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    Actually, if this was not true, that would mean that some people are cheating in temples.

    And as these people are very god believers, I don't think they could do this.

    Afterwards, there may be an other explanation for their so strange behavior.

    Does anybody have an explanation ? Isn't it strange ?



    It is rare when somebody is Possessed with Good or unkind spirits,though it does happen.


    Most of the cases it is deliberate cheating and in some cases disturbed psyche plays a role.


    "Krishna is 'the basis' of Brahman". Both these 'finger pointings' can be misunderstood as: Krishna is 'the cause' of Brahman, as a result of their temporal connotation..


    Yes, some real confusion there.

    My take on this


    Krishna is a manifestation as told by him in GITA.

    BG 7.24: Unintelligent men, who do not know Me perfectly, think that I, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Kṛṣṇa, was impersonal before and have now assumed this personality. Due to their small knowledge, they do not know My higher nature, which is imperishable and supreme.


    So krishna is the Manifestation of god on earth..Krishna is not the source.


    Tell that to Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu, Chandu_69, my friend. If that`s the case, then there`s no substance to this slogan," Love conquers All!"




    What Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu said/taught has to be viewed


    with in the context of GITA.Caitanya Mahaprabhu teachings are not above GITA.


  4. Ref# 3




    The ritual in many aspects resembles that of the Ashvamedha (horse sacrifice), with, according to Griffith (1899)



    man, the noblest victim, being actually or symbolically sacrificed instead of the Horse, and men and women of various tribes, figures, complexions, characters, and professions being attached to the sacrificial stakes in place of the tame and wild animals enumerated in Book XXIV [VS 24].
    These nominal victims were afterwards released uninjured, and, so far as the text of the White Yajurveda goes, the whole ceremony was merely emblematical


    The ceremony evokes the mythical sacrifice of Purusha, the "Cosmic Man", and the officiating Brahman recites the Purusha sukta (RV 10.90 = AVS 5.19.6 = VS 31.1–16).



    Regarding the missing verses i am getting the original in sanskrit and will post once they are available.

  5. I was referring to melvin's statement on pigs drowning.


    Actually, this pain is caused by our breathing reflex, trying to force us to start breathing again. Fish don’t have lungs, and consequently no breathing reflex. They have gills that can take up oxygen from the water that flows through. When taken out of the water, fish die a painless death from lack of oxygen, much like when you would breath in and out into a small plastic back for 10 minutes. Furthermore, drowning would be a relatively painless death for a human, because in the end you will simply be forced to breath water in and out, and you will die from lack of oxygen.. :)

    Fish do feel neurological pain when they are caught by hooks and when they are out of water.The latest study suggests that it is much more than simple neurological pain.



    With regards to pain of humans , i would personally prefer a bullet to the brain rather then agonizing and thrashing for air while drowning, even though it is for a few minutes;)


    as per my knowledge tantra does not depend upon the vedas at all .


    Are u a practicing tantrik?.


    Tantra is supposed to be a secret ritual practiced by a very few people the details of which no tantrik discusses on internet.


    Despite your indignation at sant for mentioning sex, it is well established fact that Many tantriks(like the rk hamsa in his failed practice) consider sex to be the final step.Neo tantriks(like..., you know who..) :rolleyes: did replace actual sexual act with Bhava ;) with nil results only to fall back on bhakthi.


    gaudiya vaishnavite who followed tantra..I'm not taunting...but can you explain how it works ?????


    i mean...how ??


    If you ask him(kali_upasaka) to clarify anything he gets angry and put you on ignore list.If he says Bhairava brahmani( the person who declared Rk as avtar) is a vaishnavite you have to accept it.


    The second quote proves my point

    http://www.indianetzone.com/9/purva_...philosophy.htm .


    yes.Except that the article (quoted webpage ) doesn't even quote anything from purvamimamsa sutras while declaring that purvamimasa is atheistic .:D:D


    I already posted(post 14) "Omnipotent Main Being" from Jaimini 6.3.2 and 6.3.3 and the absolute need to connect to the Omnipotent Main Being".


    Btw, Jaimini was a disciple of Veda Vyas.



    But so far not even a single temple from the time Before Christ has ben discovered, though many Buddhist Viharas have been discovered.


    You are very sure of it, aint you ?.The temples built before 2000 years need not survive.


    The texts by Panini (520 BC - 460 BC) describes temples of India in 5th century bc.


    You know panini, dont you?


    i am a 22 yr old guy.my problem is that i am very thin..i have a small bone structure too...i would like to gain some size.is there some way i could do that?


    You will have to consume more food with generous quantities of protinaceous foods like variety of pulses, beens etc.Also Increase consumption of milk products like paneer.

    Bit of weight lifting helps to increase muscle mass.This works if you don't have any other health problems .



    The Purva Mimansa which based of the Karma Kanda of the Vedas does not even believe in a GOD.


    Leaving aside the dating aspect for a while, you are factually incorrect that Purva mimansa doesn't believe in god.


    Purva mimamsa instructs all beings to get related to "Omnipotent Main Being"-Jaimini 6.3.2 and it is a dosha(wrong) not being related to The supreme omnipotent being(6.3.3)..Mimamsa literally means investigation.Investigation in to nature of Dharma based on Vedas.




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