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  1. Hello Webyogiji, Can you tell me when will I get married? Will it be a love or arrange marriage? And how will be my married life? My Birth Details: DoB : 14th feb, 1986 Time : 23:06 (11:06 PM) Place: Ahmedabad (Gujarat) Thank you.
  2. Namaste Webyogiji, Thank you for your reply. Can you also tell me something about my future job. How will my life be professionally and personally. Once again Thank you and waiting for your reply.
  3. Namaste, Really good analysis Atul. Thanks a lot. The birth data is accurate. And yes I was an average student during my school but during my bachelor's I was doing good and even in my first sem of Master's I did quite good.... but now I feel that am not able to do well.... Maybe thats also because of group work...I mean in a group always student is evaluated in a group and not individually. But anyways whatever may be the problem, can you also tell me how long will this go and what are my job chances in future? Once again Thank you. And waiting for your reply.
  4. Namaste Webyogiji, My birth details is as follows: DoB: 14th feb,1986 Time: 23:06 Place:Ahmedabad (Gujarat) I was told that I have a KaalSarp dosh. Is it true? And if yes then what should i do? I think because of it whatever efforts i put in my studies i don't get the result accordingly. Please do help...Waiting for your reply.
  5. Respected Guruji(s), My DoB: 14th Feb, 1986 Place: Ahmedabad,Gujarat. Time: 23:06 Kindly help me as nothing is going on right in my life now....As a student I am not getting the apt results as compared to the efforts I put in my studies.... I like a guy and few days back I fought with him so even he is not replying. Please tell me something about my future.... As to how my studies is going to go, my job, and also about my love life. Any help/information will be appreciated. Thank you.
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