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    I am very much interested in Tantric stuff and want to learn it and exp the other world not known
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    Music,Martial arts
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    Self Employed
  1. hi..can u help me with the recitation and the mantra of shweta naag..kindly mail me
  2. Dear all, I have been keenly following all the replys on this blog...I am intrested in doing apsara sadhana and I live in hyderabad.kindly help how to procure the tantra and other things required and please guide me in which mantra to recite. Thanking you Ritesh Dubey
  3. Hi ashish, My Name is Ritesh Dubey born 29-04-1972 10:35am and I got registerd married to a girl and we dnt have tht compatibility we keep figthing and parents are not aware of this marriege as this was a love marriege.now she threatens me that if she has to sign the divorce then first she will inform my parents about my marriege to her. kindly help what needs to be done.
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