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  1. Can you give more information of Bengali Sadhu in Gujarat. I need different kind of help. I am littleleary about self proclaim Bhagwan Asharam Bapu. When I listen to his lectures i hear lots of rag daddies that he ask them to praise him and his powers. True sadhu soen't have to prove his power. But I feel sorry for many of my close firends they have been blindfolded they don't see anything but the Bapu.
  2. Dear Ashishji: While reading your posting on Beej Mantra I have a question about Maha vidya: 1. What is the the Beej Mantra of Mataa Baglamukhi? 2. Can you perform Sadhna with the mata Baglamukhi beej mantra and how many jaap mantra and do you still have to perform Havan after completing jaapa? 3. I have Book on Maa Baglamukhi Shidhi and it clearly says that you have to have proper Guru diksa to perform this sadhna 4. I did not understand the Tankric way and Vedic way to perform Sadhna. 5. what do they mean Vahm Marg and I don't know the other marg, I think in one of this marg you can go sadhana without diksa. But I don't know which. If you know then please elobrate. Hope to hear you soon. My sincere gratitude. Khanty
  3. Dear Sir: In reference to your reaponse to Divyatm Sugndhji I am interested to learn more. you can contact me via email and help me achieve my goal. Thanks Khanty
  4. Dear Friend: In this 21st Century I am wating for True Guru for past 55 years and I have seen nothing without cost. In the world of these Guru and Diksha there are no free lunch anywhere. That is why the other Religion defies Hindu religion. To pray to one GOD and receive blessing you have to pay Guru who quantifies everythin in monetary value. There may be many saints in India with extremely deep knowlege of all the Vidya. It is just simple common sense that if this commercial Gurus had all this powers why they have to come out and sell diksa for money. Doesn't this diksa biz defies Saint like Adi Snkarachara othe other great saints. I have contacted many famous 21st century Saints but they will only comunicate via their Sadhaks and the Sadhak will drag you thru the wall to by particular product that Guru have energized and Gurus are soyam Bhagwan and they don't come out of theri Sadhnas. Poor class and women are the victims of these commercial gurus. Also the illiterate filthy rich are also part of this game. Pleas anyonesend me a list of good guru saints to complete my 55 years quest for GURU Diksa.
  5. Dear Sir: Can I get in touch with your Guru to become his Disciple? Thanks
  6. Thank you: I so much curious to know about Mata Baglamukhi Sadhna. I anyone know how to perform and howmany mantra chants have to be done to get shidhi? If you don't have Guru can you do sadhna without Guru diksha? What is Vam marga and what is Vedic marga? Which marga is without Guru diksha? What is the process or rituals? I read the book extracted from the Bhrama Sutra and i can not understand. Someone plese help me. Thank you KK
  7. Dear Ashisji: Thank your providing unselfish service to Us. I have been going thru a terrible time since last 15 months. Lots of finacial losses, Litigations, No respect from family and many more. I would like to know exact rassi of my birth, moon sign. I was born on Sept. 09, 1947 in Karachi, Pakistan at 00.54 a.m. . I would like to know what grahas are bothering me and what are my remedies? Thank you. Sincerely, Kantilala
  8. You can also read Book name Saints and Sadhu by Swami Shivananada.
  9. Dear Friend: For Cetain Mantra for catain Graha you have to perform Jaapa on West. Shaniswar direction is West. I don't think that you have to move the Linga to West direction but keep the Yantra facing East on West while doing your jaapa and then after your Jaapa is done for that day you may bring the yantra back in you praying place. I go to a temple any there are sevral puja Garbha for various Deity and they have kept the Navagraha garbha separate from the other diety. However, At satya narayana I have never seen Navagraha has different direction Hope this clarifies but you may have to read each graha and see their ruling directions. KK
  10. Dear Friend: Would you please guide us where and in what reigeous book or script it says that we have to only use cetain kind of oil or ghee? In my undersatding that we light a deepak or lamp to pu Agni Devta as our witness to our prayers and Agni Devta doesn't change it form when apears. IF you have different explanation please post, we would all learn from yourdevine knowledge. As far as the aminal fat and other substance they are always in all dairy product. You will find the meat hormons that are injected in Cows to produce more milk are the worse form of abuse that one can find. Desi Ghee can only be produced by a small domestic Cow owner who only feed his cows all natural or organic feeds. I was in Amdavad Gujrat and I swas even local cow owners leaving their cow loose on the street to munch on inhieginic garbbage or thrase which is already conteminated with with anything and become byproduct via milk from that caw. I am a firm believer of Cow herds and bhagvan Krisna. i am just posting this for discussion purpose so all of us can learn something new. My sincere appologies for anything may have offended to you. But truth is AGNI. I am not allowed to post clip from other site but I would ask you to read or check Rishi Ayyappa from south performing Shiva Ayuti with Deer meat and spiting Ganga Jal gargal on Shiva as abhisekha. So it was a bhagti that counts not material what you offer. Ayyappa's Shiva bhagti was so honest and true that Shiva has to give Darshan. Lets see what response we get AGNI devta v/s Ghee?
  11. Ram , Rama, Ramo or near to the sound of Raam is all valid. Rama is narayan and he is the Purush or parent of all children. Schildren can mis pronounce but the parents knows what the child is saying or wanting. For e.g. a child is asking for an Orange but he say Organge and Rama knows what the child wants and the result will the correct in Ramas mind. When you srite script in English "a" is silent. How would a speech impared person call Rama or ..aammaaa. and Rama understand his word of prayer. So please give up on pronounciation and concentrate LORD you will find 1000 different names and pronounciation of Ram. May Rama bless you.
  12. I was born in Karachi Pakistan on September 09, 1947 at 00.54 a. m. Karachi time. Someone please help me? Thank you. KK
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