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Found 5 results

  1. My name starts with a J (Makara Rashi). Birth time is 10:25 AM. Date is 7 August 1979 and place is Rajkot, Gujarat, India. Nothing in my life is working out. I am approaching my 31st b'day and I feel like a loser and failure in life. I feel like ending it all but do not do so because of my parents who love me the most in life. I can't do that to them but now a days, life has become so difficult that I find myself wishing for their death sometimes so that I can end my own life. I know I am a bad daughter but I can't take it anymore. The last 12-13 yrs (since 1998) have been hell for me. Loss, Death, unhappiness and misfortune has hounded me. I lost love, best friend and got married to a guy who I love very much and he loved me a lot in the beginning but has changed a lot. All I had dreamt of in life was to find one true love, get married, have kids and have loving family around me but seems like death is my only option in life My hubby wants a divorce from me but I do not. I want to be happy and settled and rich like all of my friends. Please suggest a remedy. Someone once told me that there is a Shapit Dosh in my horoscope. Is it true? Here are my hubby's details: His name starts with H (Karka rashi). DOB is 09 May 1981, Time is 15:30 pm and place is Ahmadabad, India. Sometimes I feel some people from his family are doing black magic on us They do not want us together but am not sure. Please help me. I will bless you with all my heart. I want to be happy and loved. That's all I want from life and that's exactly what I am not getting. Please please please
  2. Respected Guruji, My marriage has been in crisis from the time it has been done. i want some guruji to tell me if it will lead to divorce, if so , when? I am giving the date of births of both of us and also marriage date and time. gal : 12-jan-1980 time : 09.30 am place : secunderabad boy : 22-4-1972 time : 09.40 pm place : secunderabad. Marriage date : 17th dec 1999 muhurth : 11.59 pm I want to know if there is second marriage in my horoscope. I have been suffering from severe disputes and separation till date. thanks Pranavi
  3. Can someone please help by looking at the kundli of two of my dear friends. They have been married for 2 years and in these two years they have had to separate 3 times and this time the separation has lasted for over 2 months. 1. What is going wrong 2. Will they re-unite - if yes when, if not by when will the final decision be taken? 3. What is in store for their future (will the guys parents continue to cause problems?) DOB Girl: 8-Oct-1979, time: 1:22am, place: New Delhi DOB Boy: 28-Sept-1979, time: 17:42, place: Samana(Punjab) Please reply soon
  4. My Name is Dinesh DOB: 14-10-1978 TOB: 10.30am POB: Jaunpur (U.P.) As per the incidents in my life related to marriage, I arrived on a conclusion that if Lord of 7th House in 12th House (Loss and Debts), the married life will be in danger. I got a good Job in June 1997. My wedding date was fixed on 27-01-1998. Just before 20 days of my wedding, I lost my job. I got married, but on the day of wedding, there was a big quarrel between both the families. Right after 4 months in June 1998, my wife left my home for a reason that she could not adjust in that home. She went back to her parents home. After my repeated request she didn't came and on 14-10-1998 which happens to be my birthday, there was a big quarrel between us and I was so distress that I got a knife to kill my self but her mother any how threw the knife. After that we lived separate for two years. Within this two year, I managed to setup a good computer business. After two years, she called me up and accepted to come back home. She came back to home. While living together I noticed that my business was going in great loss. Again in 3-4 months she left for the same reason. We again lived separate for two years. After she left, I managed to recover my losses in two years. After two years she came back again to live together but to my surprise she left within 4 months again. Within 4 months, she got pregnant. This time I filed a divorce suit. But in court, she begged for forgiveness and promised to live happily. So I accepted her but the same thing happened again. This time she told me that she does not like my mother and want to live separate. I rejected to leave my mother. She left again to her parents home. After few years shem called me up and asked to live separately. That time for my kid I accepted her and Rented a Flat on 9-6-2010 and we started living together. But again in 2 months only she left my home and went to her parents home. Within the course of 12 years of my married life, I had separated 4 times for 2 years each. and each time we started living together, it was just for 3 or 4 month max. Within these twelve years, I hardly enjoyed sex life or married life. Even whenever she came back in to my life, I faced troubles & Losses in my business. This is because my 7th Lord Shukra is in 12th house which is the house of Losses and Debts. Shukra is the planet of romance and sex which destroyed my sex life also. But I am wondering which planet is always forcing us to compromise and live together after separation each time. Even I could not make out If this relationship will come to an end with a divorce or not? Best Regards.
  5. Hi Everybody.. I found this forum so helpful for needful people. So I registered on this forum. 1) Even I have a problem and I would appreciate any answers for the same. My Birthdate is 14-10-1978 Time : 10:30 am Place : Jaunpur (UP) I got married on 27-01-1998 Separated on July 1998 Compromised and started living together in March 2000 Separated again on Aug 2000 Divorce suit filed on Sept 2000 Compromised in court and started living together in April 2003 separated again in Nov 2004 (She was pregnant) Birth of a son on 27-07-2004 still living separate divoce suit filed again in 2005 (First half of year dont remember month) compromised and started living together in June 2006. Rented a flat on 9-6-2010 as she had frictions with my mother. separated again on 20-08-2010. Please guide me what should I do, Divorce and marry again or compromise.? 2) I am in computer software & hardware business but it is also in loss and trouble. when whould my business grow and I will be debt free. If I have to choose from Software and Hardware, What should i choose. 3) When would I be able to purchase my own home. Regards
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