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  1. But only on one condition !!!! - NO SPECULATING !!!!
  2. sant email me !!! whenever i will go,i will contact you !!!
  3. These are the last words that you want to have spoken here: I will quote Gauranga Mahaprabhu,the Most effulgent spiritual figure of this age in the universe . "Sastra Ved kahe Sambandha Abhidheya Prayojana- Krsna,Krsna Bhakti, Prema,yeh teen mahadhon." "The relationship with Sri Krsna(sambandha),The means to attain Him (Bhakti/abhidheya) and the end result Prayojana(Krsna prema)- these three are the only things that are described in the Sastras and Vedas." "Jeevera Swarup Hoye Krsnera Nitya dasa." "Jeeva is the eternal servant of Sri KRsna." . Let these golden words enlighten every soul.Let Radhavatar Sri Gauranga shine as a beacon in everyones's life. JAya Jagannatha !! Jaya Gauranga !!
  4. oh oh oh chandu,gHari, ancientmariner, stonehearted, beggar, sonic yogi, smaranam, gokulkr, etc Love yall TOO. I hope this forum opens up again...Whom will i fight with ??? lol. I'm getting emotional now !!! don't look at me !! P.S. : Thanks,Bhaktajan for your kind words.
  5. ranjitmore21@ shout out to me. Haribol ! Gaura Hari bol !! JAya Gauranga !!!!!
  6. Thanks Kaisersose...I'm replying to you after all this time..at the end. So...I will miss My Vaishnavas- Bhaktajan, Melvin,Theist, Raghu, smiley, JNdas etc.). I will miss Hindustani- I disaggred with you,but I have no hard feelings. I will miss Sant and primate-Perhaps the most neutral people.(dear sant is more confused than neutral-but his innocence shines through.) I will miss Kasisersose and Sambya- Sambya made sense a lot of times...
  7. ^ yes like you OBVIOUSLY ignore "BRahmano hi pratishtha ham." "I am The basis of Brahm." - Bhagavad Geeta. There is NO interpretation to that. Sri KRsna Is the basis of BRahm.simple. So your right,You will see only what YOU want to see.
  8. Hope you didn't take it as Jeeva is Brahm.
  9. And if your gonna reply...try to focus on the issue that is under discussion...No use trying to show me down,seeing as how it is not affecting my stance even a bit. Or is it that you have no reply ?? Obviously,you can keep calling me names..but atleast accept the universal fact that Bhagavan has a spiritual body.
  10. AND YES, I'm not a Vaishnava...if being a Vaishnava means smiling in a dumb manner when a materially conditioned person(mayavadi or otherwise) actually insults the Nature of Godhead. You seem too stubborn or maybe you just can't link it properly. Bhagavan is Sat.Chit.Anand. and that means anyone who says He has a material body is a fool. That's the link...It's a CLEAR connection...If establishing this means I'm a non-Vaishnava...so be it.
  11. Whatever. You haven't even considered the main point...It seems you've got a busy job : Moral Policing. Best of luck.
  12. ^-written by Sri Prakashanand sarasvati. And before there is any growls from the pack- if whatever is stated above is fundamenally wrong or untrue,ONLY then you can start the bashing...otherwise let the Vaishnavas and the neutrals discuss here... I don't want to fight-as i KNOW it is pointless.
  13. The word atma technically means ‘the Divinity’. So, in the Upnishads, except for a few places, the word atma has been generally used for God, the absolute Divinity, like: Brihadaranyak Upnishad says, “The supreme Divinity (God) should be desired by a soul to be visualized.” Aitreya Upnishad says, “The supreme Divinity (God) existed before the creation of this universe.” The word brahm means the absolute Divinity Who is absolutely great and makes a soul great like Himself after God realization. In the Upnishads the term brahm mostly refers to the personal form of God and occasionally to the impersonal (nirakar) aspect of God, just like the verse 7 in the Mandukyopnishad. The reason is that the nirakar aspect of God or nirakar brahm is formless and actionless and so it cannot even Grace the souls or become the creator of the universe or do any other thing of any kind. It is only the ‘purush,’ the personal form of God, Who does all those things. The Upnishads describe the Gracious kindness of God awarding liberation and His abode to the souls, and the creation of the universe etc. This is the work of the personal God only, that’s why there is very little description of the nirakar (actionless) brahm in them. The most important thing is that nirakar brahm, being an existence of absolutely dormant virtues (avyakt shaktik), can never even manifest its Blissfulness. It is like the subtle dormant state of the beauty of a flower that dormantly exists in its seed that has not even taken the shape of a plant. So, wherever the Upnishads talk about the Divine knowledge or Bliss (chidanand)of brahm, they only refer to the personal form of God and not the nirakar brahm. The Upnishads mostly use pronouns when referring to God, like, sah (He), ishah (controller God), purushah (personal God), and tasya (His) etc. However, there are a number of Upnishads like Tripadvibhushit Maha Narayanopnishad, Gopal Tapiniyopnishad, Krishnopnishad etc., which directly relate to the personal form of God and they clearly indicate that nirakar brahm is established in the personal form of God. So, personal form is the main form of God. There is one more point that sometimes confuses the intellectuals. The Upnishads sometimes tell, which literally means that the one who receives liberation becomes Narain or the one who receives liberation becomes brahm. That’s true, but the Upnishad further says, which means that no one could be absolutely equal to God. This situation is clarified by the producer of the Vedas, Bhagwan Ved Vyas himself. He says in the Brahm Sutra, that the synonymity of a liberated soul does not synonymize him with the functions of God, like the creation, protection and destruction of the universe, or His absolute omnipresence etc. It only relates with the Blissful synonymity of the form of God he has attained. It means that, upon God realization, the worshipper of the nirakar brahm enters the absolutely dormant state of the Divinity called kaivalya mokch and stays there forever in a kind of totally passed out state, because the nirakar brahm itself is an actionless dormant Divinity. The worshipper of God Vishnu, upon God realization, experiences the same kind and the amount of the Divine Bliss which God Vishnu Himself experiences in His abode, and so do the worshippers of Bhagwan Ram and Krishn. Isn’t it the incomparable unlimited loving Grace of God, Who awards His limitless personal Love and Bliss to a maya-inflicted soul who has committed uncountable transgressions and has accumulated uncountable sins in past unlimited lifetimes? Yet, the souls are so gross-headed that, ignoring His unlimited love, Grace and kindness, they remain engrossed in their material activities and lose the golden opportunity of having a human life which is the only hope of receiving His Grace and becoming His loving one forever.
  14. ^ but isn't it wrong that you side with 'the said category of mayavadis' even after knowing it in your mind that Bhagavan is a Spiritual Person ??? I WILL ALWAYS KEEP A FIXED MINDSET. There is Bhagavan.He has kripa shakti.Only He removes our maya.So those who surrender to Bhagavan ALONE are mahatmas. This is given in the vedas.Svetashvatara muni Himself says,"By His grace,you will achieve liberation." If it is gyanis or bhaktas...mahatmas are those who are unaffected by maya.AND this state is possible only by surrender to the Lord. So,yes I WILL keep a fixed mindset.Anyone who refuses the truth that "Bhagavan's grace alone will remove maya" is subject to criticism and he is ved-virruddh. His staements are against the vedic statements.
  15. me too.It's astonishing and assertive too. It depends on time and place what God chooses to reveal...
  16. you talk ...nonsense. did RK ever preach to have Indra as ishta deva ??? Or Agni ??? And btw,just so you know,Vivekananda was perhaps the most popular Other-than-hinduism- hater of his time "Hinduism is the mother of all religions anyone ??" I'm not saying he was wrong...i accept Vivekananda's veiws that Vedas are superior to all scriptures...but you don't know half of what's happened behind your back,in your camp.
  17. I'm sorry but it is not apt to call RK an ignorant person...If you've achieved Bhrahmgyan.That is that.What education can you offer him ??? He talked to Durgadevi WHENEVER HE WISHED. If we followed this logic...Vaishnavas would be trhowing stones on the statues of Buddha and Shankaracharya by now.
  18. ^ lol...whatever the bhagavatam says is true cent percent...if the yamduta version wasn't the real one,it would've said so... to each his own i guess... like mahakji said,"Remember the Lord at the time of your life."-marvellous.Sums up the Bhagavatam/Geeta/Visnu purana meassage in one line.
  19. So you accept Bhagavan has a spiritual body which is eternal and Bliss itself. Now,the bhagavatas also KNOW this.So they criticise the mayavadis WHO say that Bhagavan has a sattvic body. So,from now on,kindly make it a point to reflect on this chain of facts...There is no question of the Vaishnavas being wrong in criticising....(if you consider the above facts i.e.) I never expected you to answer straightaway.Thank you.
  20. ^ i like it a lot..."..Now WE must become His friend." Btw,Lotus eye,where did you get that mantra ????
  21. ^why can't you address the main issue ??? Why is it that when someone cannot answer,we all raise morality issues ????
  22. the astral travel is willed-subconsciously or consciously. during death,YOu KNOW it's the last time...the last moment...besides,it is mentioned that when the Yamadutas forcefully separate the subtle body,the mind experiences immense pain. Due to this pain,the gross body is fully unconscious and the mind blanks out....
  23. It's not POSSIBLE. It is TRUE ! In the Bhagavatam,He states,"I walk behind My bhaktas...in hopes that the dust off of their feet comes on My head." Sri Krsna says to Uddhava(who was in gopi bhava) : "You are more dear to Me than Shankara,Laxmi,My own brother Balrama and even Myself !"
  24. ^ i get you...a bit..except the "all beings and material structure emerge from within you." part.
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