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Dear Ashish,

Hi, Myself dippy gupta.

Date of Birth 24th Sep 1981

Time of Birth 13:40 PM

Place of Birth - Sasni District - Hathras(UP, India)

Pls tell me that I am not able to get a job for the last six months what the problem is & how long wil it continue. what are the remedies for it. How will be my fianancial part for the rest of future, will it be good or not.



upvan gupta

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I would like some feedback regarding my horoscope...Thanks in advance.


Astrological Details


Name: Sunder Rangarajan

Date of Birth: 06/September/1968, Friday

Time of Birth: 3.40 A.M

Place of Birth: Chennai,India.

Latitude: 13.5 N , Longitude: 80.18 E

Local Mean Time: 03:31:12

Lagna: Cancer

Lagna Lord: Moon

Sun Sign: Virgo

Sun Sign Lord: Mercury

Moon Sign: Aquarius

Moon Sign Lord: Saturn

Nakshatra: Satabisha

Nakshatra Lord: Rahu

Current Dasa: Saturn

Current Bhukti: Venus

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Hi Ashish, seems like I have found this thread in my most needed moment. I have a friend whose details are:


place: New Delhi

DOB: 8th Oct 1979

She was married almost two years ago to the boy she loved (after a lot of struggle with the boys' family) - his details: time:5:42pm, place:samana,punjab,DOB:28 Sept 1979

After marriage they started have fights within 40 days, ever since my friend has had to leave the house 3 times (due to fights) - last time she went back after fight she tried a lot to get along with the guys family but the boy does not reciprocate. the boy has been brought up with the lesson that he and his wife should completely do as his parents say and should not visit the girls family unless there is some function and that too after taking permission from the parents. the girl has felt suffocated in the relationship because the boy constantly compares her to his sisters and displays that his sisters are much better than her. he does not show respect towards his wife. all his decisions are taken by him alone keeping in mind what his parents would like. now also they have again separated. this time also the boy says she can come back only if she is willing to abide by what parents say. my friend loves the boy and wants to go back but only if he is willing to accept that his wife is his only priority in life after marriage, parents should be respected and cared for but not at the cost of wife's happiness.

please check their birth charts and suggest what should be done. should they get back together? will they get back together? will the boy give love and respect to the girl? or if she goes back will life continue to be as it was? or do you think they will separate forever?

the guy right now is under an ego trail and wants wife to come back only if her parents talk to his parents and sort things out - the guys parents did not show any inclination to bring the two together last time there was a fight - they are not ready to accept their sons mistakes and only blame the girl and her parents so it is very difficult to talk to them to work things out - the only way to talk to them is to take all blame on self and bow down to their wishes, and the girl this time does not want her parents to lose their self-respect to please the guys' family when she is seeing no love from the guys side

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my DOB-21.10.1961,Place-konark,orissa,time 11.25AM,Can you predict my venus period which will start in 16 oct2010 will effect on my carrear ,health and family.my Asc is sagitarus,saturn and jupitor in 2nd house in capricon,moon and ketu in aquarius(3rd house) rahu in leo (9th house)venus in vigo(10th house)sun,mer,mars are in 11th house i.e libra.please predict.thanks

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Dear sir, I hope you can help me out.


DOB: 31/07/1986

TOB: 13:22

POB: Ghaziabad, India


I feel very lonely in life. Someone told me I'll never find happiness after marriage, is it true? Will there be love marriage, any prospects of love? Also, I am applying for graduate school next year, what are the chances? Please help me, I am going through a hard time.

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Dear Ashish,


The time I am spending is like a Mountain. And I think life is not meant for me. No other option except Suicide. That too cant do as I have conceived. :eek3:


I am fed up of my life. I am married and it was a LOVE MARRIAGE. During that time i didnt want to marry due to my career prospects.


My Date of Birth is 24 Jan 1987, Time 03:35 p.m., Place Gurgaon.


My Husband's Date of Birth is 21 September 1987, Time 02:30 a.m., Place Gurgaon.


He loved me a lot. But there is a lot of interference of his family members in our relationship. And due to that if there is any misunderstanding they create, he never cleared it. And due to this there is a lot of distance now between us. And he dont want to live with me any more.:crying2:


Please tell me what should I do? Someone Help me please…………………:pray:

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Dear Ashish,


I'm Harish K Kumar

DOB - 16/12/1983

Rashi - Mesha

Star - Ashwini


I would like to know my best career choice (I love music, watching movies, writing - any form of art for that matter and I can sing well). Honestly I'm not too keen on a corporate career and don't see myself continuing in the long run.


I would love to know "whatever" you can predict about my future. I believe in astrology and I've been told that starting Jan 2011 - 2021 I have "Chandra dasha"


I very much look forward to hear from you.


Thank you & best regards

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Dear Ashish Sir, Namaskaram....


My Name is Yanamandra Siva, Kindly analayise the below details and advice, iam having few questions...


Place of Birth : Tiruvidaimarudur, Kumbakonam dist, Tamil nadu, India.

Time of Birth : Morning - 06 : 54 AM


1) My Mother is not keeping well and not in home for past 8 years and taking medication, due to which a quite some amount of paying medical bills also.

2) Due to above situtation, i am not having any savings nor investments till such date.

3) Want to know about Fathers Health aswell.

4) Currently i am working in finance dept in reuputed software firm, want to know how my carrer growth would be.

5) I am not married yet, want to know when will i get married.

6) Last but not the least, i feel that there is no grip in my life....if i want to do the any venture or investments or any kind of advice, there is no to approch and keep quite...ending up leaving the opportunity.....by gods grace i am having a job due which i am paying my medical bills for my parents.


Request you to analyise and advice accordingly


thanks & rgds


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my details 22/08/1982 , 15:00pm dehradun

actually i am highly unsatisfied by my job , i have done engineering from good instituted. I am unable to get through for higher education. pls tell me where my luck taking me. I also got engaged but i am feeling like the match what i hve got is not perfect for me. pls suggest me remedies if any

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Dear Ashish,

I am going through all kinds of problems in my life.

No job since last 2 years ( Earlier Jobs also had problems-I have changed 12 jobs in last 14 years), many Loans on my head & Family in complete turmoil.

My DOB is 02/11/1974, Birth Time is 0400 hrs & Place is Narsapur,Andhra Pradesh,India.


Kindly do my Horoscope analysis & let me know 1.when will I be able to get a Job, 2. Whether I can Run a business in Financial Services along with my Job, 3.When will I be able to clear my Loans off & Finally by when my Family related problems will get sorted out.


Thanks & Regards



Hi, join the group free_analysys_ashish for free horoscope analysys

provide your date time and place of birth along with the choice of

analysys and/or free question. I am the modrator and we do this for

expnding our knowledge and not for ny benifit just to prove tht how

powerful is the vadic astrology



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