRUCTED......... Vrndavan life, Simple Living/High Thinking, Cow Protection, that is the FINAL ORDER AND CURE. Not something spoken by tamal! http://protectacow.typepad.com/goshalla/2005/01/a_c_bhaktivedan.html http://protectacow.typepad.com/goshalla/2005/01/a_c_bhaktivedan.html
  22. Thank you so much MahksadasaPrabhu I am with you %100, please also include words like "ritvik" in your junk pile, of which after you hear, one must take bath too. I think that Iskcon should have listened to Prabhupada's description of the Gaudiya Matha, instead of doing the exact same things, and worse. Also any bogus movement that uses the 11 criminals on that letter should be considered the same. I have come to the conclusion that you can tell if the movement is bonafide or not, simply by if they protect the planets cows, or if they protect "sacred cows"
  23. Yeah i saw that too, but i read down further, and saw someone local in alachua responded, pointing out that this person has nothing to do with Hare Krishna. I looked into it, and found that he is a disciple of Yogananda.
  24. No website, but they have Prabhupada's Simple Living/High Thinking program. Central VT
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