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Dear Ashishji,


Name: Ravi Kumar

DOB : 21.09.1972

TOB : 11.45 AM

POB : Chirala, (Andhra Pradesh)


I am very ambitious and want to reach top most position in life.

Pls. predict my future with respect to my career, financial status and progeny. Presently working as Sr.Manager-Marketing in a pharma company.


Thank you.


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Hi, join the group free_analysys_ashish for free horoscope analysys

provide your date time and place of birth along with the choice of

analysys and/or free question. I am the modrator and we do this for

expnding our knowledge and not for ny benifit just to prove tht how

powerful is the vadic astrology



Name:- Manikandan

My Date of Birth: 07-FEB-1983

Time:-11.25 AM

Place of Birth:- Vyasarapdi(chennai)


Question:- Predict my future on career growth,marriage life and can i able to start my own business.

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here are my details :

DOB:10th aug 1984


place : kota (rajasthan)



have just married this Dec'7- 2008, things related to mangal in lagna,rahu in 7th house and the position of sun in 9th house is the cause of my worry.also would like to know about the raj yoga in my horo.can you elaborate with a line or two as a general comment on the whole horoscope..hope you will spend some time on this.thanks for your kindness



is anyone here to answer...??is ashish ji really reading into all this, i mean is he replying on personal emails ..

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Thanks for helping people for your kindness. Even I want to know about my future in detail. Currently I am facing some problems in my career and financial condition.


Details :

Name : Sarbeswar Meher (Hemant : Jataka name)

DOB : 14-Sep-1982 11:40 am

Location : Sinapali, Nuapara, Orissa

Latitude and Longitude : 20°5'58"N 82°38'54"E


You can email me sarbe_213@.co.in for my details. Please provide some solutions.

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Dear Ashish

my details are as below


  1. Date - 21st April 1983
  2. place - New Delhi (India)
  3. time of birth - 1.45pm (afternoon)
  4. Your gender - Female
  5. current location New Delhi
  6. profession (working in a private company)
  7. family details (i am unmarried, i have 2 younger brother and 1 sister)
  8. My question - <!--StartFragment -->My 4 yr relationship that was going to converted into a marriage was broken up in 2006
    Now I want to marry a boy, his family is happy with our relation,
    but my parents are not ready for this

    pls tell me when i will get married and how will be my marriage life
    i am not giving you the details of that boy because i don't want horoscope matching
    i have already done that our 22.5 gunas matched

    i just wanted to know when i will get married, how long i have to wait..
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I want a genuine advise regarding my career. I am an electronics engineer and worked for IT company for almost 2 years.I was not satisfied with my job and hence left my job to study for CAT and other MBA entrance exam as I want to enter the finance field. I didnt perform well in any of the exams and now will get into some average college. I am looking for various career options along with MBA and I am very confused since its difficult to get a very good placement with the kind of college I will be in. I would like to take up anyone of the following along with MBA:

1. CFP(financial Planner and adviser)

2. ICWA(cost accountant)

3. CFA (Financial Analyst)

I want to make good money along with job satisfaction. My long term goal is to start my own business.

Please help me to take the best possible decision based on my ability, liking and interest.

My Birth Details are:

DOB- 28/08/1985

Time of Birth:15:30

Place of Birth : Ujjain


Please Please do help.


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I am in a fix regarding my occupation.


whether I should do job or business


My details are as follows


DOB :- 21/Dec/1975

TOB :- 11:35 am

POB :- Delhi


Kindly advise. and if possible also advise the business that I should do.



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hi ashish ,


could u kindly let me know when i might marry , what sort of guy i might get and could you pl specify if its an arranged or a love marriage.


my details are


name : madhu sg

dob : 26-sep-1986

time : 00:28 am

place of birth : bangalore, India

nakshatra : mrigashira 4th pada

gotra : shiva gotra



hoping to hear from u asap . pl do help

thank you

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Hi Ashish ji,

My name is Shraddha.

DOB : 11-2-1985, 8.03PM,Monday,Sangli,Maharashtra.

Please guide me about my future , career and marriage.

I want to make my career in UPSC but not sure about it .

I am from engineering background and from past 1 year I am unemployed. I am getting confused about whether to continue with technical field or go for UPSC exam preparation? Will i get success in that?

Kindly reply me as soon as possible.

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Dear sir,


I am unemployed since April 2009. Also I appered in CA Final in may 2010 and result will be announced between 10-07-2010 to 20-07-2010.You are requested to kindly suggest me remeides and predict my future.


DATE OF BIRTH 28-06-1970 TIME 4.47 PM



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Dear Ashish,


I would like to know of my marriage prospects plz help.

My date of birth: 18/10/1977, time:6.50am. Calcutta


Date of birth of the man I want to marry:7/2/1959, 11.30 pm, Muzaffarpur.


Are we compatible? Will the marriage last? How to overcome obstacles to stay married?


Regards and thank you so much.

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I know now my planetery position is not good nothing going on right way, so I want sugesstion related to Job and Financial Postion.


Name : M Nageswar Rao

DOB : 18-08-1966

Time : 11.43 pm

Place : Rourkela (Orissa)


Please kindly let me know what to do.


Thanks with Regards

M N Rao

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Hello Aashish

I am a new member. I would like to join your group and avail the free horoscope analysis. I would like to know if at all i would get married because the matches found for me are getting cancelled for no reason before the match getting finalised giving a illusion that it would get finalised. Please analyse. My date of birth details are :


Time of birth : 7: 15 AM

Date of birth : 16 th dec, 1978

place of birth : hyderabad





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Hello Sir,


My birth details are 29 aug 1985 12:20pm karachi pakistan. i am a computer science graduation currently working as a senior software engineer in a software firm. i would like to know about my higher studies, married life (i m engaged), travel and life in genral. i am also student of vedic astrology and know quite a bit about ascendent, planetary poistions and effect but this in turn has made me bit confused about certain parts of my life, possibly because of lack of complete knowledge on the subject. i a writing to you with great hope please do reply me.


Thanks and God Bless U


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Hello sir,


i am writing to you with great great hope so please reply to me. i know your time is valuable and i would highly appreciate if you spare some for me.


my birth details are 29 aug 1985 12:20pm karachi pakistan(long 67'E3" , lattitude 24'N52"). i am a computer science graduate and currently working as a senior software engineer. i would like to know about my personality traits (would love to know about what is unique, if there is something), my love life/married life (as i am engaged), my career and advise related to it, my relationships with others and any remedies related to problems in life.


i am also a student of vedic astrology and know quite a bit about ascendent, planetary positions and effects. there is conjunction of mars, venus and mercury in ninth house in cancer, moon jupiter conjunction in 3rd house in capricorn, rahu in 6th and ketu saturn conjunction 12th. these things however confuse me to because of lack of complete knowledge on subject.


Thanks so very much and God bless u


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Om Namah Shiva

Namaskar Ashish


My details are : DOB - 29july1984 . time 07:44 birth_place: dausa, rajasthan,India.

Question: I got married last year. . When I will have get my own Home purchased. I have debts running on me right now. When this will be cleared. Also the Financial status & Job status ahead ?

When birth of my son will take place or whats the best time to think about it . and the kids future ?


Thanks a lot .


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