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Hi Ashih,

I was born in 11/07/1988,

Rasi-Rohini(3rd padam)

Time 2:15 A.M Monday

Can you tell me about my future...I have finished my B.E and I am planning to do my M.s abroad....How will be my future...I don't have any luck is there anything that can be done..

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D.O.B. : 14-03-1989

Time: 04:10 A.M.

Place: New Delhi


Im currently passing through a very bad phase in life.Im mentally very disturbed and sad.I suffer from evil spirits possession.I hear evil voices saying bad words to me. I see evil disturbing visions. i know many people these days dont believe these things to be true , but believe me in my case it is true.Although the doctor has diagnosed me with schizophrenia and im taking medicenes for it.But i dont believe the doctor.Recently one very good astrologer who comes regularly on aaj tak predicted every thing accurately about me.he has told me all what has happened to me in the last 5 yrs.he told me all this is happening bcoz of a very strong pitra dosha in my kundali.i myself know many things about astrology.Pitra dosha is present bcoz of sun getting afflicted with rahu in 2nd house and direct aspect by ketu from 8th house and saturn from 12th house.and even the 9th lord mercury is eclipsed with rahu in 2nd house and venus is combust.im currently running rahu mahadasha with sun antardasha.PLZZ PLZZ SUGGEST SOME REMEDIES TO REDUCE THE EVIL AFFECTS OF PITRA DOSHA...these are my planetary positions:



2nd house: Sun,Mercury,Rahu,Venus

5th house: Jupiter, Moon, Mars

8th House: Ketu

12th house: Saturn

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My date of Birth is 17/June/1980

Time is 6.45 am, Tuesday morning

Place is Nagpur


Would like to know when will I get married, Carrier prospects, monetary improvements, will it be a love or arranged marraige also a little bit about my to be husband's charateristics and married life in general.

Any suggestions on improving the same will be most welcome


Thanks in advance!


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Hi, I am new joinee in this forum.. I badly need a prediction.


My DOB 16-April-1979, 6:00 a.m. Birthplace Howrah, WB, India, Please tell me when I can expect a career change in my life. I am seriously so frustrated and disgusted with my financial, professional and married life. Plz reply atleast in one line. Can't find any direction in life. Plz help.

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I am Ritesh Talreja, from Udaipur (raj.), my date of birth is 14th april 1979, time 16:20 udaipur... I want to know about my life ...budh mahadasha has just started so can u tell me..what kind of prayer I have to do...

still I am doing fast on every monday, friend & every full moon day also reading angarko kawach every day & munga copper ring in 3rd finger ...bucause I don't get success in any kind of business...I has change many businesses ....one more thing I want to tell u...when I start any business do much more work but slowly-2 came out from it.. ...& finaly leave business suddenly

just give ur advise what king of prayer I have to do...for make money & get success in life


Ritesh Talreja

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hi sir,


i am chandran, marketing executive by profession my date of birth and time is 4th sep 1980 2.15 am in chennai tamilnadu


first of thank you for creating such an wonderful tread like this which actually create an awareness about our very own vedic astrology.


ok, my problem is so far i have worked with 13 companies currently i am unemployed failure is my second name what ever i do all i can expect is big failure no permanent job no friends now i am bored with life i donot know what is the problem in my horoscope people say it is because sun is powerful in my horoscope and mercury my lagna lord is in third house with sun along with jupiter that is the reason i can not flourish in life i have to live like this and because of my star arudra 3rd part it is a curse on the star i have to live like beggar all my life kindly guide and advice

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Hello There:

Would you, a helpful astrologer, please help me? I have a few questions pertaining to my life and my life's direction that I yearn to have answered. Thank you very kindly in advance for your time.

I was told to wear blue sapphire set in platinum on the middle finger of my left hand. Is this information correct for me? If so, when should I start wearing this ring?

My birth information is:

March 25, 1980

born at: 4:17am Eastern

Rockville Centre, NY

I suffer from chronic acne on my face and I'm not sure how to get rid of it. Any information you can provide to me would be most helpful.

I am interested in returning to school and obtaining a masters degree. I am not sure what to get my masters in or what God's plan for me is. I have many interests and find it difficult to commit to just one. What career path should I studiously pursue? If my goals for my career are: career satisfaction, job security, and financial security, which would be the best path and major for me to choose and pursue?


Thank you very much in advance.


With warm regards,


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Dear ashish:


Thank you for your kindness to provide us with your skills as an astrologer to help us in our journey.


My birth details are as follows:

Born: 25 March 1980

at: 04:17am Eastern Time

location: Rockville Centre, NY

United States


I wish to go back to school to pursue a Masters Degree but I am finding it difficult to commit to a discipline. What would be the most authentic career path for me? I desire career satisfaction (based on my personality), career stability, and financial security.


I look forward to hearing from you.


With kind regards,


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Hi, please analyse my chart and tell me good/bad yogas and remedies



3rd Feb 1983


Dhule Maharashtra



I also, want to know about my marriage life, about life partner (looks and nature) and over all marriage happiness. will fast on Tuesday help me to have good marriage life.

Currently I am in Guru mahadasha please suggest its effect and remedies.

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Hi Ashish,

My date of birth = 04/sep/1978

gender= female (never married)

time = 10:30 am

Place = Lahore, Pakistan.


I will be most obliged if you would take a look at my birth chart. I have been through many problems throughout my life but my mental & physical health gave way in 1997 and since then my medicines have increased. I dont mind taking medicines but hate feeling dependent on siblings and parents.

What sort of business or work should be suitable for me???


regards, F_M

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date of birth 17 March 71

time of birth 11:15 Pm

Place of birth Nainital


Request you to please predict my immediate future for me specially the job scene as i am facing a lot of troubles now a days.

When will i get married?


Thanks waiting eagerly for your response.





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I am lost my job in usa and searching for new job now and i have some personel problems at home and i am getting dreams of shiva lingam ,venkateshwara. And i am dreaming of snakes chasing me.


I dont know what to do.


DOB : 3rd June 1982

time :12:15 pm


I am getting oppurtunities but not getting finalized.

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Name: Dheeraj

DOB: 17th may 1987 (17/05/1987)

Time 8:43 AM

Place- Pune, Maharashtra


I would like to know the following:

1. My character,nature and personality.

2. My strong points and negatives with remedies on which i have to work on.

3. What kind of marriage will be there

4. Will i be successful in medical.

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Dear Ashish,


MY DOB: 14th April 1979

Time: 4:20 PM

Place of Birth: Udaipur(rajasthan), India

I just want to know when will I make my own money...I have change many businesses but never get success in any...I have already wear munga in copper ring,ispatick mala & also doing fast on Friday,Wednesday,full moon day...surya ko jal....& read angarko kawach daily...!!

Please reply whenever you can ..........Than'x

Ritesh .



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