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  1. Can someone please help by looking at the kundli of two of my dear friends. They have been married for 2 years and in these two years they have had to separate 3 times and this time the separation has lasted for over 2 months. 1. What is going wrong 2. Will they re-unite - if yes when, if not by when will the final decision be taken? 3. What is in store for their future (will the guys parents continue to cause problems?) DOB Girl: 8-Oct-1979, time: 1:22am, place: New Delhi DOB Boy: 28-Sept-1979, time: 17:42, place: Samana(Punjab) Please reply soon
  2. Hi Ashish, seems like I have found this thread in my most needed moment. I have a friend whose details are: time:1:22am place: New Delhi DOB: 8th Oct 1979 She was married almost two years ago to the boy she loved (after a lot of struggle with the boys' family) - his details: time:5:42pm, place:samana,punjab,DOB:28 Sept 1979 After marriage they started have fights within 40 days, ever since my friend has had to leave the house 3 times (due to fights) - last time she went back after fight she tried a lot to get along with the guys family but the boy does not reciprocate. the boy has been brought up with the lesson that he and his wife should completely do as his parents say and should not visit the girls family unless there is some function and that too after taking permission from the parents. the girl has felt suffocated in the relationship because the boy constantly compares her to his sisters and displays that his sisters are much better than her. he does not show respect towards his wife. all his decisions are taken by him alone keeping in mind what his parents would like. now also they have again separated. this time also the boy says she can come back only if she is willing to abide by what parents say. my friend loves the boy and wants to go back but only if he is willing to accept that his wife is his only priority in life after marriage, parents should be respected and cared for but not at the cost of wife's happiness. please check their birth charts and suggest what should be done. should they get back together? will they get back together? will the boy give love and respect to the girl? or if she goes back will life continue to be as it was? or do you think they will separate forever? the guy right now is under an ego trail and wants wife to come back only if her parents talk to his parents and sort things out - the guys parents did not show any inclination to bring the two together last time there was a fight - they are not ready to accept their sons mistakes and only blame the girl and her parents so it is very difficult to talk to them to work things out - the only way to talk to them is to take all blame on self and bow down to their wishes, and the girl this time does not want her parents to lose their self-respect to please the guys' family when she is seeing no love from the guys side
  3. I also want to know if there is brahaspati, shani and rahu dosha in my kundli - data: 8th Oct 1979 time: 1:22am place: new delhi Can someone please advice. Some punditji has asked to do special puja for this near yamuna costing Rs18,000 - please advice quickly whether this is correct for me or not
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