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Found 2 results

  1. aslinakli

    help save marriage

    Can someone please help by looking at the kundli of two of my dear friends. They have been married for 2 years and in these two years they have had to separate 3 times and this time the separation has lasted for over 2 months. 1. What is going wrong 2. Will they re-unite - if yes when, if not by when will the final decision be taken? 3. What is in store for their future (will the guys parents continue to cause problems?) DOB Girl: 8-Oct-1979, time: 1:22am, place: New Delhi DOB Boy: 28-Sept-1979, time: 17:42, place: Samana(Punjab) Please reply soon
  2. Hi, I need to know answers as below which is really bugging my head at this moment 1. Will i have any children and when (I read it somewhere that i will have a son at the age of 33-34) 2. Will my marriage survive (i am trying my best to continue in this marriage) 3. will having yellow sapphire (pukhraj) help in the above my dob is 26-07-1977, time - 08:15 am, location - mumbai warm regards,