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  1. In reply to gHari and Avinash, in no way or terms have implied that Mohammed(saw)is the kalki avatar. gHari you have stated:- quote He obviously doesn't realize that compared to the Vedas, the Koran and other scriptures are but simple primers to religion, designed for ignorant backwards very sinful peoples for whom the subject of religion is all but beyond their filthy grasp. quote For such cheaters act not by the will of the living God, Allah, who would live in their hearts, but rather they act on their own mind's juggling of scripture in order to satisfy their own attachments and to glorify their own selves. Their empty hearts listen not. They miss the message of Mohammed (may Allah bless him) entirely. Allah is not so cheap. He is great; give Him His greatness. Stop trying to steal it for yourself. There is only one God. Find Allah first, and save yourself all this wasted strife and embarrassment to Him and yourself. Why have you contradicted yourself? To answer your question in relation to the Kalki Avatar,this is an incredulous story more fictitious than marshians and i most certainly do not believe the orginal article. Hinduism is very a difficult subject to investigate thoroughly to no uncertain terms. It would also like to thank everyone for their views and opinions. I believe that Allah is the one true God and Mohammed is the messenger of Allah. It is more important and vital to realise the fact of ones creation and that is to worship devoutly the one true God, Allah. [This message has been edited by Anonymous (edited 01-09-2002).] [This message has been edited by Anonymous (edited 01-09-2002).]
  2. So, not one has come forward with any credible evidence to disprove the claim. Suffering is brought to this planet, through greed and material desire. Look back to colonial times of the British empire when we were divided and conquered and ask yourself this question, what is the fact of mankinds creation?
  3. For those who disagree what is your evidence for disclaiming the article written by a well known Hindu scholar. Would you also say that a life workings is an incredulous invention?
  4. Do you have any evidence to submit, to support your statement. You seem to have hatred and a major disrespect towards other creeds. No religion is sinful nor can any be simplistic, have you, yourself read the Koran and deciphered its meaning? Do you have any knowledge of Hebrew scriptures? What is within your grasp?
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