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dear astrologer....

i have heard that i have kala amrita yoga..most astrologers said and also referd n net...but i got diff opinion from another astrologer here.....my plannets r hemmed between ketu and rahu only but he says i have kala sarpa dosha..where as other astrologer just like i heard told me i have kala amrita... i have provided both the replies...and my birthtime i wud like to know abt my yoga and other stuffs present in my chart...thanks


1st astrologer said

You are close to Kala Amrita Yoga. Say 99%. Sun is half degree out of the Ketu-Rahu axis.Generally your horoscope is good.There is an inherent craving for knowing the secrets of life,higher knowledge,vedic rituals etc.You like to be away from family more so from your father.But, achieve good success in making good money from business and distant lands.

Nothing to worry.Finally you acheive moksha by your deeds.




I had posted the same question to someother astrologer but he gave me a diff answer..im posting t below


You do not have Kaal Amrit Yoga but rather Kaal Sarp Yoga. The former is formed when all planets are between Rahu and Ketu and the latter when all planets are between Ketu and Rahu. In your chart the yoga starts from Ketu and then all the planets are in between and ends at Rahu so you have the latter. Technically, Sun is outside Ketu so one can argue that it is partial but other astrologers will say no you have the full Kaal Sarp Yoga. There is not much good about Kaal Sarp Yoga and you should get some remedies performed. A trip to Sri Kalahasti temple and getting puja performed there would be good.




On a positive side, I see a lot of Shiva Bhakti in your chart so you should dedicate your life to lord Shiva and he will protect you and pull you out of your challenges. Your deep spiritual journey will begin in 5 years




Best of luck


My birth details




time 11.59 am at sivakasi,tamilnadu,india...

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Dear Ashishji

Can you please shed some lights on effect of rahu dasha on this birth chart?

Thanks in advance.


Natal Chart

October 10, 2006

Time: 23:54:00

Time Zone: 7:51:40 (West of GMT)

Place: 117 W 55' 41", 33 N 37' 08"

Newport Beach, California, USA

Altitude: 5.00 meters

Lunar Yr-Mo: Vyaya - Aswayuja

Tithi: Krishna Panchami (Ju) (23.77% left)

Vedic Weekday: Tuesday (Ma)

Nakshatra: Rohini (Mo) (17.06% left)

Yoga: Vyatipata (Ra) (12.74% left)

Karana: Taitula (Me) (47.53% left)

Hora Lord: Mercury (5 min sign: Pi)

Mahakala Hora: Mercury (5 min sign: Ar)

Kaala Lord: Sun (Mahakala: Sun)

Sunrise: 6:05:03

Sunset: 17:28:26

Janma Ghatis: 44.5397

Ayanamsa: 23-57-06.12

Sidereal Time: 1:13:01

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Dear Ashish,

I needed to consult you regarding myself.I am a physician in United States and have lost my job since November lat year.I have been really struggling to find another opportunity despite having excellent credentials.I am including my details and will really appreciate your kind feedback.



Saturday, 28 September, 1974 7:28:00 AM



Lucknow, India




Time Zone: -05:30 (IST)




Longitude: 080° E 54' 51"


Latitude: 26° N 51' 51"

Kind regards,


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I would like to join the group....could you tell me how I can do this and where can I send my details.





Hi, join the group free_analysys_ashish for free horoscope analysys

provide your date time and place of birth along with the choice of

analysys and/or free question. I am the modrator and we do this for

expnding our knowledge and not for ny benifit just to prove tht how

powerful is the vadic astrology



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I am having constabnt job related issues. have changed company, city, country all within last 5-6 months and again there is no stability.

Will I stay at my current place or have to change again.

Do you see a Job change happening in the near future? Will it be good or bad if it is going to happen?


Date of Birth: 5th July, 1976

Time of Birth: 17.30

Place of Birth: Meerut, U.P.India

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Dear Ashisji:

Thank your providing unselfish service to Us. I have been going thru a terrible time since last 15 months. Lots of finacial losses, Litigations, No respect from family and many more.

I would like to know exact rassi of my birth, moon sign. I was born on Sept. 09, 1947 in Karachi, Pakistan at 00.54 a.m. . I would like to know what grahas are bothering me and what are my remedies?

Thank you.





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hi ashish,


first of all thank you bcoz u start free answering for astrology.


i want to know when will i get married?


my date of birth 24/07/1980

my date of place bhavnagar(gujarat)india

birth time 09:58am


and i want to know about my future i m lil bit worried..pls tell me wht my chart says..


thank you.

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Dear Ashish,

I'm from Sri Lanka and I want to know following things according to my horoscope.


Marriage (About the partner and all the details)

Job (current job and future)

Life (Health, Luck...etc)



Birth place : Galle, Sri lanka (southern province)

Birth date : 1979-05-21

Birth time : 11:18 p.m (23:18)




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Namashkar Guruji,


I am going through really rough phase in my life...

I am trying to get into higher studies..When and where will i get admission?

If you could also advice to keep my mind calm (any stotra) and marriage, I would really appreciate it..


DOB- 16/5/1984


Place- Kurnool, India

Jyeshta nakshetra, Vrischika rashi, Simha lagna.


Eagerly waiting for your reply...

Thank you guruji.

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Dear Guruji,


My date of birth is 17 march 1971, time 11:15 PM and place of birth Nainital


I am facing a lot of harrasment in office by my boss she has been humilating me. I am looking for a new job. will i find one soon? Please tell me a remedy which will help me find a job soon. The situation is becoming unbearable. Please help.


Thank you & regards,



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Hi ashish,


My Name is Ritesh Dubey born 29-04-1972 10:35am and I got registerd married to a girl and we dnt have tht compatibility we keep figthing and parents are not aware of this marriege as this was a love marriege.now she threatens me that if she has to sign the divorce then first she will inform my parents about my marriege to her.


kindly help what needs to be done.

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Hello ashish, my name is salma khan and i am going through very bad phase in my life today i lost every thing in my life please help me with this god will bless you i want to know why this happning in my life plese help me my birth deatils are like

name:salma khan, date of birth:1st july 1985, time of birth:9:15 AM, place of birth : Mumbai please help me some astrologer told me that the venus is not well placed in my birth chart .Thanks

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