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What you prefer Bhakti Or Sadhana and Why?

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For me Bhakti has no boundries,it is more related term and a connection between God and a Devotee without any expectation.Examples are many but few comes straight into my minds are Shri Hanumanji,Pujya Meerabai and Pujya Sudama.

Where for Sadhna I honestly don't know much hence not able to write more on it but would love to get comments from other experts members.:pray:

Bhakti has no goal where if I am right Sadhna has some goals to be achieved,correct me if I am wrong.

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Yes Sambhya there can be a goal in Bhakti can we say that it is a spiritual Goal instead?I mean a goal without any personal/physical/financial or anyother kind of expectation.

All bhaktas cannot be like Shri Hanumanji or Pujya Meerabai who had no goals except to stay near to their respected Gods and if that was their Goal can we call it a goal rather?

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like for the gaudiya vaishnavas attaining prema bhakti is considered as the goal . they strive for the rarest of rare krishna prema . and they follow the mood of parakiya rasa not dasya rasa . infact gaudiya vaishnavs have the highest regards for parakiya rasa of srimati radharani .

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bhakti is the fruit for vaishnavs.

But for sadhaks the fruit is moksh.


Bhakti is done to realise god.

Sadhana is done to realise yourself as god.


Unlike shaiv and shakt bhakti is done to attain pure bhakti only.

It is not a way but the goal ,the phal.

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Bhakti has two basic aspects; sadhana bhakti and raga bhakti.


They both have the same goal to attain prema or love of God.

Sadhana bhakti is obligatory practices such as archana, japa, and following of the moral principles of spiritual life.

Raga bhakti is the spontaneous devotion done out of love rather than duty.


Sadhana is part of bhakti.

It is not a separate practice.

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bhakti is the fruit for vaishnavs.

But for sadhaks the fruit is moksh.


Bhakti is done to realise god.

Sadhana is done to realise yourself as god.


sadhana can be of both . a practitioner of bhakti is also a sadhak , though of different marg .



It is not a way but the goal ,the phal.



bhakti is both the way and the end . you practice bhakti to attain bhakti .

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Sadhna=Habit,attitude towards God to get his kripa.

Bhakti=Nasha or masti.

If you don't mind i would like to amend your summation.


Bhakti is not masti(merry).Being blissful is a side effect of bhakti but

it is not merry perse.Bhakti means devotion to god, being immersed in thoughts of god.


Sadhana is a practice made habitual in the pursuit of bhakthi(devotion) with emphasis on certain predetermined rituals.Sadhana is not an attitude.

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Most welcome Chanduji and as I said I am just trying to put my step on a right path,I may be wrong and thanks for correcting me brother.

Why I said Bhakti a masti coz we have seen many great characters totally disolved in Bhakti ras with a pure masti..Ex.Pujya Meeraji-- Mere to Giradhar Gopal Dusra na Koi.

Shri Hanumanji:-Opeing his chest and showing Shri Ram Parivar within.

Pujya Sudama:-Giving Tandul to Shri Krishna.

Bhakti ras is full of Masti in my humble opinion and that Nasha is of upmost class and values that has no barrier.

Difference btwn Bahkti and Sadhna is just like Shraddha and Vishwas.

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Sadhana is a Sanskrit word that means "common property".

Sadhana is the form of bhakti that everyone is entitled to practice.

Raga bhakti is a higher form of bhakti that is practiced by those who have developed a spontaneous attraction to Krishna - the Supreme Lord.


Sadhana is routine religious practices of the Vaishnava sect.

If and when that routine religious practice leads to a true love and attraction for Krishna then it becomes Raga Bhakti.

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There are two things: sadhya (the goal) and sadhana (the method of its attainment).

In Gaudiya-vaisnavism the sadhya is Krishna-prema, and there are 3 kinds of bhakti: sadhana-bhakti, bhava-bhakti and prema-bhakti.

Sadhana-bhakti can be of 2 types: vaidhi-sadhana-bhakti and raganuga-sadhana-bhakti.

But I think the question here is this: How can one aspire for bhakti if this is transcendental? I mean it is understandable although not easy to aspire for moksa because moksa is negation of matter. However, if bhakti is transcendental, how one who is not liberated (has not experienced bhakti) can aspire for bhakti? That's why bhakti can be seen as something that has no actual goal. Because there is no material goal. Bhakti is completely spiritual. But a conditioned entity can only have a material goal or something that depends on it (like moksa depends on it because it is a negation of matter. Did I get the original question right? :) In either case I will say something on this. :)

Let me suggest an analogy here. let's say there is a far country where I have not been. I can't possibly sincerely want to visit it because I know nothing about it. However if I start hear regularly from someone who has been there or better has lived there I might develop some attachment just by hearing. In this way I can develop a desire, I might get a goal that will be based not on sentiments but on a mature attraction in my heart. I the similar way if new man listens to a realized devotee (vaisnava, or practitioner of bhakti) he will develop sincere desire to attain bhakti, the personal goal.

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Sadhana may refer to Bhakti also.



There are three margas: Jnana marga.

Karma Marga


Bhakti Marga or Upasana marga as stated in the Vedas.



Bhakti Is all Encompassing,Ever Independent and All Supreme.


Jnyana takes the sadhaka to Atma-Jnyana and dies away i.e. It destroys Ajnana(ignorance) and dies away.

In simple words : Jnyana Destroys Avidya/tamo,Rajo guni Maya and establishes the person in jnyana-atma jnyana etc.

KArma takes you to the higher planets and dies away.


But Bhakti stays forever.In Bhakti,the Goal itself is eternal Bhakti towards Shyamsundar.


It may be asked that Sri Krsna enumerates Karma and Jnyana marga in the Geeta.


And so it is true.THis Karma marga and Jnyana marga is pertaining to Sri Krsna.All the Karma performed for Sri Krsna is the Real Karma marga-Otherwise we all know that Karmis go to heaven for a few million years and come to become dogs and cats.This karma dies away.


Similarly,Jnyana MArga.After attaining Atma-jnyana,if the Jnyani surrenders to Sri Krsna,his Vidya Maya is removed.This is also described in the Geeta.Otherwise the Bhagavatam states: ..Param Padam tatah Patanti.


Patan means downfall.There are many examples : Vivamitra,Bharata maharaja...All had downfall.There is always downfall,becoz the Vidya maya never goes.


Tad nugra haitukeh mosksha siddhir bhavitu marhati

-Sripada Shankaracharya.


Sri Krsna,Without you mercy,Mukti is not possible.



There is a reason why Sri Shankaracharya established the Deities of Sri Krsna in the Four Holy Places(char dhaam).Jnyanis say that all forms and names are mithya.But God DOES HAVE ETERNAL FORMS.


The Datta Sampradaya: A variation on advaita,worship Sri Dattatraya,a form of God.They get His mercy and THEN they get Mukti.This is always the case.Kabeer...he was a jnani.He HAD TO SURRENDER TO RAMA.


Prahlada Maharaja.There is not a single person in the history of all brahmandas who is saying in front of his horrendous demon father,"Hari is Superior to you,father.Accept it."


Hiranykasipu threw him from a cliff.Tried to burn him.But Prahlada had complete surrender to that Lord Hari,Who is seated as Paramatma and Who is All powerful.


Even when The Lord came Down Exclusively for this Prahlada Maharaja,he said,"Lord I don't want anything from you."


There is not a single person who doesn't want anything.The veda states that Every LiVING being PERFORMS KARMA FOR SOME MOTIVE EVERY SECOND,whether it is for svarga or for mukti or becoming a millionaire.

The Lord Roared,"No.You have to ask for something."


"Nothing Lord."

"Aray,why are you eating My head.I have this rule.I always grant a boon to My Pure Bhakta."

The poor boy sighed,"Fine,I wish that I MAY NEVER GET ANY TENDENCY TO ASK ANYTHING FROM NOW ON."


It just TOO BEYOND any person even in Brahmaloka to behave in this way.


The same Prahlada Maharaja ruled the Universe for millions of years.He Didn't suffer any falldown.So what is missing in Jnyana and Karma ???

Even one of Gauranga's associates.He was richer than the king of Bengal.Yet Gauranga goes and Hugs him !!!

Who is there in this universe who has so many riches and still be like this ??? there is surely something missing in KArma and Jnyana.


What is it ?


Sri Krsna says,"..yogakshemam bhamyaham."

Yoga means that which is unattainable.

Kshema means that which is already attained.


Yogakshema- He says,I take it upon Myself.I preserve whatever he has and PLUS give him everything that is unattainable-

So it is Upon Him to protect His devotee.It is His responsibility.In Jnyana,there is no such thing.Who will protect the Jnyani ??

In karma...if a single pronunciation in reciatation of Ved mantras goes wrong,the performer of sacrifices is destroyed.Who will save him ? No one.


this is the law written in stone.There is absolutely no way that Selfless persons like Prahlada and Hanumanji can ever exist within the Jnyana Marga.Visvamitra tried to murder Vasista becoz he was more famous a Rsi than him.

And on the other hand Prahlada,in one incarnation of his states,"Lord.Do one thing.You take all these suffering people to your dhama and put me in hell for all their sins."

The Lord Cried His heart out.



The glory of Bhaktas like these is inconcievable.

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Bhakti is eternally inherent in the Jeevatma.


So you may call it as a connection.



There is only one goal in Bhakti : To attain the Prema by which the REAL/ACTUAL service of Sri ShyamaShyam is attained.


i,e, When the Jeeva actually goes to Goloka and sees Shyamasundar in His Original form of Ananda.He sees there the four kumaras: who assume the form of bumblebees and they are engaged in looking at the eyes of Shyamasundar.


They become intoxicated and become totally perplexed.When they are looking at His eyes,the beauty of His Face attracts them more.But as soon as they are about to look at His cheeks,they decide against it because the eyes appear more and more attractive.All of Vrindaban is drowning thus.It is just Impossible to understand what kind of Bliss they are experiencing.


this is the goal.



Bhakti is also Supremely auspicious.


The bhaktas are ecstatic even the toilet.They are thinking about Shyamsundar.There is no restriction.


Ramakrishna would go to the graveyards at night.


Tell a Jyani to do this.HE will run away.Tiger skins and this direction and this muhurt and that.


A karmi is worse.You can't even perform the sacrifice at any random place.


Hanumanji,he was murdering thousands of people and nicely thinking about the Lord's limbs.


Arjuna.He's killing thousands of his own kin.He's shooting at his own grandfather(Bhisma) and thinking about His own charioteer.


His charioteer told him,"Think about Me and fight."


The mind is the main doer.If the mind itself is absorbed in Bhagavan,Who has the audacity to say that he is performing paapa or punya ?


This freedom is not there in any other sadhana whatsoever.The vedanta states that you should perform Upasana EVERYWHERE.


Just perform puja of Indra in the toilet and see what happens.

the Visnu purana states : "ALWAYS and EVERYWHERE Remember Him."


This Upasana is Bhakti/Rememberance.


Smaranti ca- Vedanta.

Smarana means remembrance.

This is the only requirement in bhakti.So,it is considered that Bhakti is the best option.

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Haridasa Thakura,The guru of Meera and the person who taught tansen his music,was visited by Akbar.


Tansen told him,"You may be very rich and the Lord of this land but my master worships the Lord Of the Universe.He has no consideration for petty people like you,even if you maybe the richest,strongest person.Only show humility and he will accept it."


Akbar cried like a baby after hearing Haridasa.He asked Tansen later,"Why the hell can't you sing like that you useless person ?"


tansen replied "He sings for the Supreme Lord.I sing for gobar ganesh like you."


Akbar shut up.



Surdas declares : "Now that I have the prema Bhakti established in my heart,I challenge maya to even touch me."


Who has the guts to say this ??

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Exactly and this happens to most of threads here (so pitty) though all inputs regarding main subject most welcome.


ranjeet , this is an honest request.....please dont change this nice thread into another gyana bhakti argument . if you know something about bhakti and want to share it with us say it without dragging in gyana or advaita......
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Ok now can you able to share your inputs what made you to choose this path?This may be a critical question indeed as it may contain some of your personal inforamation hence let me post mine first.

I exactly do not know how and when I started to read and love spiritual stuff,last night I was thinking on this subject but it is pretty hard to get exact reply.

First If I am right I started to search on Rudraksha and one day decided to wear Rudraksha mala which I bought from one famous Jyotirlinga temple and from that day my life took a U turn.Belive me my friends there is always one seed in ourselves which needs to irrupt one day with the help of some catalyst,this catalyst can be either any social/personal thing and the day it finds a right enviornment it starts growing in to a small plant.Slowly It grows but that steady progress gives a lot of inner coolness which one cannot describe in words.One thing I have learnt is that to respect other people and their beliefs and this was not original "I"few months back.In short the new life has a sound of Shank,bells,a smell of Dhoop,a light of my lamp in pooja room and a masti which keeps you dancing towards a frequency which once tune with your soul its hard to say Goodbye to it.

First time I am expressing my personal views on internet and finally I perhaps found this forum when I was doing some research on Rudraksha.Needless to say I love this place so much inspite of different views by different people.May God bless you my friends.

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I read geeta translation by a complete rascal,who had twisted many facts.also,I read a book by a voyeur and pervert who depicted Sri Krsna as "God,in a human body having a sexual urges."


I refused to believe it and delved further into the matter,thus stumbling upon Iskon.

I ADORED Iskon and still do.


Slowly,I noticed Sri Maharjji's lectures on T.V. Here was a person who never talked about how bad the other 'gurus' were.He never took names while bashing a malpractice and i like this quality of his.


He always explained the tattva in the simplest language.


It is complete faith in this personality that completely defines my devotion.

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Slowly,I noticed Sri Maharjji's lectures on T.V. Here was a person who never talked about how bad the other 'gurus' were.He never took names while bashing a malpractice and i like this quality of his

full name please you mean jagadguru?

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