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  1. Hi. First thing my apologies if i'm posting this thread in thw wrong place. Well here is my birth details DOB-17/05/1987 Time- 8:43 AM Pune, Maharashtra. I would like to know:- 1. My character 2. My qualities and any malefics and remedies 3. My marriage and what kind love or arranged and when 4. My furure in medical field. Thank you.
  2. Name: Dheeraj DOB: 17th may 1987 (17/05/1987) Time 8:43 AM Place- Pune, Maharashtra I would like to know the following: 1. My character,nature and personality. 2. My strong points and negatives with remedies on which i have to work on. 3. What kind of marriage will be there 4. Will i be successful in medical.
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