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  1. Dear swami JI, The following is the details of my brother Date of birth 4th September 1980 Time of birth 2.30 am Place of birth madras (chennai) As i always believe in astrology, but my brother wont. Dear swami ji, I have the following doubts about his fate. 1) Lagna lord in 3rd house is it malefic(he may not shine in life) 2) moon in lagna is it bad 3) Ragu in second house KATAKA will affect his family life and money 4) Venus IN SECOND house KATAKA (Venus is in enemy house) since Venus is a yoga karaga for mithuna rasi and lagna what are all the ill effect it will bring. 5) forth place for sani which means he can not own a property or vehicle 6) fifth house with mars since mars is the malfic planet to mithuna which is in 5th house it means he may not have children and all his efforts will go waste (kindly guide me) 7) kethu in 8 house (is it true that he may learn black magic) 1(1) his education got a break now he doing his PHD (2) he is not married yet 3 so far he have worked with 23 companies now unemployed (do you suggest him to take a job or run a business) 4 what will be his future we are worried since sani look in to lagna 10 th sight he will become a saint is it true Thanks for the advice and teachings swami ji people like me will get benefited with your advices
  2. hi sir, i am chandran, marketing executive by profession my date of birth and time is 4th sep 1980 2.15 am in chennai tamilnadu first of thank you for creating such an wonderful tread like this which actually create an awareness about our very own vedic astrology. ok, my problem is so far i have worked with 13 companies currently i am unemployed failure is my second name what ever i do all i can expect is big failure no permanent job no friends now i am bored with life i donot know what is the problem in my horoscope people say it is because sun is powerful in my horoscope and mercury my lagna lord is in third house with sun along with jupiter that is the reason i can not flourish in life i have to live like this and because of my star arudra 3rd part it is a curse on the star i have to live like beggar all my life kindly guide and advice
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