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Is it true?

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I am really confused after reading this article by my freind! and it is true, some one help me as i agree with this article!


This article was in the October 1997 issue of the Message Magazine...


Research: Prof Pundit Vaid Parkash

Translated: Mir Abdul Majeed


**The Last Kalki Autar (Messenger) that the Veda has foretold and who is

waited on by Hindus is the Prophet Muhammed ibn Abdullah (saw) **


A recently published book in Hindi has raised a lot of hue and cry all over

India. in the event of the author being Muslim, he would have been jailed

and a strict ban would have certainly been imposed on the printing and the

publishing of the book. The author of this important research work "Kalki

Autar" i.e. "guide and Prophet of whole universe" comes of a Bengali race

and holds an important portfolio at Ilahabad University. Pundit Vaid Parkash

is a Brahman Hindu and a well known Sanskrit scholar and research worker.


Pundit Vaid Parkash, after a great deal of toil and hard-work, presented the

work to as many as eight great Pundits who are themselves very well known in

the field of research in India, and are amongst the learned religious

leaders. Their Pundits, after thorough study of the book, have acknowledged

this to be true and authentic research work. Important religious books of

India mention the guide and prophet by the specific name of "Kalki Autar" it

denotes the great man Muhammed (saw) who was born in Makkah. Hence, all

Hindus where-ever they may be, should wait no longer for any other 'kalki

autar' but to embrace Islam and follow in the footsteps of the last

Messenger of Allah (swt) who was sent in the world about fourteen hundred

years ago with a mission from Him and after accomplishing it has long ago

departed this world. As an argument to prove the authenticity of his

research, Pundit Vaid Parkash quotes from the Veda, a sacred book among



1. Veda mentions that 'kalki autar' will be the last Messenger/Prophet of

Bhagwan (Allah) to guide the whole world. After quoting this reference the

Pundit Parkash says that this comes true only in the case of Muhammed (saw).


2. According to a prophecy of Hinduism, 'kalki autar' will be born in an

island and that is the Arab territory which is known as 'jazeeratul Arab'.


3. In the 'sacred' book of Hindus the father's name of 'kalki autar' is

mentioned as 'Vishnu Bhagat' and his mother's name as 'somanib'. In

sanskrit, 'vishnu' stands for Allah (swt) and the literal meaning of

'bhagat' is slave. 'Vishnu Bhagat' therefore, in the Arabic language will

mean Allah's slave (Abdullah). 'Somanib' in Sanskrit means peace and

tranquilty which in arabic is denoted by the word 'Amina'. Whereas the last

Messenger Muhammed's (saw) father and mother's names were Abdullah and Amina



4. In the big books of Hindus, it is mentioned that 'kalki autar' will live

on olive and dates and he will be true to his words and honest. In this

regard Pundit Parkash writes, "This is true and established only in the case

of Muhammed (saw)".


5. Veda mentions that 'kalki autar' will be born in the respected and noble

dynasty of his land. And this is also true as regards Muhammed (saw) as he

was born in the respected tribe of Quraish who enjoyed great respect adn

high place in Makkah.


6. 'Kalki Autar' will be taught in the cave by Bhagwan through his own

messenger. And it is very true in this matter. Muhammed (saw) was the only

one person in Makkah who has taught by Allah's Messenger Gabriel in the cave

of Hira.


7. It is written in the books which Hindus believe that Bhagwan will provide

'Kalki autar' with the fastest of a horse and with the help of which he will

ride around the world and the seven skies/heavens. The riding on 'Buraq' and

'Meraj' by the Prophet Muhammed (saw) proves what?


8. It is also written in the Hindus' books that 'kalki autar' will be

strengthened and heavily helped by Bhagwan. And we know this fact that

Muhammed (saw) was aided and reinforced by Allah (swt) throughHis angels in

the battle of Badr.


9. Hindus' books also mention that 'kalki autar' will be an expert in horse

riding, arrow shooting, and swordsmanship. What Pundit Vaid Parkash comments

in this regard is very important and worth attention and consideration. He

writes that the age of horses, swords, and spears is long ago gone and now

is the age of modern weapons like tanks, missiles, and guns, and therefore

it will be unwise to wait for 'kalki autar' bearing sword and arrows or

spears. In reality, the mention in our books of 'kalki autar' is clearly

indicative of Muhammed (saw) who was given the heavenly book known as



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Without being too negative, this article has little based on scripture. Everything is stretched beyond imagination, and the entire article is based on the faulty idea that there is no future. He repeatedly says "mohammed is the only one who has done this..." but he fails to take into account eternal time, which may bring another thousand people who fit the descriptions.


First of all, the Vedic texts clearly state that Kalki is an incarnation of Vishnu, God.


As far as point 1, the texts do not say he will be the last messenger of God. Time is cyclical in the Vedic conception and there is never a last. After Kalki arrives, the Satya Yuga will begin, and Ashvathama will take the post as Vyasa Muni to guide the world in spiritual knowledge.


Also, there is no mention in the Vedas of the Kalki avatar. All descriptions of Him are from the Puranas.


Actually every line of this article is based on a false statement, and it is not worth the time to go into detail.


I didn't want to be too negative, but there isn't anything accurate within this article.

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Just a quick comment. I'm reminded of a Russian history class I took in college. My professor mentioned that at one point the Russians were claiming that they invented baseball (a distinctively American sport). They had all sorts of analysis of how Russians had sports that involved hitting a ball with a stick. But if you think about it, this is very general. What matters in a sport are the rules, structure, specifics... without these, there really is not much else to do with a stick and ball, other than hit the ball with the stick. It was kind of funny, but basically it was just Russian propaganda trying to take the "glory" of this sport away from America.



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Bhawgat Puran says that Kaliki avatar will appear on Earth near the end of Kali yuga. Those who call Prophet Mohammed as Kalki Avatar, do they want to say that Kali yuga has ended or going to end soon?

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It sounds a lot like the fictional novel "Kalki" by Gore Vidal. The only reference to that of Kalki in the book was that He appears with sword in hand riding upon a white horse.

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This is BULLSHIT but as I have said in my precious posts that Hinduism is like public-property. Anyone may use it for their own profit and still get way with saying anythig about it. I really wonder why nowhere in its vast literature does Hinduism doesnt demand to be respected. Forget people from other religions, Hindus themselves do not respect their religion. I am speaking in general terms and not specific to someone.I will continue in my next post.

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Hare Krishna pundit27,

For God sake please don't post such type of nonsense things, I am extremely sorry for being harsh, but after reading your article, I am unable to control my anger, rather than posting such type of topics I will recommend you to read the last canto of Bhagwatam, then all the doubts which you are having will be clarified.

One more thing I want to tell you is that, that Kalki bhagwan will be born in Sambal which is in uttar pradesh & not in Arab, As clearly mentioned in Bhagwatam.



Hari Bol,


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The article was posted by that person to get other opinions.





A suggestion.


You have to be aware of some points while posting here. As you see, some of the pure devotees on this forum get touchy and their BP soars up when they read such postings as made by yourself. Their blood boils and their eyes turn red with ferocity; so much that they have to really control themselves from smashing the monitor. Henceforth if you want to post anything that is not conforming to ISKCON, you add a clear note saying what your reason is for posting such *nonsense* and also your hidden/open motives. That will hopefully prevent people from getting ulcers out of anger.



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I almost forgot...


That article is pure, unadulterated junk. The people who wrote and verified it are not even hindus, let alone pundits. It is Islam propaganda and several such articles can be found on the Islam web-sites. It is similar to some Hindus claiming that Jesus visited India and studied Yoga!


I won't go into the details of why it is wrong as that has already been done by others above.


A useful tip:


Always treat articles written by authors of one religion/system about people belonging to another religion/system with caution. More often that not, they will be incorrect.



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"Henceforth if you want to post anything that is not conforming to ISKCON, you add a clear note saying what your reason is for posting such *nonsense* and also your hidden/open motives"


Just a quick note on this as relates to the topic posted by pundit27. I would like to first say, that we need not have such a harsh reply to pundit27's posting. He was just asking for opinions. But I find it interesting that "ISKCON" is singled out here. As per usual, certain members of these forums feel the need to single out Iskcon. Fine if that suits them. But just to note, jndas is a member of Iskcon, as am I and I don't think either of us have been particularly harsh in our replies. The harshest reply came from Dubeyrakesh who I don't believe is an Iskcon member (I could be wrong). So lets stop this silly finger pointing. We could spend our time pointing to the faults of members of the RamaKrsna mission, or followers of Swami Sivananda, or followers of Aurobindo, or whatever other group there is. But will that help us in the end? No. This website as far as I know is independent of any institution. While the site administrator is a member of Iskcon this website is quite broadbased and open. Just my two thoughts.



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Hi Sushil,

I agree that Hindu scriptures do not support the contents of the article mentioned by pundit27 but I don't think pundit27 should be blamed for this. After all, he did not write that article. As you have yourself written "BETTER TO GET IT CONFIRMED, BEFORE YOU WRITE ANYTHING."


Getting the opinion of people in this forum is one of the ways to get it confirmed.

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Do you have any evidence to submit, to support your statement. You seem to have hatred and a major disrespect towards other creeds. No religion is sinful nor can any be simplistic, have you, yourself read the Koran and deciphered its meaning? Do you have any knowledge of Hebrew scriptures? What is within your grasp?

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For those who disagree what is your evidence for disclaiming the article written by a well known Hindu scholar.

The Kalki avatar is not predicted in any Veda as claimed by the gentleman. That should suffice. Also note, no specific reference is given for any claim, which rules out the possibility of the article having been authored by a scholar.


Would you also say that a life workings is an incredulous invention?

See above.




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I "have major disrespect towards other" ignorant people who deride the Vedas. Thusly they betray their lack of spiritual advancement and their ignorance of the will of Allah. They are cheap pretenders, and Allah only too well knows this. They try to use Him to augment their puny egos, but He knows them and their shame as they truly are.


For such cheaters act not by the will of the living God, Allah, who would live in their hearts, but rather they act on their own mind's juggling of scripture in order to satisfy their own attachments and to glorify their own selves. Their empty hearts listen not. They miss the message of Mohammed (may Allah bless him) entirely. Allah is not so cheap. He is great; give Him His greatness. Stop trying to steal it for yourself.


There is only one God. Find Allah first, and save yourself all this wasted strife and embarrassment to Him and yourself.<font color="#f7f7f7">


[This message has been edited by gHari (edited 01-02-2002).]

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The evidence is that Mohammed was over 400,000 years too early. The author's disrespect for the Vedas is repulsive. He obviously doesn't realize that compared to the Vedas, the Koran and other scriptures are but simple primers to religion, designed for ignorant backwards very sinful peoples for whom the subject of religion is all but beyond their filthy grasp.

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For those who disagree what is your evidence for disclaiming the article written by a well known Hindu scholar.


First of all, let me point out that not considering Prophet Muhammad as Kalki avatar is not at all any disrespect to him.


Kalki avatar is not mentioned in Vedas; it is mentioned in Puranas. So, let us check if the kalki avatar mentioned in Puranas is Prophet Muhammed. According to Puranas, Kalki incarnation will appear near the end of Kali Yuga. There are still about 400,000 years to go for that. This proves that the claim in the article is wrong.

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According to tradition part of the mission of the Kalki Avatar (Sampoorna Avatar) is to close Kali Yuga, usher in Satya Yuga and liberate all of mankind from suffering.

In other words enlighten the masses. The name literally means the "Annihilator of Ignorance".


Mankind is still suffering greatly. It does not seem remotely evident that any of this has happened as a result of Mohammed. Perhaps more suffering was brought to the planet.


[This message has been edited by Dharma (edited 01-03-2002).]

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So, not one has come forward with any credible evidence to disprove the claim. Suffering is brought to this planet, through greed and material desire. Look back to colonial times of the British empire when we were divided and conquered and ask yourself this question, what is the fact of mankinds creation?


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Anonymous tried to pull a fast one with,


So, not one has come forward with any credible evidence to disprove the claim.

You are right. Not one, but four people answered your question about evidence. But even if forty people had answered your question, you would have probably said "What? Did someone say something?"


And further, not wanting to confront evidence, anonymous tries to digress with,


Suffering is brought to this planet, through greed and material desire. Look back to colonial times of the British empire when we were divided and conquered and ask yourself this question, what is the fact of mankinds creation?

Do you really want people to answer this question or at the end of 4-5 answers, will you say, "So no one has come forward with any answer to my question"? If you want people to take your Qs seriously, you will have stop trying to pull fast ones. But if you still wish to do so, you will have to do better than this.





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As pointed out there is no credible evidence offered to 'prove the claim' so we are not about to waste time finding verse and reference to 'disprove' the nonsense. You should be able to understand that we can see too many reasons to reject the hypothesis.


I have no idea what you are trying to say in the last post; and you obviously have no idea what we have said. Perhaps English is not the best medium for this discussion. But put as simply as possible: no one here finds any reason to consider the idea that Mohammed is described as the Kalki Avatara; we find too many conclusive reasons that it is not possible.


Mohammed does not consider himself to be Allah. Why should you?

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Let me ask you this, Anonymous. Since you respect the great Hindu scriptures so much, and now knowing that Mohammed is actually Krishna incarnated as His Kalki Avatara, do you now accept Lord Krsna as Allah, as God?


Or do you not believe these silly claims either? One or the other must be true, otherwise it is hypocrisy.

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Lila-Avataras from Srimad-Bhagavatam 1.3.25

athAsau yuga-sandhyAyAM

dasyu-prAyeSu rAjasu

janitA viSNu-yazaso

nAmnA kalkir jagat-patiH


atha--thereafter; asau--the same Lord; yuga-sandhyAyAm--at the conjunction of the yugas; dasyu--plunderers; prAyeSu--almost all; rAjasu--the governing personalities; janitA--will take His birth; viSNu--named ViSNu; yazasaH--surnamed YazA; nAmnA--in the name of; kalkiH--the incarnation of the Lord; jagat-patiH--the Lord of the creation.


Thereafter, at the conjunction of two yugas, the Lord of the creation will take His birth as the Kalki incarnation and become the son of ViSNu YazA. At this time the rulers of the earth will have degenerated into plunderers.<ul>COMMENTARY PURPORT by His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami:<ul>Here is another foretelling of the advent of Lord Kalki, the incarnation of Godhead. He is to appear at the conjunction of the two yugas, namely at the end of Kali-yuga and the beginning of Satya-yuga. The cycle of the four yugas, namely Satya, TretA, DvApara and Kali, rotates like the calendar months. The present Kali-yuga lasts 432,000 years, out of which we have passed only 5,000 years after the Battle of KurukSetra and the end of the regime of King ParIkSit. So there are 427,000 years balance yet to be finished. Therefore at the end of this period, the incarnation of Kalki will take place, as foretold in the SrImad-BhAgavatam. The name of His father, ViSNu YazA, a learned brAhmaNa, and the village Sambhala are also mentioned. As above mentioned, all these foretellings will prove to be factual in chronological order. That is the authority of SrImad-BhAgavatam.

Srimad-Bhagavatam 12.2.12-24:

kSIyamANeSu deheSu

dehinAM kali-doSataH

varNAzramavatAM dharme

naSTe veda-pathe nRNAm


pASaNDa-pracure dharme

dasyu-prAyeSu rAjasu


nAnA-vRttiSu vai nRSu


zUdra-prAyeSu varNeSu

cchAga-prAyAsu dhenuSu

gRha-prAyeSv AzrameSu

yauna-prAyeSu bandhuSu


aNu-prAyAsv oSadhISu

zamI-prAyeSu sthAsnuSu

vidyut-prAyeSu megheSu

zUnya-prAyeSu sadmasu


itthaM kalau gata-prAye

janeSu khara-dharmiSu

dharma-trANAya sattvena

bhagavAn avatariSyati


kSIyamANeSu--having become smaller; deheSu--the bodies; dehinAm--of all living entities; kali-doSataH--by the contamination of the age of Kali; varNa-Azrama-vatAm--of the members of varNAzrama society; dharme--when their religious principles; naSTe--have been destroyed; veda-pathe--the path of the Vedas; nRNAm--for all men; pASaNDa-pracure--mostly atheism; dharme--religion; dasyu-prAyeSu--mostly thieves; rAjasu--the kings; caurya--banditry; anRta--lying; vRthA-hiMsA--useless slaughter; nAnA--various; vRttiSu--their occupations; vai--indeed; nRSu--when men; zUdra-prAyeSu--mostly low-class zUdras; varNeSu--the so-called social orders; chAga-prAyAsu--no better than goats; dhenuSu--the cows; gRha-prAyeSu--just like materialistic homes; AzrameSu--the spiritual hermitages; yauna-prAyeSu--extending no further than marriage; bandhuSu--family ties; aNu-prAyAsu--mostly very small; oSadhISu--plants and herbs; zamI-prAyeSu--just like zamI trees; sthAsnuSu--all the trees; vidyut-prAyeSu--always manifesting lightning; megheSu--the clouds; zUnya-prAyeSu--devoid of religious life; sadmasu--the homes; ittham--thus; kalau--when the age of Kali; gata-prAye--is almost finished; janeSu--the people; khara-dharmiSu--when they have assumed the characteristics of asses; dharma-trANAya--for the deliverance of religion; sattvena--in the pure mode of goodness; bhagavAn--the Supreme Personality of Godhead; avatariSyati--will descend.


By the time the age of Kali ends, the bodies of all creatures will be greatly reduced in size, and the religious principles of followers of varNAzrama will be ruined. The path of the Vedas will be completely forgotten in human society, and so-called religion will be mostly atheistic. The kings will mostly be thieves, the occupations of men will be stealing, lying and needless violence, and all the social classes will be reduced to the lowest level of zUdras. Cows will be like goats, spiritual hermitages will be no different from mundane houses, and family ties will extend no further than the immediate bonds of marriage. Most plants and herbs will be tiny, and all trees will appear like dwarf zamI trees. Clouds will be full of lightning, homes will be devoid of piety, and all human beings will have become like asses. At that time, the Supreme Personality of Godhead will appear on the earth. Acting with the power of pure spiritual goodness, He will rescue eternal religion.<ul>COMMENTARY PURPORT:<ul>Significantly, these verses point out that most so-called religions in this age will be atheistic (pAsaNDa-pracure dharme). In confirmation of the BhAgavatam's prediction, the United States Supreme Court has recently ruled that to be considered a religion a system of belief need not recognize a supreme being. Also, many atheistic, voidistic belief systems, often imported from the Orient, have attracted the attention of modern atheistic scientists, who expound on the similarities between Eastern and Western voidism in fashionable, esoteric books.

These verses vividly describe many unsavory symptoms of the age of Kali. Ultimately, at the end of this age, Lord KRSNa will descend as Kalki and remove the thoroughly demonic persons from the face of the earth.


carAcara-guror viSNor


dharma-trANAya sAdhUnAM

janma karmApanuttaye


cara-acara--of all moving and nonmoving living beings; guroH--of the spiritual master; viSNoH--the Supreme Lord, ViSNu; Izvarasya--the Supreme Personality of Godhead; akhila--of all; AtmanaH--of the Supreme Soul; dharma-trANAya--for the protection of religion; sAdhUnAm--of saintly men; janma--the birth; karma--of their fruitive activities; apanuttaye--for the cessation.


Lord ViSNu--the Supreme Personality of Godhead, the spiritual master of all moving and nonmoving living beings, and the Supreme Soul of all--takes birth to protect the principles of religion and to relieve His saintly devotees from the reactions of material work.



brAhmaNasya mahAtmanaH

bhavane viSNuyazasaH

kalkiH prAdurbhaviSyati


zambhala-grAma--in the village Sambhala; mukhyasya--of the chief citizen; brAhmaNasya--of the brAhmaNa; mahA-AtmanaH--the great soul; bhavane--in the home; viSNuyazasaH--of ViSNuyazA; kalkiH--Lord Kalki; prAdurbhaviSyati--will appear.


Lord Kalki will appear in the home of the most eminent brAhmaNa of Sambhala village, the great soul ViSNuyazA.


azvam Azu-gam Aruhya

devadattaM jagat-patiH




vicarann AzunA kSauNyAM


nRpa-liGga-cchado dasyUn

koTizo nihaniSyati


azvam--His horse; Azu-gam--swift-traveling; Aruhya--mounting; devadattam--named Devadatta; jagat-patiH--the Lord of the universe; asinA--with His sword; asAdhu-damanam--(the horse who) subdues the unholy; aSTa--with eight; aizvarya--mystic opulences; guNa--and transcendental qualities of the Personality of Godhead; anvitaH--endowed; vicaran--traveling about; AzunA--swift; kSauNyAm--upon the earth; hayena--by His horse; apratima--unrivaled; dyutiH--whose effulgence; nRpa-liGga--with the dress of kings; chadaH--disguising themselves; dasyUn--thieves; koTizaH--by the millions; nihaniSyati--He will slaughter.


Lord Kalki, the Lord of the universe, will mount His swift horse Devadatta and, sword in hand, travel over the earth exhibiting His eight mystic opulences and eight special qualities of Godhead. Displaying His unequaled effulgence and riding with great speed, He will kill by the millions those thieves who have dared dress as kings.


yadAvatIrNo bhagavAn

kalkir dharma-patir hariH

kRtaM bhaviSyati tadA

prajA-sUtiz ca sAttvikI


yadA--when; avatIrNaH--incarnates; bhagavAn--the Supreme Lord; kalkiH--Kalki; dharma-patiH--the master of religion; hariH--the Supreme Personality of Godhead; kRtam--Satya-yuga; bhaviSyati--will begin; tadA--then; prajA-sUtiH--the creation of progeny; ca--and; sAttvikI--in the mode of goodness.


When the Supreme Lord has appeared on earth as Kalki, the maintainer of religion, Satya-yuga will begin, and human society will bring forth progeny in the mode of goodness.


yadA candraz ca sUryaz ca

tathA tiSya-bRhaspatI

eka-rAzau sameSyanti

bhaviSyati tadA kRtam


yadA--when; candraH--the moon; ca--and; sUryaH--the sun; ca--and; tathA--also; tiSya--the asterism TiSyA (more commonly known as PuSyA, extending from 3° 20´ to 16° 40´ Cancer); bRhaspatI--and the planet Jupiter; eka-rAzau--in the same constellation (Cancer); sameSyanti--will enter simultaneously; bhaviSyati--will be; tadA--then; kRtam--Satya-yuga.


When the moon, the sun and BRhaspatI are together in the constellation KarkaTa, and all three enter simultaneously into the lunar mansion PuSyA--at that exact moment the age of Satya, or KRta, will begin.

Srimad-Bhagavatam 10.40.22

namo buddhAya zuddhAya



namas te kalki-rUpiNe


namaH--obeisances; buddhAya--to Lord Buddha; zuddhAya--the pure; daitya-dAnava--of the demoniac descendants of Diti and DAnu; mohine--to the bewilderer; mleccha--of the outcaste meat-eaters; prAya--resembling; kSatra--kings; hantre--to the killer; namaH--obeisances; te--to You; kalki-rUpiNe--in the form of Kalki.


Obeisances to Your form as the faultless Lord Buddha, who will bewilder the Daityas and DAnavas, and to Lord Kalki, the annihilator of the meat-eaters posing as kings.

From the Appendix of Srimad-Bhagavatam Canto 11:

The GopAla-tApanI UpaniSad (1.38) states, govindaM sac-cid-Ananda-vigrahaM vRndAvana-sura-bhUraha-talAsInaM satataM sa-marud-gaNo 'haM paramayA stutyA toSayAmi: "With transcendental prayers, I and the Maruts are always trying to satisfy Lord Govinda, whose personal form is eternal and full of knowledge and bliss, and who is sitting amidst the celestial desire trees of VRndAvana."

Similarly, in his VedAnta-bhASya SrIla MadhvAcArya cites the following passage from the zruti: vAsudevaH saGkarSaNaH pradyumno 'niruddho 'haM matsyaH kUrmo varAho narasiMho vAmano rAmo rAmo rAmaH kRSNo buddhaH kalkir ahaM zatadhAhaM sahasradhAham amito 'ham ananto 'haM naivaite jAyante naivaite mriyante naiSAm ajJAna-bandho na muktiH sarva eva hy ete pUrNA ajarA amRtAH paramAH paramAnandAH. "I am VAsudeva, SaGkarSaNa, Pradyumna and Aniruddha. I am Matsya, KUrma, VarAha, NarasiMha, VAmana, the three RAmas [RAmacandra, ParazurAma and BalarAma], KRSNa, Buddha and Kalki. Immeasurable and unlimited, I appear in hundreds and thousands of forms, none of which ever takes birth or dies. These forms of Mine are not bound by ignorance, nor do they have to strive for liberation. They are all complete, free from old age, immortal, supreme and supremely blissful."


The DhyAna-bindu UpaniSad states, nirdoSa-pUrNa-guNa-vigraha Atma-tantro nizcetanAtmaka- zarIra-guNaiz ca hInah/ Ananda-mAtra-mukha-pAda-saroruhAdiH: "[The Lord's] personal form possesses complete and faultless transcendental qualities. Indeed, the form of the completely independent Lord is free from all lifeless bodily characteristics. His lotus face and lotus feet consist simply of pure ecstasy."


The VAsudeva UpaniSad states, sad-rUpam advayaM brahma madhyAdy-anta-vivarjitam/ sva-prabhaM sac-cid-AnandaM bhaktyA jAnati cAvyayam: "[The Lord's] transcendental form is the Absolute Truth, devoid of duality or of middle, beginning or end. It is self-effulgent, eternal and full of knowledge and bliss. Only through devotional service can one understand that form to be infallible."


The BrahmANDa PurANa states, nanda-vraja-janAnandI sac-cid-Ananda-vigrahaH: [bs. 5.1], "The body of the Lord, who gives ecstasy to the residents of King Nanda's pastures, is eternal and full of knowledge and bliss." The MahA-varAha PurANa states, sarve nityAH zAsvatAz ca dehAs tasya parAtmanaH/ hAnopadAna-rahitA naiva prakRti-jAH kvacit: "The bodies of that Supreme Soul are all eternal and primeval. Since they are not born of material nature, they are not subject to destruction or creation."


The NRsiMha PurANa states, yuge yuge viSNur anAdi-mUrtim AsthAya ziSTaM paripAti duSTa-hA: "In each age, Lord ViSNu assumes His various eternal forms in order to protect those who are civilized [the devotees] and to destroy those who are evil [the demons]." The BRhad-vaiSNava-smRti states, yo vetti bhautikaM dehaM kRSNasya paramAtmanaH/ sa sarvasmAd bahiSkAryaH zrauta-smArta-vidhAnataH/ mukhaM tasyAvalokyApi sa-celaH snAnam Acaret: "If a person thinks the body of the Supreme Soul, Lord KRSNa, is made of matter, he should be excluded from all ceremonies, both of the zruti and the smRti. One who even glances upon such a person's face must immediately take a bath with all his clothes on." The MahAbhArata states, na bhUta-saGgha-samsthAno deho 'sya paramAtmanaH: "The body of the Supreme Soul is not composed of a combination of material elements." Also from the MahAbhArata: amRtAMzo 'mRta-vapuH. "His personal expansions and personal bodies are all immortal."


The SrImad-BhAgavatam itself contains many passages attesting to the absolute nature of the Lord's forms. Here are a few: zAbdaM-brahma dadhad vapuH. "Appearing in Your transcendental form as the Vedas and as the personal feature of the Absolute Truth..." Yat tad vapur bhAti vibhUSaNAyudhair avyakta-cid-vyaktam adhArayad vibhuH (8.18.12): "That transcendental body which is appearing with its ornaments and weapons has been assumed by the Almighty Lord as the spiritual manifestation of Himself, who is materially unmanifested." Babandha prAkRtaM yathA (10.9.14): "She bound Him up just like an ordinary child." Satya-jJAnAnantAnanda-mAtraika-rasa-mUrtyaH (10.13.54): "The viSNu-mUrtis all had eternal, unlimited forms full of knowledge and bliss and existing beyond the influence of time." SvecchA-mayasya na tu bhUta-mayasya (10.14.2): "His body is composed of His own desire, rather than of material elements." And tvayy eva nitya-sukha-bodha-tanau: "In You, whose body is full of eternal happiness and consciousness..."

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So, not one has come forward with any credible evidence to disprove the claim.


I really do not know what you are trying to say. Are you really reading the postings on this thread? It is clearly mentioned in Hindu scriptures that there are still about 400,000 years to go before Kalki incarnation will appear. How is it not a credible evidence?

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Shvu is right. When you ask questions, you should be willing to read the answers attentively. It is not necessary for you to agree with the answers but if you do not agree with the answers, you should write as to why you do not like the answers. There are some people who feel that the questions raised by them are so difficult that nobody will be able to answer them. So, if somebody answers, then their ego is hurt and so they say that nobody answered.

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