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Dear Sir,


Firstly, thank you for taking the time to read my query.

DOB: 28/06/1979
Time of birth: 06:10
Place of birth: Chhapra, Bihar, India

Kindly suggest me about my carrier.

many thanks

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Namaste sir,
sir i wanna know when will i get married, will she be beautiful and any chance abroad settlement and finance.
venus in 7th
mars in 10th
guru chan in 9th
rahu in 5th
pl help me with with  your glimpse 
thanking you
dob - 21/09/1982
time - 18:10
place - navsari,gujarat



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Dear sir,

              i will be very grateful if you give me some guidance about my life, sir i am having no JOB, i am having Engineering degree but i don't have any job , i am very depressed, and one more problem is with me that i am having tumor in my spinal cord but it is growing very slowly that i don't have problems in normal working but it is affecting my left half of body, i am giving you my details. please tell me what to do, as i am suffering in all fields of my life i.e. Health,career and love.


my details


D.O.B 14 july 1987

Time 08:50 AM

Place -Nagina ,District-Bijnor(u.p.)

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Hello Sir very kind of you thank you very much for your service!




Birth Date: January 4th 1991

Birth Time; 7:30pm

Location of Birth: PARK RIDGE ILLINOIS U.S.A.


1) I was wondering what are some the characteristics of my horoscope(Effects of me being born at this time, and location)

2) Are there any negetive effects of being born at this time (any thing to watch out for)

3) Will I get/find a good stable career?


Thank you Sir!


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Hello sir,

My details are:

15th september 1983, 10.40 am, Mumbai

My job was going on fine till few months back, but about 1.5 years back, my colleague started behaving bad with me. she also made my immediate senior and my boss against me and as a result my boss have been graded me badly for my last years work(which effects my promotion). what should i do now?leave the job, get a transfer, go 4 a phd(sponsored by company or take study leave)?

Please help

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