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  1. From Times of India (Bangalore edition, 2 May): - In Sahibganj district of Jharkhand, a 16 year old school girl was sacrificed to propitiate local goddess. She was also raped by worshippers as part of ritual. Manju was sacrificed by her neighbour Khudu Karmakar, a blacksmith, with the help of his disciple when she was going to watch a fair. An FIR has been lodged. Feku Shah, the girl's father, said that his daughter did not reach home even on the following day. Then he complained to police. On April 22, Manju's body with head shaven and carrying wounds were recovered from neighbouring village. After getting vermillion, red threads, and packets of incense sticks, police started investigation and conducted raids. The sorcerer and his disciple were arrested. They have confessed to the crime.
  2. I was very happy to read this. Often times I have read that big bang was the beginning of time and therefore we should not ask what happened before big bang, because there was no 'before'. But, it never seemed believable. According to two physicists (from Cambridge and Princeton universities), there is neither a beginning nor an end of time. They say the current model of the universe is flawed. That model starts with the beginning of time and the so-called Big Bang. The universe then cools and expands, and then in the distant future it will cool to the point when no stars are formed and normal matter breaks down. But the expansion is speeding up, and the current model does not seem to adequately explain why this is happening. The scientists claim their new model can account for this and other things that are difficult to explain. They say the universe is undergoing an endless series of Big Bangs, expansions, contractions and big crunches. There is no end of time and no need to define what existed before the universe was born.
  3. I understand that this web site is for discussing religion and spirituality. But some of members here may be students or they may know students. Please visit: - http://www.visharadsoftware.com/forum You can post your doubts and help others in pre-university Physics and Mathematics. Later I will add higher grades and other subjects. It is completely free.
  4. Why did you write "March 6"? As of my making this post, March 6 is still not here.
  5. Avinash

    Water once existed on Mars

    On March, 2004 NASA scientists presented evidence that some rocks at Opportunity's landing site on Mars were once soaked in liquid water. They provided the evidence based on the study of the texture and the chemistry of the rocks. Here are some of the clues that water formerly pervaded these rocks: (1) The rover's alpha particle X-ray spectrometer found lots of sulfur in the outcrop. Related clues from that instrument and the miniature thermal emission spectrometer suggest the sulfur is in the form of sulfate salts (similar to Epsom salts). On Earth, rocks containing so much salt either formed in water or, after formation, were soaked in water a long time. (2) The rover's Moessbauer spectrometer detected jarosite, a hydrated iron sulfate mineral that could result from the target rock spending time in an acidic lake or acidic hot springs environment. (3) Pictures from Opportunity's panoramic camera and microscopic imager show many thin, flat holes in an outcrop rock selected for close-up examination. These holes match the distinctive appearance of Earth-rock holes that form where crystals of salt minerals grow inside rocks that sit in briny water then disappear by eroding or dissolving. (4) The cameras have revealed spheres embedded in outcrop rocks. These spheres are not concentrated at particular layers within the rock, as they would be if they originated outside the rock and were deposited onto accumulating layers while the rock was forming. Instead, the spheres are scattered. This means they are probably what geologists call "concretions" that formed from accumulation of minerals coming out of solution inside a porous, water-soaked rock. (5) Some of the spherules in pictures from the microscope appear to have stripes that correspond to layering of the matrix rock around them. This would be consistent with the interpretation that the spheres are concretions that formed inside a wet rock.
  6. "Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare" What is the origin of the above mantra? I think it is by Chaitanya Mahaprabhu but I am not sure. Let me know.
  7. I read somewhere that Tara emerged from samudra manthan. But there are so many Tara's mentioned in scriptures. Please tell me which Tara emerged from samudra manthan.
  8. Some members on this forum have good knowledge of Christianity. I thought of taking advantage of their knowledge. There are some members who feel that, because of their lack of knowledge on Hinduism, they can not contribute as much to the discussion in various threads here as many others can. This thread should make them happy. I will be posting my doubts on Bible in this thread. I request you to please clarify them for me. My first question:- Genesis says that Enosh was Seth's son. Who was Enosh's mother? Is she mentioned in Bible?
  9. Rama ruled for a few thousand years (eleven thousand if I am not wrong). Valmiki Ramayana contains some stories related to this period, viz., Sita's banishment, Ashwamedha yajna, war with Luv and Kush, Sita entering Earth, killing of Lavnasura by Shatrughana and may be a few more that I am not remembering. Is there any source that contains more details of what Rama did during his rule?
  10. Could you tell me who Krsna is fighting in this picture?
  11. Bhagavatam mentions Narad as an incarnation. Is Narad a complete incarnation?
  12. From The Times of India Amid chants of Sanskrit prayers, some 2,300 students of MIT received their graduate and undergraduate degrees in Cambridge. Swami Tyagananda, the institution's chaplain, offered an invocation in Sanskrit to reflect the large international crowd's spirit of unity and goodwill. "May we come together for a common purpose - common be our prayer, common our goal. May the one and the same divine reality lead us. May we be granted clear understanding and the courage to pursue the goals of social justice, non-violence, harmony and peace. Peace. Peace. Peace be unto all.", Tyagananda told the institution's 139th commencement exercise. The institution has a vibrant Vedanta Society, which even holds a 'satsang' of prayers and discourses every Tuesday. The hour-long programme also comprises guided meditation, study and discussion. Even though the programme is primarily designed for the MIT community, students from other campuses also attend the programme.
  13. In 1st chapter of 5th canto of Vishnu Puran, Parashar tells Maitreya that a black hair of Lord Vishnu incarnated as Krishna and a white hair as Balarama. In 3rd verse of the same chapter, the word viSNoraMshaaMshasambhUticaritaM is mentioned. As you can see the word aMsha comes twice in this word. It is aMsha + aMsha, meaing part of part. Krishna is supreme. Then why does Vishnu Puran call Krishna as part of part of Vishnu? And why does this Puran say that just a black hair of Vishnu incarnated as Krishna?
  14. Avinash

    A simple problem

    I will ask you a very simple problem. Subtract 2 from 23 two times. What do you finally get?
  15. What do you think is the essential difference between humans and animals?
  16. In some web pages it is written that the next day for ekadashi fasting is 16 Dec and in some it is written that 1 Dec is also the day for ekadashi fasting. Please reply fast if 1 Dec is the day for ekadashi fasting or not.
  17. Rama hid behind a tree and then shot an arrow to kill Vali. But why did He hide? Why did he not indulge in face-to-face war? The answer usually given is that if Vali saw anybody, then Vali would get half strength of that person. But is that really the reason? Is it true that if Vali had seen Rama, then Rama would have lost half of His strength to Vali and thus Vali would have won? Or, is there some other reason? Let me make it clear that I am not asking whether it was right on Rama's part to kill Valui hiding behind a tree. That may be a good topic but that is not the intention of this thread. Here I only want to know what Rama did so.
  18. Contact me if you want my services in developing any software that can run on Windows platform. It can be on any domain and any technology.
  19. I have read that Ravan kept death as captive. Who was this death? Is it Yamraj (lord of death) or somebody else?
  20. J. N. Das Ji, You have carried out food-relief programs in Orissa. However, I am interested in knowing the situations of some villages where people know Hindi. Please note. I am not against other languages, but for some reason, as of now, I am asking about villages where Hindi is spoken. If you have spent time in such villages in recent past (either for food-relief program or for any other reason), please post their names, locations and most importantly the kinds of problems the people their face. The problems could be bad roads, bad sanitation, lack of good hospitals, lack of good education system or any other. Thank You. Note: I have addressed this to jndas. However, if some others have experience of such villages, please post.
  21. Avinash

    Survival of Hinduism

    We know that in the past many things happened because of which Hinduism could have been wiped out of India. Example: Invasion of Muslims who tried to convert many Hindus to Islam and who used to give benefit to Muslims over other religions (not all Muslim rulers did this but some defintely did so) New religions like Buddhism, Jainism. Colonialism during which benefits were given to those who converted to Christianity. But stll, Hinduism has survived. I agree that many rituals are not the same as they were in the past. But, still, there are many who believe in one or the other branches of Hinduism. What could be the reason for this survival? Any thoughts? (Note: I have used the word "Hinduism" to mean "Sanatan Dharma" as it is very commonly used).
  22. It is said that we should make the habit of simple living so that we do not get attached to materialistic pleasures. Consider a person who lives very simply. Is it possible that he gets attached to that kind of living? Suppose, for some reason, he goes to a place where he is asked to sleep on velvety bed, be in a room with AC, with pop music being played in neighbourhood. In the day time, he is asked to go to a place where there is singing and dancing on some Michael Jackson's song is going on. Is it possible that he will feel very uncomfortable in such a place because of his attachment with simple living? Is such an attachment good?
  23. Avinash

    Question on puja room

    I have heard some people say that you should not keep the puja room doors closed or the puja area veiled with curtains even at night. Is this true? Please reply.
  24. Avinash

    Movement for Gender Equality

    World over, there is movement for gender equality. Many statements are being made, many ideas are being suggested to make sure that gender equality is achieved. With which of these ideas do you agree and with which do you disagree?
  25. During rainy season Rama was not trying to search for Sita. It can be argued that in that season it was difficult to carry out the search. But didn't spies of kings work even in rainy seasons in those days? Then why did Rama wait for the season to be over. If He really loved Sita so much, then He should have searched for Sita even in that season.